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The opposition FDD congratulates Zambian workers for their patriotism and hard work


The opposition FDD has congratulated Zambian workers for their patriotism and hard work as they celebrate Labour Day which is a global annual event falling on 1st May.

This year’s Labour Day is being commemorated under the Theme “Rebuilding National Economy through decent work”.

FDD Chairperson for labour and Employment Yotam Mtayachalo says his party considers the working class as an important factor of production because without labour there can be no any meaningful economic development taking place anywhere therefore workers deserve to be well remunerated in order to achieve high productivity at work places.

Mr Mtayachalo says it is however sad that workers this year celebrated their day indoors which is unusual because of the challenges brought about by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic which has disrupted the global economy and the smooth preparations of this historic landmark day on the worker’s international calendar.

“Further we are alive to the fact that workers in the country continue to face enormous economic challenges due to the ever increasing cost of living which has eroded their purchasing power and the situation has been exacerbated due to the effects of COVID-19 and as such a number of workers have lost their livelihoods as the result of job losses not only in Zambia but at global level as well as the wheels of production have tremendously slowed down and it is our prayer that with concerted efforts the situation can be brought under control as quickly as possible”, he added.

Furthermore, Mr Mtayachalo said many workers all over the world continue to be subjected to slavery wages and others get injured or lose their lives every year in the course of discharging their noble duties because some operate in most hazardous work places which calls for effective Occupation Health and Safety regulations at work places and improved working conditions.

Mr Mtayachalo said he is however very proud and greatly humbled to have been associated with the labour movement for many years and has urged Trade Unions especially in Zambia to unite in view of fragmentation of trade unions and the growing anti union activities being perpetuated by hard core capitalists employers who have a tendency of using workers as just mere tools of production without much reward.

He said the labour movement must now be more united and proactive than before if they have to speak with one united voice and rekindle their lost glory in order to strengthen their bargaining power in pursuit of their noble duty of advocating for the rights of workers and better working conditions for their members.

Mr Mtayachalo has appealed to employers in the country to increase their budgetary allocations towards interventions which safeguard the health of workers in order to keep them safe from COVID-19 and other health hazards in work places because a healthy and motivated workforce is key to increased labour productivity thus accelerating the country’s economic development.


  1. Thanks to you. Please note that without government providing the conducive environment in the form of job creation, incentives for business investment, stronger workers rights, we would not have patriotic and happy workforce as we do. Thank you to this wonderful government. Time to open my vintage bottle of dom perignon. Cheers

  2. Yotamu, there is nothing to commemorate here many people are unemployed due to job losses as a result of covid-19 and shrinking economy. Sometimes don’t just make noise about labor day. We are talking about serious matters of fighting COVID-19 and we need your contribution as FDD party. Meanwhile PF must go!

  3. FDD impatiently waiting for General elections campaign so they can eat with PF…FDD is a Chilufya Tayali Party they are like that Oxpecker that sits on the Buffalo sucking blood.

  4. Antonio Mwanza left FDD and went to eat with them , Mtayachalo is the only one remaining in FDD. Their leader appears tired and expired and to make it worse she does not want to work with other opposition leaders. Parties that just exist on paper

  5. Antonio Mwanza left to go and eat with them, only Mtayachalo is remaining in FDD now. To make matters worse their defacto leader is very apathetic to work with other opposition leaders rendering the party dead with no resurrection in sight at all. All effort is aimed at Legana now, and fraternizing with the very party called PF that has lamentably failed.

  6. Let Mtayachalo be the President of FDD, I don’t think he would abandon it to go and eat like Antonio did.

  7. We are inconsequential cosmic dust, bumping and milling about on a tiny blue speck. We imagine our own importance. We invent our purpose—we are nothing.

  8. Dollar is at almost K20, Inflation is going towards 20%, Reserves are gone, Zambian currency was labelled as the second worst performing in the world, No industries, no jobs, Mealie meal is over K200 and history made, University and council workers get paid on the 64th of the month, So what is their to congratulate really


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