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Nakonde district mass screening set for next week


Health authorities are next week set to commence massive screening for COVID-19 in Nakonde district in Muchinga Province. This comes in the wake of a couple that had lodged at one of the lodges in the district and tested positive for COVID -19.

Nakonde District Medical Director Arthur Mataka confirmed to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) that there is a team of medical Doctors from the Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) in Nakonde district. Dr. Mataka said the team is in Nakonde to strengthen surveillance before conducting the mass screening next week.

“We have received a team of health experts in the border town to help us with the massive screening that is scheduled to start next week,” said Dr. Mataka.

He has also disclosed that Mwenzo girls’ secondary school has been identified as a quarantine centre for any person coming into the country through the Nakonde border.

The people who will be quarantined at the school are going to be observed for 14 days before leaving the district.

And Nakonde District Commissioner Field Simwinga has thanked Muchinga Province Presbytery Bishop in Charge, Festus Chulu, for availing the secondary school to government for use as a quarantine centre.

“We are grateful to the UCZ administration for availing to us their structures to be used in the fight against COVID -19,” he said.

Mr. Simwinga said government cannot work alone in the fight against COVID-19 hence the need for various stakeholders such as the church to help.

He meanwhile reminded the health personnel to ensure that high standards of hygiene are maintained and that no vandalism occurs.

Government through the department of health has continued to put up strict measures in the district to ensure that it protects the residents of Nakonde.

Last week, a local lodge and a bank were closed to facilitate for disinfection after the Chingola couple that tested positive for COVID -19 lodged there from 10th to 14th April 2020.

During the same period, one of the employees of the local bank was also staying at the same lodge.


  1. Hello haters in diaspora, I bet you have not yet been tested in your so called rich adopted country. However your relative in the village will be tested before you, how does that make you feel? Also I watched in news that minority blacks and asians are disproportionately affected in the western world as there are more deaths from this group. Why is that ?

  2. Nakonde was long overdue looking at its proximity to Tanzania and Kasumbalesa same must be done too. Nobody wants to hear sad news and we don’t rejoice over sad news because we are not sadist. We criticise to build though some take it as enemity. Please don’t personalize what we say here. Meanwhile PF must go!

  3. Kaizar Zulu © I we id!ot!! In First world rich countries we even have drive- throughs for coronavirus testing. Anyone who feels like getting tested can simply drive thru and get tested within minutes. You live in a dump that’s why you talk negatively about the diaspora

  4. Too little too late!
    It seems this COVID was allowed to come in so that they can cash in through allowances and 2021 Campaign fundraising! The way PF has mishandled this Pandemic from the beginning does not make Public Health Sense!
    Let’s brace for the worst!

  5. KZ with a UK IP , India has ditched the testing kits from china because they give false results . It is inconceivable that these are the same kits Jonathan got to test vulnerable villagers in Nakonde a town which hasn’t got ventilators to manage them .This clueless government is worse than covid- 19

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