Kazabu:Stick to FIFA and FAZ Constitution


Veteran sports administrator Luxon Kazabu says the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has the potential to resolve its internal wrangles.

FAZ wrangles have heightened in recent months with some officials resorting to taking each other to court.

Former FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya’s failure to pass the integrity test alongside other aspirants prior to the delayed 2020 elective annual general meeting has ignited tension in the association.

In an interview, Kazabu, the former National Sports Council of Zambia General Secretary, said adhering to the FAZ constitution would be helpful in resolving the squabbles.

“In the football fraternity everybody is discouraged from going to court but encouraged to use the mechanisms that are available for one to have his or her grievance redressed,” Kazabu said.

“We have been appealing those of us who have been there before that look; let’s use the FAZ constitution, the rules and regulation, not forgetting the FIFA statutes,” the former Nkana Member of Parliament said.

Kazabu has asked aggrieved administrators to consider withdrawing their court cases.

“If I were one of my own brothers that are aggrieved, I would have simply said look this is not the end of the world and abandon the idea of seeking redress through the courts of law.”

“What does it benefit one to go to court and because of your action we end up being suspended as a country by FIFA? Would one still walk with his head high? Certainly I would not; I would feel that I have betrayed my own country, something that I never ever dream of. So it’s not too late those that have gone to court can reflect and perhaps abandon this avenue and do something different,” he said.

With the coronavirus pandemic halting football, it is not yet clear when the delayed FAZ elections will be held.


  1. The last thing we want to do is intervene into faz. We do not want to do so due to the repercussions with FIFA. Our hands are tied. However had they not, I would have personally sorted this out in a day. These are small issues that should not take this long to resolve. We leave this to faz

  2. Well spoken
    Those three dimwits are selfish fighting fir personal gainings .. why not try work elsewhere?

  3. Just allow Kalusha to contest at AGM, he will lose anyway. Or else, Zambia is banned by FiFa, simple as that.

  4. Well done FAZ/FIFA. Integrity is very important. Wish we had it in Zambian politics.

  5. Let the dimwits go to court. Eventually even the court will follow the FAZ constitution because no court wants to be known as the one which lead to Zambia being banned.

  6. Emmanuel Mulenga should be fired as minister of sport, he’s the one behind all this nonsense. Kalusha Bwalya cannot be allowed to stand, he failed integrity test because he’s very irresponsible and a very big thief.

  7. God bless the FIFA and FAZ integrity tests…….

    Only corrupt theiving people don’t like the integrity tests …….

  8. What’s veteran about Luxon Kazabu? Ask those that worked with him at Copperbelt Bottling Company. He was the worst sadist ever, workers celebrated his retirement. What record has about football administration? He wasn’t amongst the top referees. He went to Parliament because of Sata, people rejected him twice under FDD, he has now joined his fellows in the Tribal Party

    • Wisdom comes with time, age and experience. Kazabu is speaking after examining his life.

      Familiar with this saying, “don’t do what l do, do what l say”

  9. With due respect to Mr. Kazabu, he should be the last person to talk about the current wrangles going on in FAZ. We all know whom he supports

    Both himself, Andrew Kamanga and Simata Simataa should thank Kalusha Bwalya, FIFA Representative a (Mr CAVALO), Lusaka Mayor Mr. Miles Sampa, Veteran Sports Administrator Mr. Maxwell Sichula for pleading with Mining Rangers F.Club Secretary then to withdraw a motion that sought to banish the trio from all football activities for life during the FAILED “NO CONFIDENCE MOTION” in KALUSHA BWALYA at FAZ AGM in March 2011 at Mulungushi rock of authority

    Kalusha pleaded that in the spirit of oneness let’s forgive our friends and work as one. The problem with Mr. Kazabu and Kamanga, both have forgotten except Mr. Simataa

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