We Wont Glorify Stealing Allegations of Donated COVID-19 Resources with a Response-Health Minister

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has said that the role of the Ministry of Health and that of the many health workers at the frontline is to fight Covid 19 on behalf of the Zambian citizens and that they will continue to do this to the best of their abilities, without being swayed by false reports being peddled by some sections of social media.

Reacting to social media allegations of that there is stealing of donated COVID-19 fight resources, the Mr said that from the time they wake up in the morning after very little sleep, all energies are focused solely on how to defeat the invisible enemy which is devastating the lives of many citizens around the globe, Zambia included.

Dr. Chilufya said they would therefore not be drawn into responding to fake news items as doing so would be glorifying false narratives.

“We take note of the negative comments on some social media platforms but do not respond because we won’t glorify such evil with answers,” he said. “For those that think the priority of the Ministry of Health is to steal, we guide that we are at war with Covid 19 and have no time for anything else,”

“We are a transparent government and remind you that our values remain Prudence and Fiduciary Integrity and that we will ensure that all get to the community,” he added.

He stated that various Members of Parliament are already collecting the donated materials for distribution in their constituencies.

He called on members of the public wishing to find out anything about the Covid donations to feel free to contact the Ministry of Health at any time stating that the Ministry has an open-door policy and a fully operational communications department which comes complete with a call center and available 24/7 to respond to queries about anything the general public wishes to know.

He thanked the business community and cooperating partners for their continued support towards the fight against Covid 19 and announced that the audit conducted on donated funds had shown that K1,054, 000 had been deposited into the Ministry of Health Emergency Fund, adding to the already existing 51 million which the Ministry of Finance had released to set up the contingency fund as directed by the President.

The Minister said that the funds are being used to procure PPE test kits and other items needed in the fight of COVID-19 and that the government has put in place internal and external audit systems that are working closely together to ensure that there is no pilferage.


  1. Yes sir. Excellent approach. Why waste your time responding to insignificant tiny dots sponsored by opposition and a bunch of fewmentally retarded diasporans who will claim anything just to get their tribal leader in power. To hell. Kz

    • You’re just a frustrated man living in the UK. Your hate for others in the diaspora is based on your failures in the diaspora….Na ka UK flag kamonekela….hahahahahaha..

  2. Look who is talking a man on ACC most wanted list! Has his name been cleared? Just a matter of time hypertension will be on its toes in some section of would be ex-ministers. PF must go!


  4. Whether you respond or not we all know that theft is secomd nature in pf.
    They are like vultures that smell and see a dead body from miles away. They circle and gather in flocks waiting to devour a carcus to the last scrap.
    Thats pf when they see money. It doesnt matter if the money is supposed to go to people who are dying pf sickness or starvation, pf steal. A prime example was the social cash transfer.
    So you may choose to “not glorify” the allegations, but we all know that in ALL likelihood, they are true!

  5. We need all the efforts of the health authorities and their full concentration to navigate the country out of this crisis. We can’t afford to let them be distracted by allegations at this stage – whether true or false. There will come an opportune time to follow up allegations but as for now, please let them work! The positive results are showing and those who appreciate will congratulate. The rest will criticize.

    Onward Dr. C.C and team!

  6. Who has time to check at ministry of
    Health? How is he going to know?
    Lastly nobody can let donation pass
    Through our hands without soiling our hands.

  7. Earlier on another briefing,within this week, he had explained that all donations are accounted for by Ministry of Finance,entered as received and are requisitioned through established procedures before being handed out. Then there is a concurrent audit going on on how resources are expended. Sometimes journalist should be consulting each other to be up to date or investigate before coming to ask questions!!

  8. For the umpteenth time, when are we going to get some concrete evidence of these allegations of stealing. Up to now they just remain allegations because the people who have the facts are keeping mum. It’s not fair to the Zambian public to hear of allegations but never a single conviction.

    Isn’t giving false information an offence anymore? As citizens of this country we have the right to know who is stealing from us and how. Come clean and furnish the authorities with the information you have or risk being charged yourselves whoever you are. You cannot let people perpetuate acts bordering on treason continue unabated.

  9. A new hypothesis is being discussed as to why Africa is showing very few cases of C19 …….

    The fact that for example the UK , 80 % of deaths are over 65s and those with underlying health conditions who were only kept alive by the excellent heath care , other wise would have perished in Africa


    From a Chinese study that C19 particles were found to float in the air for up to 2 hours after being exhaled , in Africa the air is more mixed with dust particles which tend to fall to the ground in minutes taking the C19 particles to the ground as well…

    The early lockdowns are also a factor

  10. Chitalu Chilufya you are stealing all the donated funds and materials to fight COVID 19….you need to be investigated useless bandit…you should be ashamed of yourself….giving Zambians false COVID data..useless PF bandit

  11. A public officer should never tire or show frustration in explaining usage of public funds, that’s what public office demands. For example, there is evidence of politically connected people selling face masks and other PPEs similar to those that have been donated, has this matter been fully investigated?

  12. We know this tactic of calling everyone who whistle-blows or sees wrong you are doing as evil and negative only you is holy and positive. You have too much power in that Department you are collecting funds and announcing figures …an innocent person would ask ACC to investigate but we know that is not going to happen. You are lucky your boss is equally corrupt and inept…even our gold in NW is being looted by you chaps.

  13. Look also at number of tests ,The number of tests should be related to the incidemces which is No of New Incidences of Cov 19 = Number of New Cases /Number of New Tests Conducted but your observations are noted as trending

    The minister is on course and must be encouraged to continue surveraance tests and lock down meausures Its only through tests and assessments of new analysed scenarios of epedimic outlook that the case for opening up massively the economies will be determeined Those decisons will also require an economic epedilogical study in-corperations So the need for study and detailed report on the unfolding by Drs and Economists will be proper to…

  14. Look also at number of tes model the best case Sometimes a simulations analysis is a plus in undrestanding the increase in cases or decrease and inform decison making

    minister is in course and must be encouraged with those for future management also of similar epedemics in Zambia because there will be many to come

  15. Correct i think the Classiications of types of Incidences is being done You can see it 1 In foreign incidences 2 Those from facilities and hospitals and lasts 3 and Most importnat may be to per attention COMMUNITY

    I think the break down and classifications as in announcements is there Its simple and typical Analysis but with an expert virus doctor besides

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  17. KINGLESS – Just ignore that impostor he is like a turd that wont flash in the toilet…even when exposed still carries on without shame and trust me the boy has no affiliation to PF just ignore him and his silly childish games!!

  18. A Ugandan court on Wednesday ordered lawmakers to pay back money they had awarded themselves to combat coronavirus. Meanwhile, in Malawi, President Peter Mutharika announced Covid-19 cash packages for the poor to help them survive the pandemic over the next three-months.
    The high court in Uganda has ruled that MPs must pay back any money they received as part of a package they approved to fight coronavirus in their constituencies, local media reported.
    An allocation of 2.4 million euros was paid into the individual accounts of lawmakers earlier in April, according to The Observer newspaper. It must be repaid or transferred to national or district Covid-19 taskforces.
    The money was initially approved as part of a bigger budgetary package and was intended to be used for sensitisation…

  19. Continued
    … sensitisation about the virus.
    However, the payment irked President Yoweri Museveni, who described it as “morally reprehensible”.
    Some MPs had already refunded the money. Opposition lawmaker Bobi Wine described the payment as “wrong and immoral”, saying he would return the money and not participate in such a “vile” fraud.
    Uganda has confirmed 79 cases of coronavirus with no deaths, according to the latest statistics from the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Authorities in Malawi on Tuesday announced cash payments would be made to the most vulnerable, helping them cope during the Covid-19 crisis.
    President Peter Mutharika said vulnerable households would be paid 43 euros per month for a three-month period, according to the Nyasa Times.

  20. Kabwalala alipama Sana! Even when you catch a thief with a TV in his hands, he won’t admit he has stolen. He’ll say ntolelefye. He’ll also say Less tapela muminwe. Apalamikafye. I wonder what the author of 6/10 is thinking and here is the point. Where donated money is concerned, public Accountability is Cardinal to inspire confidence and transparency! People have the right to ask, especially when a person is a subject of ACC investigations. If I were Chilufya, two reports should be given during these briefings – Health and Financial Reports. MOH has Accountants who can give Financial Reports. Barrick Lumwana donated $530,000 (~K10m), Trade Kings K18m, Ecobank K0.5m, Airtel K5m plus many more. The total is not K1m as the minister wants to argue wrongly. All the public eye wants is how…

  21. All the public eye wants is how much was received and what it’s spent on and balance remaining. An enquiry is not an accusation! People and many organizations want to donate but they are discouraged by this opaque way of doing things. If you don’t give complete information, don’t be the first to cry fake news!

  22. Zambiasours whatever creation you are, don’t bring your ignorance in understanding. Your brains seems to be too shallow for a ************

  23. Why do they like fueling suspicion? He says the Ministry has a robust PR office, why doesn’t it publish daily up-to-date data on donations? Such info could encourage donors once they see where the gaps are. Why being economical with info dissemination?

  24. I speak to you today on behalf of Zambians that are worried about the condition of our country.
    Born and brought up in Chingola in Zambia, I am a proud Zambian. I know our heritage, and the mettle that constitutes us. I have grave concerns today for Zambia. There is so much negative talk spreading around money transactions, about Covid, allegations and accusations. This negative talk gets picked up by international news and international media. They are like vultures waiting for scoops. The validity of the content does not concern them. They display Zambia is such negative light; never do we hear positive and encouraging news about our country, in the international press.

    We have so many international organisations present in Zambia. They are part of the reality on the ground. Yet,…

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