Operation Young Vote happy with Cabinet’s approval to take to Parliament the NGO Bill

President Lungu Chairing Cabinet
President Lungu Chairing Cabinet

The Operation Young Vote is happy with Cabinet’s approval to take to Parliament the NGO Bill to Repeal and Replace the not only contentious and draconian but also overwhelmingly rejected NGO Act number 16 of 2009.

Guess Nyirenda, the Organisation Executive Director has paid tribute to the Patriotic Front Government for standing by what it pledged and contained in its 2011 to 2016 campaign manifesto.

Mr Nyirenda is hopeful this move by Cabinet is not largely driven by the fears of facing restrictions and sanctions on the international market.

He has however noted with dismay and is appalled at the continued leaving out of the Repeal and Replacement of the antique National Youth Development Council Act of 1978.

Mr Nyirenda said in its state this law only empowers youth from one political party which is UNIP to be members of the NYDC Council.

He said in order to resolve this situation a lot of the work was done by stakeholders including the Zambia Law Development Commission in the past to draft and have improved versions of the NYDC Bill which have been gathering dust on the shelves of the Commission and its shocking as to why our leaders continue to ignore the plight of the youth.

Mr Nyirenda said his Organisation shall continue to blow this matter as many other stakeholders speculate as to whether it is Government’s lack of interest in addressing this matter.

He has called on the youth to rise up to the occasion and demand that a better law that conforms to the dictates of the 21st century be enacted to Repeal and Replace the archaic 1978 NYDC Act.

Mr Nyirenda said the youth should not apologize to demanding what is duly theirs and should further refuse to forgive those that willfully scheme to keep them in the past even when they are the majority in the country.

He said the other Bill which his Organisation would have loved to feature on the line-up is the Access to Information, except the nation was told that Government wants to first of all development a Policy that should guide the development of the ATI Bill.

He has demanded that Government tells the nation on how far the country has gone in the development of the ATI Policy.


  1. Ku wayawaya pa Zed! PF Crooks running a country like monkeys in the jungle. No plan no direction.
    All Zambian we are just watching, we speak out for this corrupt government, and remove them in power in 2021

  2. In that picture there is a gathering of the brainless and corrupt. The twits who have and continue destroying a once promising country. Very embarrassing to discover that Zambia is actually a case study on HOW not to run a a country.

  3. I think Dora did a very good job interviewing journalists on TV the other day. But train these supervisors for News readers, the other guy on ZNBC radio news the other day was pronouncing Solobon compound in Kafue as Solowon, and the other week some lady pronounced Vubwi as Vuwi, these chaps. It is only yesterdays Radio 4 DJ after 18 hours who played beautiful hits of yesteryears like Gloria and What a feeling, so refreshing after so many years. But open Prime TV as the approval process is also going on, those ma delaying tactics, and artificial bureaucracy should not prevail once they re apply please, lets make progress. Mantha, Umwenso , Elections are exams

  4. Guess Nyirenda is related to Judge Essau Chulu who counted 120, 000 votes for PF in Lundazi when only 118,000 voters were registered.

  5. @Democrat, well observed. Even radio Phoenix news caster by the name of Malumba is in the same boat. He seems to have challenges with reading news. Granted, he has a good radio voice

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