Zambia to Scale up Testing to Over 2,000 COVID-19 Tests Per Day-Health Minister

Zambia and China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the delivery of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and other medical supplies to Zambia.
Zambia and China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the delivery of Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and other medical supplies to Zambia.

The government has scaled up laboratory capacity to enhance the testing for COVID-19 in the country. The improved investment in the laboratory services is expected to carry out over 2,000 tests per day as the government increases its screening and testing for the disease in various communities.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya disclosed that the government, in partnership with other stakeholders such as the Centre for Infectious Disease Control (CDC) and the American government, reconfigured the gene expert machines meant for testing tuberculosis (TB) to be used in diagnosing COVID-19.

Speaking during the COVID-19 update in Lusaka today, Dr. Chilufya explained that the government is building up a strong strategy to support the massive screening and testing.

And Dr. Chilufya has clarified that his ministry has enough testing kits to cater for all the screening being carried out by health personal in communities.

“Let us avoid misinformation especially on social media. I wish to assure the nation that we have adequate capacity to test and have enough testing kits and still have more in the pipeline,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Zambia and China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the delivery of Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs) and other medical supplies to Zambia in the fight against COVID-19.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Lie Jie has pledged his country’s continued support to Zambia’s health system in order to combat coronavirus.

Mr. Lie added that the medical supplies will be delivered to Zambia through air cargo.

Meanwhile, various cooperating partners have continued to provide support to the Ministry of Health to fight the COVID-19.

Sanlam insurance has provided foodstuff and material support worth K2.5 million while Amref Africa Health donated 3,000 information, education and communication (IEC) printed materials in Braille costing K50, 000 to carter for the visually impaired persons.

The materials will be distributed to over 70 reading groups for the blind countrywide.

Health Minister thanked Amref for supporting the ‘Health for All, Leaving No One Behind’ in a pursuit of universal health coverage.

And former and some current Rwandan refugees have also donated assorted food items and cleaning materials worth over K53, 000.


  1. Good news. More testing is important but compliance with preventive measures is more important. Sensitization must follow. We can win this fight if we combine all our efforts. You have our full support.

  2. Where on earth do you sign an MOU for donations ……you must be very gullible or incredibly daft to think there are no strings attached here. Chilufya still continues to receive gifts on top of gifts .

  3. PF and Lazy Lungu have no shame whatsoever even with $10 billion in debt to China they are still going to beg for hand sanitizer and PPEs other nations are making it themselves …the manufacture guidelines are freely available online.

  4. Yesterday you mentioned an increase of 1000 tests per day and you did 130something, how can we trust you on 2000 per day. Honestly, let’s be reasonable on the facts.

  5. Excellent 2OOO a day, next lets decentralize the tests ,atleast each district to have its own testing centres and laboratarys for the time been.

  6. Things are not adding up in these reports/briefings from the Health Minister. Are there any Medical personnel directly involved in the covid-19 response in Zambia on this forum to give a clearer picture of what is going on?
    KZ please do not respond to my comment.

  7. I have been telling you people that there is no validity and reliability in this results something is not adding up…Zambians pay attention to detail fir once!!

  8. “…wish to assure the nation that we have adequate capacity to test and have enough testing kits and still have more in the pipeline,” he explained.

    He says this but behind the scenes…he is begging profusely for aid so he can pocket the cash donations and money set aside…if you have more in the pipeline why can you not state how much you have ordered and from were?

  9. We advised you to be testing more than 2000 per day two weeks ago. I reminded PF government not be casual with this disease as though they were dealing with gassing issue. Had you started testing 2000 per day two weeks, you would have manged to contain it and coupled with total lockdown. You reap what you sow!

  10. PF government is very careless and you have put the whole country at high risk level and as we are speaking now the wbole country is doomed.

  11. @Tarino, you need to calm down dude. You seem to have this weird desire to see things unravel in Zambia. Where does this ridiculous pessimism you have about your own country come from? Oh dear Lord…!

    By the way, why do I think you sound like the old pest @Jay Jay? You seem to have an identical way of expressing yourselves and similar behavior on social media…..the sort of NEGATIVITY and PESSIMISM that is UNRESTRAINED, OVER THE TOP and UNNECESSARY.

    As for the health workers in Zambia, keep wagging a good fight and hopefully this thing will soon be in our rearview mirrors. Considering how badly our country could be fairing in the pandemic this far along, your efforts and those of all Zambians (staying home, wearing masks, social distancing, etc) have really helped slow this…

  12. That’s still not enough , Zambia needs to scale up testing to 10,000 procedures a day. Also stop easing restrictions too quickly .

  13. The MOU between Zambia abd China is questionable, i dont trust Lungu and China anymore, there could be undisclosed huge loan for supply of the PPEs. Both Lungu and Chinese are crooks. And Chinese maybe importing corona virus to Zambia at a large scale. So the officials must inspect and test those supplies.

  14. Tarino does it take you 100 comments to stress a simple point or are you desperate for attention? I am surprised as you are always spamming this site 24/7

  15. Yamba yamba that boy tarino suffers from depression. He is a sadist. You knows sadism is a common trend abroad.its even a fetish for some. I wouldn’t be surprised if tarino is aroused by being hit by his gay boyfriend. The boy is very sad. Probably abused as a kid. Most people turn out gay after such abuse. We need to pray for him

  16. Meanwhile India has returned millions worth of Chinese products for being below standard. China is not bothered by that move because they have already found a buyer in Africa. Guess who

  17. Spain, Italy, france and others have returned kits, due to them being way below standard. The other thing China have been doing, they make noise about donations of equipment, then (probably via the so called MOU) they send these countries billing for the donation… its time the world turned its back to China…

  18. Yambayamba – I cant calm down when I see incompetence and deceitful individuals….especially in the face of this lethal virus. And yes I am still that blogger…unlike you who jumps on PF boat when RB caught in bed with Lazy Lungu when you detested Old man Sata…I stand by my ethos of good governance, prudence, accountability and transparency.
    If you can not see irregularities in Chilufya’s sampling techniques then you might as well sit with impostor who changes sides like a chameleon depending whose account he impersonates.

  19. extatic at this news. Congratulations. way to. Time to enforce and educate further the masses about covid and the need for social distancing

  20. This minister keeps on talking about scaling up but no implementation. The other day he said they would test 1000 but only managed 82. In kafue the so called mass testing, only 123 were tasted. We are not doing enough, and to be honest the data being released has zero validity and reliability

  21. Again, it’s a shameful embarrassment to see the “Hon” Minister of Health (of HEALTH, no less!) abuse the public by mis-wearing his face mask!

    Does he not imagine the virus can go in and out of his nose? Honestly, how stu’pid. Why wear a mask if the first place?

    Especially in public… at a photo op! Does he not realize his job is to be the face of health in Zambia, something of a role model for the people? I guess not – apparently his own discomfort breathing behind a mask is more important than his job. What a foo’ish man to stand up like that!

    Sir, please take this as the advice you need and get serious. What I suggest is easy so don’t be like the i’diot schoolboy with his tie around the forehead! Zambia needs you.

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