Fred Mukwita : Covid-19 song


Sung in Zambian Local language to sensitise the locals in Solwezi North Western Province on measures to help mitigate the spread of corona virus.


  1. Wonderful, this is the initiative we love to see during these difficult times. Unlike our friends in diaspora who are just good at saying negative things about their birth country. Maybe we can wait to see a rap video from those in diaspora with their fake American and British accents sounding like a constipated parrot. Kz

  2. Love it! Listening from the Diaspora. Unlike what Kaizer Zulu would have you believe- diasporans love Zambia and such songs fill our hearts with nostalgia, and a longing for days long gone. Tuna sakeleluku

  3. Beautiful sound. Reminds me of a trip to Slowezi years ago on a packed inter-city bus with Gospel choir music like this blaring at full blast. Pure nostalgia indeed. Physically in Europe but heart still in Zambia!

  4. Great song…I love it….and listened to it several times.
    Good song spoiled by hate comments by this creeeetin “advisor”, whose contribution are aimed against diaspora. If paid by GRZ means he is wasting/miusing tax payers money with PF propaganda.

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