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Lusaka Catholic Priest implicated in death of alleged Married Girlfriend, Bishop suspends him


Father Ringford Kalaswamilomo Abel Mwelwa
Father Ringford Kalaswamilomo Abel Mwelwa

Lusaka Archbishop Alick Banda has suspended Father Ringford Kalaswamilomo Abel Mwelwa as Judicial Vicar of the Archdiocese of Lusaka.

In a memo dated 30th April, 2020, Archbishop Banda stated that Fr. Mwelwa had also ceased being Parish Priest of Kaunda Square Parish.

According to Bishop Banda, Father Mwelwa has been suspended with immediate effect.

“I hereby wish to inform you that I have with immediate effect suspended the Very Rev. Ringford Abel Mwelwa from the priesthood indefinitely. With this suspension he ceases to be Parish Priest for Kaunda Square Parish as well as Judicial Vicar of the Archbishop of Lusaka,” read the two-paragraphed memo dated 30th April 2020.

According to her fellow women from the Catholic Women’s League (CWL), the woman was invited to Father Mwelwa’s Parish House on Holy Thursday night.

“She was a married woman from St. Maurice and she lied to her husband that she was going for a funeral with her fellow league members in Kaunda Square. Sadly she died in Abel’s room in the Parish House that night – on Holy Thursday,” said the source.

The source said Father Mwelwa called some CWL members from St. Maurice who came to pick up the body and took it to Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital where she was confirmed dead on arrival and taken to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary as brought in dead (BID).

The source said the Archbishop of Lusaka was made to pay for the funeral expenses by the family of the deceased woman.

Police are waiting for postmortem results to determine what led to her death.

But people close to the case have disclosed that Fr Mwelwa has been suspended for a serious case of adultery and to pave way for suspected murder case investigations.

The woman identified as a member of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) is married woman from St Maurice Parish situated on Mumbwa road and took permission from her husband to attend a funeral with her fellow League members in Kaunda Square.

During her stay at the Parish House, she died in Fr. Mwelwa room.

The church paid for the whole funeral.

The family has urged the Police to investigate the suspicious death.

Other family sources indicate that Fr Mwelwa administered some substances to the deceased in an attempt a pregnancy she was carrying after which complications arose.

The late member of Catholic Women's League (CWL)
The late member of Catholic Women’s League (CWL)
The Funeral ceremony of the late The late member of Catholic Women's League (CWL)
The Funeral ceremony of the late The late member of Catholic Women’s League (CWL)
The Funeral ceremony of the late The late member of Catholic Women's League (CWL)
The Funeral ceremony of the late The late member of Catholic Women’s League (CWL)


  1. A lot of the beatiful younger members of the CWL are girlfriends or just sexually abused by some of the randy men in robes including the married women unfortunately.
    If some men in robes can not keep their vow of celibacy , then the honorable thing to do is to quit priesthood and join the fray and get lost in the maze !!….
    Bingo !

  2. Mmmm ba Father Naimwe why? You Lady which devil entered your heart? ..why leaving your husband and go to a false man of God for extra affairs? Sad that a life is lost.

  3. The Catholic priest is promiscuous and the married woman is also promiscuous. Us we only sleep with unmarried young and beautiful women. If you want to go out with women, why become a Catholic father? It’s like those desperate Diasporas who go out with old, fat women just to get immigration papers. Now forgive me as I’m out to enjoy my whiskey with my woman. Kz

  4. Father Mukwikile! Arch Bishop Milingo has always been calling the Catholic Church to change the doctrine of celibacy. Instead of listening to his wise counsel they decided to ex-communicate him. Do they know better than him? NO. Arch Bishop Milingo knows what real life is and man’s desires. Marriage was ordained by God so it doesn’t make you less pious if you marry. “He’s definitely not from among us he that doesn’t marry”. How will the congregants ever trust priests? We know that they are human and they also use mwana apeluke. Many Fathers have children. What will give you salvation isn’t the doctrine but the true word of God. Celibacy is an archaic doctrine that must be re-visited now!

    • Remember that a lot of married people indulge extramarital affairs including members of the clergy of other religious groups.

  5. Kz. U ar right on this one.surely wy slep with a married woman. Maried women ar slept regularly by their husbands and they ar finished. Go for single ladies

  6. I partly agree with my clone above who is based in south Africa. However, for me i say let us not conclude or make assumptions until the final results of the investigation has been availed to us all. We need facts and am sure the legal process will take effect should this man be found with a case to answer. I hope people respect the legal process and desist from useless comments which could prejudice the investigation

  7. By the way, my pet or rather clone with south African flag, please note that I have effected a self ban on consuming whiskey. Also for those that know me, they know that I do not drink during work hours. Next time take note of that if you want to come out as a genuine KZ. I have to say you are getting better. Good boy

  8. I hv been associated with the Catholic church in my childhood. In fact the first white person I shook hands with was a Catholic priest. To this day I still admire the dedication and drive of pioneer priests who opened up Zambia and endured daunting challenges all those years ago. They came from Europe or USA without interpreters in most cases. They were never too proud to learn the local language of the area they went to, unlike today’s priests. And these were languages so different from their European languages. Yes, there are problems in the church but the Catholic church remains a force for good, not perfection, in this world.

  9. Kanshi uli na nzeelu, mbuya. That why i like you. Utoomba the Bemba womenfolks only those who are not married.
    Uyu cousin kukoonda kunyeenga, ka.
    I love you and have great respect for you, KZ.
    And God richly bless you.

  10. The problem is no solely with the priest, but even the lady why should you be invited by a bachelor and you accept to go to his room at awkward time.If anything she was suppose to tell her husband that the priest want to see her. That she never did because she consented

  11. Chigololo in some churches is so rampant, sometimes i wonder whether we worship the living God who sees beyond our ordinary eyes. The catholics are practicing cult type of Christianity. They are known for child molestation around the world. Meanwhile PF must go!

  12. Don’t bring God into your folly. Keep icimbuya between yourselves. God doesn’t have cousins.

  13. If it was a papa, Catholics would have had a party of comments. Now because its one of them, they are ndwiiiiii. if your wife or girl friend is in a habit of visiting priests houses, just know she is being sanitized. Priest nayena munthu! alikwata ama feelings

  14. Awe bonse kuti twa wa pa pena!! Very beautiful lady among the usually ugly CWL, Father kuti awa, nao muntufye. MYSRIEP Mama!!

  15. Much as we are encouraged to congregate, I have prayed from my home on my own for several years and I have still grown spiritually, I will never go to these wolves and submit myself. There are many examples who have fallen including bishops, the other one even used politics to marry and he is now in Australia. These guys don’t play, they hit hard, even some of these women looking decent at home and at church, they are victims or accomplices, there is rampant hammering

  16. Church women the worst hypocrites out there…I bet its tough for them now with lockdown!!

  17. If the Bible is the Word of God and every priest is required to live by it’s principles and it speciafically says at Timothy chapter 3 that a deacon /priest/elder or whatever renk must be a husband of one wife and of sober character, why then does the catholic church insist on celibacy? This is paganism! Satanic! Wicked!

  18. He wishes he was a minister, he was going to be allowed to work while the investigation was going on.

  19. Lord Have Mercy! I don’t trust people with more than 2 names. They always have multiple personalities. Ladies, why get pregnant mu affair?

  20. Shame…….Dont force your will against the will of God…..that is what is meant by “Kicking against the pricks”

  21. Catholics should abolish primitive celibacy doctrines and marry. Secondly, thus brings to the fore that church women’s leagues in all churches are usually fake organisations full of promiscuous ladies under the guise of holier than thou!

  22. I think the priest is innocent cause people go to the priest house for a many things…

    If u say his not innocent were did the other priest go during the same time his does not stay alone but with those other priests

    I think the husband should not be quick in pressing things on the priest….

    Then ba banda is useless on my part there is no parent that throw a son without been a protector of his children Dr. Banda u are useless….ur are a bad parent I feel you must also move to the Romans house there gave you not renting a house somewhere else many have leaved in that house now why not u leaving there…..

    I think Banda must not be our bishop in Lusaka you must leave Lusaka you are not a good parent this is not Ndola or Kitwe were u use to be a bad parent and they would…

  23. Whoever has not sinned, let him cast the first stone I take this quote!
    Being a priest or a married man both of them need to to keep their chastity.
    Chastity is not for priests only but even for married men and single men and women as well.
    Suggesting that priests should just marry is not a solution, unless you tell me that no married man or woman has never committed adultery before.
    What is needed here is just self discipline that’s the key, all of us have sinned in one way or another but in marital cases chastity should be observed.
    Chastity means purity!
    Are you faithful to your partner in marriage following the vows you made?
    Are you faithful in your work as a priest or pastor according to the promise you made to God?
    Self discipline be emphasized!

  24. Priests are human brings like you. They are not just a collection of bones and flesh. Forgive the priest. This things happen and that is the reason why we have a word like reoent. Confess etc. No one is pure clean even you casting a stone. Bishop please forgive the priest. Forgive him. All humans error. Don’t look at the human feeling against the church. Forgive him my lord


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