Catholic Priest at the center of Murder Investigation Speaks: I feel Unfairly Treated

Fr. Abel Mwelwa with members of the Catholic Women’s League
Fr. Abel Mwelwa with members of the Catholic Women’s League

The Catholic Priest at the center of a murder investigation involving a married female Church member has spoken out saying he feels unfairly treated by the Church.

Police in Lusaka says they have instituted an inquiry into the death of a 42-year-old woman of Garden House, who allegedly died in the Parish Priest’s House at Kaunda Square Catholic Church.

Fr. Abel Mwelwa said in a statement that the manner in which Lusaka Diocese Archbishop Alec Banda has handled the matter is unfair.

“I would like to assure you that all is well. My soul is at rest. Knowing that the justice of God is on my side. I have no bitterness against the manner in which this was handled. I allow God to deal with the matter,” Dr. Mwelwa said.

He also claimed that Monica Mulenga died in the hospital of Acute Pneumonia as the postmortem results indicated.

“God has his ways. Thank you for your brotherhood and support. Let it be known that the person died almost a month ago,” he said.
He added, “All was quiet until my Bishop decided to instruct some priests to circulate a communique of my suspension to all priests and religious. The communique is also addressed to the lay faithful. What a way of dealing with matters.”

Fr. Mwelwa charged that Bishop Banda miscalculated in the way he dealt with the issue.

“The result of such a miscalculated decision is what has brought this media frenzy. Has there been a time in the Catholic Church when the suspension of a priest is material for everyone? If not, the question is why has this been handled this way? Maybe we shall have answers in Heaven,’ he said.

“I thought I should share with you what has happened. God’s Justice May take long, but it surely does come.”


  1. Its by the fruits of the their trees that we shall know them and a tree that does not bear fruit it shall be cut down

  2. This is what happens when you follow the wrong career path. Priest hood is not for everyone.

    Just like being President of Zambia is not for everyone. We have seen the results of this.

    Too many wrong career paths in Zambia.

  3. oh, no! It looks like Bishop Banda is at it again. He seems to be back with his old ways of dealing with fellow clergy men as was the case on the Copperbelt where he became very unpopular even with lay people.

  4. We all make mistakes. The best thing is to accept that it is your mistake that led to all this, instead of blaming the Bishop.
    Just learn some lessons from this painful experience and move ahead.

  5. The handling of the case by the Bishop should not be an issue. I believe the circumstances left the Bishop with no option but to act in this way. The father should have nothing to fear if indeed he is innocent as he claims. Lets all wait till the police conclude their investigations. All of us are relying on what the media has reported and no one has declared you guilty yet. Also understand that all cases are handled differently just like God executes judgement on people differently. Therefore do not blame the Lusaka archdiocese Bishop for the action he has taken. If what the media has reported is true a lot of questions need answers. Is it true she died at the Priests house and that she lied to her husband she had gone for a funeral. What exactly was she doing at your house. But…

  6. But you havent explained what she was doing in your house meant for male priests only. Just confess that una chimwa iwe. Then forgiveness will follow. And dont confess to yourself but to another priest

  7. Iwe Priest tell us what happened on the material day in your house? Not your insipid complaint that you have been treated unfairly as at no time such misbehavior in the catholic church among the priests has gone out side the gates of the catholic church buildings. Tell us the truth what happened in your house with that married lady.

  8. The best for you is to keep quiet since your case is now a subject of police investigations

  9. Dr. Mwelwa. Dr. Dr. You idyots. He is Fr. Mwelwa. Don’t make him a PF .
    Dr. Nyonyonyo…. Styupid idyots!!

  10. Ba Priest please do not cry foul. U went out there to look for sin and sin u found it. If I were the husband to the deceased, I would have requested for all calls and sms messages from her phone to see what was going on between yourself and the lady. Your phone should also have been subjected to similar investigation. Are u aware that it is against our ordinary practice and expectation for a man to be alone in a house with another man’s wife? I am sure it is also against your church’s standard practice.

  11. @9 Nostradamus my ever drunk friend….i agree with you….University of PF Doctors….even makaka Lusambo is a Dr according to PF University

  12. Just admit dear friend u miscalculated big time and this will haunt u for life. Do not be a sniper on other men’s wives. U should have broken your celibacy on unmarried women and not on married women.

  13. This Priest is just trying to put up a face, they are many like him in Catholic, they hammer, they don’t play. This guy wants to blame the Bishop for his own dirty actions. Priest hood is not your calling, Bishop well done and keep exposing them.

  14. Harsh…really laughable…When these chaps are in trouble that’s when they start reciting verses…I mean what is a married woman doing at your home!!

  15. Us we only sleep with unmarried beautiful young girls not finished married women… too much trouble there iwe Father fimo fimo. Even if we threw Bally in jail for causing trouble, no Kz is going near his wife. The young girls they only need rent money and to be splashed with hood gifts and they provide you with all the services and benefits you need unconditionally. Some of us who chose to live in Zambia are filthy rich and can afford concubines while bana Zulu is in the UK. I have properties all the world generating income while you are busy complaining about corruption with unfounded allegations. Keep dreaming with Bally will fix it, maybe in 3 generations to come! You see corruption, we see opportunity.

  16. Please ignore the wannabe Kaizar Zulu above with the UK flag… I’m the real Kaizar with the South Africa where I have been stranded since the Coronavirus lockdown. Obviously the clone above is trying to get me in trouble with my boss, His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the humble God given working president.

  17. Dear Fr. Mwelwa,
    Kindly log on to Tumfweko News; You will find a post by a Mr. Owen Mulenga, who is claiming to be the husband of the deceased. He has explained his own side of what he knows about the long term relationship his now late wife had with you. I humbly advise that you make a rebuttal to this than you attacking the authority of the Catholic Church, as exercised through His Grace Dr. Alick Banda (He has even asked the flock to pray for you in this time, and all you do is to pay back with insubordination!.

    By the way, I personally, support the swift suspension that our archbishop has meted out; which you Fr. Mwelwa must understand that it is not malicious but a mere way of facilitating investigations. How many times have we Zambians cried out against situations whereby…

  18. Father, just tell us what the woman was doing at your house at 21:00 hrs?. Simple!!!! The situation is self explanatory. In chewa, they say “Ni Nkhani Kadzikambe”. Anyway, lets leave judgement to God. We have all in one way or another sinned against God.

  19. What was a married woman doing in your quarters imwe ba patili?…we are told she lied that she had gone to attend a funeral with colleagues, little did she know that it was to be her ”own” funeral…sad! Anyway it all shows from the selfies what kind of father you were!….ili muma glasses lihule lilemoneka fye imilomo!

  20. Koma this man. He is suposed to deny the adultery at his hse. Yet he’s concerned about the mater goig into the public. Wat kind of logic is this. He’s the cause of the loss of life. His libido for used women….the men who sleep with used women jst eat any bufu keki. This priest is one.

  21. When GOD asked Adam about the fruit he had eaten, he blamed the woman God had given him. So it is with we human beings, when ever we make a mistake we always want to blame someone else for our own mistakes and it all started with Adam

  22. Iwe ka fake priest….what was the married woman doing at your house at that time? Why did the woman lie to her husband that she was going to a funeral when in fact, you knew she will be coming to your house to be hammered…? You see my brother just repent of your sin and be ready to do time because you had caused the woman’s death. There’s no smoke without fire. Unadya nini yamuzako ka chi color. Now your sins/s been exposed and you trying to blame it on the bishop who I think did well to expose the matter and secondly suspend you from all priesthood activities. You are not fit for the church. Just remain silent for now. If I were Monica Mulenga’s husband I will chop off your d***.

  23. I dont trust these catholic priests world over story is same, eating other pipos fruits. The treatment is very fair. Government learn a lesson from this action taken. Same action was suposed to be take for Kaiza Zulu for burning houses and abducting pipo pipo at a lodge. All those ophanages for catholics are full with children by priests with catholic sisters/nuns. Father Bwalya thumb-up he came in the open he is married and enjoying God given. All Cotholic Priests/Nuns should mary. Everyday busy with other pipos apples. Fools. Let him rot in jail. Y She lied to her huby that she went for a funeral? You have been eating and a lot have been eaten you fool.

  24. Half the truth is never being told here.
    Question, what would Jesus do?
    Before I judge you Fr., judge not.
    This writing was not necessary. It’s like you’re trying so hard to clear your name.
    Jesus did not try to clear his name when he was being accused. I am beginning to doubt your story.
    Grow wiser Father.

  25. This is just prostitution involved here, there’s nothing like the truth coming out or not coming out. They started by meeting during the day, in the priest’s car, they shifted to a confidant’s home, finally they gathered enough courage to be together for the whole night. One who sleeps with somebody’s wife is cursed! The priest is cursed no matter what explanations he gives!

  26. That doctor who certified of dying from pneumonia must be struck off the register and arrested. Dying of pneumonia when she was walking when she came to your home. What type of pneumonia is that? What did you do to her to develop that killing pneumonia in few hours? Liar until you burn in hell

  27. Bapatili mahule hiding in robs. They like maried women a lot. Umutulo kupenelopa jigi jigi ba mukabene. Mary if if u cant control your jhony. You have shown us what all prists do. mambala.

  28. But is it true that the deceased died right inside the parish Priest’s house or perhaps one of the houses in the church. Was she stranded and so passed night in the parish house. Utopsy revealed she died of acute pneumonia. Could it too reveal if there was any case of sexual affairs. What about DNA test.

  29. If she died of pneumonia let
    police investigate circumstances
    Why she died at your church.let
    Her husband testify what she said
    Before leaving her home and where she was going.

  30. But how did the lady die in your house??? What was she doing there? The guilty are always afraid…

  31. The issue here is the alleged adultery ba “Father”. I do not believe you murdered the lady, but you have been exposed through her death that you had an inappropriate relationship with her. Do not blame the Bishop for the disciplinary action meted out. You have been exposed.

  32. With so many single ladies around how do you just fall into a trap of a married woman. I believe this woman was his girlfriend even before getting married and him being a father. Ibala lyakale talyashupa ukulima. Its a lesson for unmarried young people out there. These relationships were you start enjoying sex before marriage will haunt you your entire lifetime. Since you met different sex partners even in your marriage you start comparing especially when your husband is not satisfying you as compared to what you tasted before. the point is stay single and have sex only after marriage.

  33. Sorry Mr Mwelwa, the people above have said it all. The Bishop was on firm ground. Even if the police find you not wanting, you will never be called a priest again

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