It’s Crookedness of the Worst Kind to Use face Masks as Campaign Tools

Presidential Empowerment Initiative National Cordinator Clement Tembo
Presidential Empowerment Initiative National Cordinator Clement Tembo

By McLeod Lunkoto

The Patriotic Front is reacting to its decline in many ways but one salient approach is the atrocious motive to turn public health measures meant to ward off the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic into a “political campaign tool.” This is a deplorable act of desperation. It is the only political party that has produced branded face masks capitalizing on COVID19 to start campaigns ahead of the 2021 general elections.

It is disheartening that the masks donated by well-wishers regardless of their political affiliations are being used to ramp up the disfigured image of the PF. They are literally in a campaign mode. They have been in Keembe Constituency and in many other places across the country campaigning. They have turned the donated items into PF items which they are using to gain political mileage. This is crookedness of the worst kind.

This kind of behaviour will certainly impact negatively on the collective effort against the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of the people are rejecting the politicization of the covid19 pandemic. The World Health Organization has on several occasions cautioned leaders from different social settings including political leaders against responding to the central threat of the coronavirus pandemic in a manner that might erode the collective capacity to deal with the public health crisis.

This kind of behaviour by people who are supposed to lead the fight against this pandemic makes the whole fight very difficult to win. The sentiments on the ground are that the minister of health and his counterpart may be lying about the numbers, they could be less.

‘Our people now think that announcing that numbers are swelling could just be a gimmick to keep us away from mobilising as opposition.’ What explanation could anyone give if the situation is as serious as they keep telling us, yet their own people do not seem concerned or even taking the necessary steps to avert the spread of the disease?

We are calling upon the PF leadership to stop this highly irresponsible behaviour of endangering the people who they pretend to care for. They should stop using the donated items as campaign tools. Donated items are meant for everyone regardless of one’s political inclination.

The Author is a Keembe Constituency Socialist Party Aspiring Candidate, a Party led by Fred M’membe


  1. Not only crooked but devilish! PF must go! If they can risk the whole 78 passengers on a bus with corona virus what more about masks!? These guys are barbarians. They will kill us.

  2. At least people wear those PF masks, they don’t throw away. Did see women in Ndola picking up clinic masks from streets, wash and resell??
    I have a mask made from Chipolopolo T-shirt.
    Let Socialist Party also make masks, they will look good just like UPNDs.

  3. This is indeed a very sad indictment of a party that had more money to spend than any other party to build infrastructure, all $17 billion, on which to be judged by ……

    Any other party having spent so much would not even have to campaign ….. But the corrupt clueless thieves of PF running GRZ have To resort to all sorts of crookedness to force themselves onto the Zambian people……

    We will never forget how you orchestrated a gassing scheme of our people, PF and lungu , …..
    More than 45 innocent people were burnt alive in our towns for the first time in our history, while you watched , hoping others will be blamed……..we will never forget this and your day of reckoning is approaching

  4. Lunkoto and your nobody non entity Socialist Party dreamer party, keep dreaming about the popularity of PF. We are headed for another landslide victory next year. Keep complaining because that’s what you are good at. Nobody has stopped you from producing facemasks made out of your Socialist party. The truth is no one knows you and you are too broke to put a log on anything.

    We will retain power and thus get even filthy richer while you choke with envy and jealous. We control the treasury and we have friends in China and elsewhere who hive us money. I can afford to go and have lunch anywhere I want, London, Paris, New York, etc traveling in first class (obviously international travel is suspended now but watch us after it reopens). Envious people like you will never progress in life.

  5. Spaka, please desist from throwing unsubstantiated accusations. It is a crime and you of all people are much smarter than that. The problem is PF ain’t going anywhere my friend… the judiciary; the police and the army are all in our pocket and our payroll. So even if you won the elections, your tribal bally won’t be allowed to come closer to any instruments of power. PF for life baby. Kz

  6. Please let’s not politicize the disease… where the help comes from doesn’t matter. The President said any little penny will help in mitigating the pandemic.. PF or UPP please bring whatever you have to fight this disease!!!
    PF is just one of the contributors like Trade Kings!!

  7. The ranting in the articles is very uncoordinated. Did PF print knew Chitenges or they are using left overs from previous campaigns? To me this looks like initiative. The problem with our opposition in the country is that they are not innovative. I have seen lots of organization branding their masks. When everyone is fighting covid 19 others are busy printing “Bally T-shirts” that will not help anyone.

  8. Atleast Kampyongo is a changed and reformed man, the other day whilst visiting inistries under him he told his staff to respect the people they are serving, lets give the man praise because what he said is important. Of course if perennial helicopter stone throwers who stone opposition during elections in Shiwang’andu are arrested, that would be a plus. But also if the die hard character can change also , the fortunes of our party can change, though the whipper is a hard core lawless character

  9. KZ and RB didnt v all those in his pocket and pay roll the beauty about Zambian elections is that by the time most of the results are announced KZ u wud v already taken off kikikiki

  10. KZ

    Whether you are the true KZ or not,

    Those are not unsubstantiated claims but allegations with the most likely probability,

    Zambians are still waiting for word on investigations. We hope the gassing of our people was not like the 48 mansions that built them selves , where cans of gasses flew themselves into peoples homes

  11. Spaka you falling for the fake me aka tarino Haha. My real account has this picture now. I am waiting for my clone to play catch up.

  12. KZ

    I know the original KZ from how he writes….

    I told you to show us a picture on your avitor that is not in the public domain , you must listen to me


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