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Unions commend Mopani Copper Mines for rescinding the decision to place its mines under maintenance


The National Union of Miners and Allied Workers has commended Mopani Copper Mines for rescinded its decision to place its mines in Kitwe and Mufulura under care and maintenance.

Union President James Chansa says his members are happy that that the mining company is resuming operations on Wednesday 6th May 2020.

Mr Chansa has assured Mopani Copper Mines of the Union’s support in coming up with strategies that are aimed at improving production at its mines.

He said the decision by Mopani to place the mines under care and maintenance did not auger well with the Union as it would have thrown many Zambians out of employment.

Mr Chansa has however warned that NUMAW will in future not hesitate to protest against any mining company that will take the route that Mopani had Mopani.

Mopani Copper Mines recently announced it is to re-start mining operations and issue a notice of its intention to place the mining operations on care and maintenance after 90 days.

Company Public Relations Manager Nebert Mulenga confirmed that constructive discussions have taken place with the Zambian Government after its Mines in Kitwe and Mufulira were placed on Care and Maintenance early April.

Mr Mulenga said during the 90 day period, Mopani will continue to engage with the government on potential solutions to its current challenges adding that the health and safety of the workforce and surrounding communities is their top priority.

He said Mopani will engage with its employees, relevant contractors and local communities regarding the restart of operations.

Early last month, Mopani Copper Mines defied Government directives by proceeding to place its Mines in Kitwe and Mufulira under care and maintenance and sending 11, 000 workers home citing low copper prices and reduced international mobility caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. As you would have noticed, I have recently had a number of people copying my profile here due to my increasing popularity. As such, my public relations team are trialing a profile picture which will be unique and has never been used before. Please tell me what your thoughts are on my new picture. Kz.
    Meanwhile while the government was cardinal in ensuring this outcome, we don’t get any recognition. However this is normal when you are leading or head of house. You sacrifice alot but never expect to be thanked for it. We work for you zambians and are confident you will return the favour at election. Kz

  2. Look at this union corrupt union leader. What has actually happened is that we have been told by mopani management to only log in and out and go back home until further instructions. No one is WORKING BWANA union leader and you are busy congratulating mopani when our are jobs are still at stake.

  3. Sounds like the opportune time for such expressions would’ve been after Mopani,s apparent 90 day ‘ultimatum’

  4. Which local communities are you talking about? Are you talking about Nkana Red Devils Supporters?

  5. Its like Aunt Dizzy, Tax Chanda and Russia Habazoka were right. VAT is NOT the right tax system for the mines. Imagine placing the mine on C&M while waiting for VAT refunds? Meanwhile you resume operations and at the same time issue a notice to put the mine under C7M. What hope is there?

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