Thursday, July 25, 2024

Kabamba Hopes FAZ’s Foreign Player Quota Plans Will Not Be Rushed


DR Congo-born and ex-Nkana striker Patrick Kabamba says the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) should not rush to implement the planned quota policy.

FAZ want introduce the foreign quota policy next season.

A quota will restrict the number of foreign players clubs will feature, unlike at the moment where teams are allowed to have up to 11 foreigners in the starting lineup.

Kabamba, who is currently playing at Gaborone United in Botswana, said the quota policy is good but must be implemented gradually.

“This issue of foreign players is not only in Zambia but whole over Africa,” Kabamba said.

“I can’t be against the restricting of foreign players. I can’t say no to this idea. Sometimes when you have too many foreign players it becomes a danger to local ones,” the former Zanaco and Zesco United.

“When locals ones are not having game time because of many foreigners it also affect the national team especially if you don’t have many players abroad,” he said.

The FAZ League has over the last five years witnessed a huge influx of imports that has seen clubs like top-flight club, Buildcon; field an entire starting XI devoid of Zambian players.

“It’s not a bad idea but also we have to see the issue of contracts for foreigners at clubs. It is something you should follow gradually. You can’t just decide today and then tomorrow it is enforced,” Kabamba said.

“It will be a bit tough for clubs with foreigners who have two or three years contracts. What will happen next for them? They will be forced to terminate their contracts and then it will require a lot of money for you to pay them,” Kabamba said.

The striker emphasised that Zambian clubs need foreign players to excel in CAF club competitions.

“It is a matter of sitting down together, talking about this issue and finding a solution. We want to continue seeing our clubs like Nkana, Zesco United and Zanaco playing well in continental. I am always proud to see these teams going far like the group stage,” Kabamba said.


  1. Zambians. You are way behind. A newspaper even quotes a foreigner telling you what you must do in your country. What a nerve. That’s why even Seer talks about your country & not that sewer country he comes from. Every country must put its people first. Full stop. This idi.ot can go talk about where he comes from.

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