Ian Mutambo, a lab technician who died in a road traffic accident put to rest.


Ian Mutambo, a lab technician from Zambezi District Hospital who died on 2nd May in a road traffic accident involving a power tools bus has been put to rest.

Ian has been put to rest in Mpika after the government airlifted his remains from Zambezi District to his final resting place in Mpika.

The Government released K10, 000 towards meeting the logistical expenses for the burial of Ian Mutambo.

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, and Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Dr. Kennedy Malama led other senior Government officials to pay their last respect to the late in Mpika.

Dr. Chilufya who delivered a message of condolences to the bereaved family said Ian who was born in 1996 was a brave warrior who died in the battlefront fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and saving lives.

He said Ian was a dedicated young man who was not only looking at COVID surveillance but was also a focal point person looking at tuberculosis in Zambezi District.

He said Ian’s two years of work distinguished him as a courageous and diligent health worker whose legacy will live on as the government continues to fight the pandemic.

And Ian Mutambo’s family has called on members of the public not to politicise his death.

They said their relative died on duty and it is therefore not wise for people to continue blaming each other over his death.


  1. May his soul rest in enteral peace…..

    Condolences to his family and other families who had loved ones taken in accidents…..

    Imagine now if he was transporting nuclear waste ?

    You what to dream of nuclear power yet you can’t even transport bio hazards like deadly viruses….

  2. Ian was not only dear to the biological family but to friends and colleagues who have to lament over his untimely death! Talking about the tragic loss of Ian is not politicizing the issue. It’s a way of saying how can we prevent this from happening again to the remaining Health workers? It’s a way of reminding MOH and GRZ that no other health worker should be put in harm’s way the way they did to Ian. We can do better! This is a classic example of MOH officials building toilets on the heads of health workers, what they call “Eating Masuku on on other people’s heads just to keep change!” Muchinje ba MOH!

  3. MHSRIP, only God knows. he is a true hero, one whose life should have been spared. there is need to care for carers like Ian.

  4. “……..the government airlifted his remains from Zambezi District to his final resting place in Mpika.” End of quote

  5. RIP young man. A great man who died serving his nation is as good as a martyr. It really touched me knowing that just like me you were a lab technician starting your journey to do big things. Its strange that people who look down on me for having being a lab technician now want to respect your profession all because of political convenience. I am talking about the diasporans and upnd thugs who are using your unfortunate death to campaign. How very disrespectful and sad. Kz

  6. I would pay Ian’s family a salary calculated to his retirement age at the highest professional level of a Laboratory Scientists and give them a pension. The young man could even have attained a Ph.D in his life. This is a terrible loss. Name one of the health facilities after Ian.
    So far this is a humane gesture Chilufya and Kennedy you have demonstarted.


  8. Indeed he died a hero for his nation!! May he continue to rest in perfect peace. Also, it’s consoling to see that our Government leaders were in attendance to pay their last respect. This is true leadership and definitely a humbling gesture.

  9. @ Kaizar, has your clone stopped the nonsense of falsely representing you? I had to step off LT yesterday as he was making the platform unconducive for logical debate and sharing of ideas. Hopefully he’s come to his senses now. An just wondering why LT can’t control some of these things!! Cheers!!

  10. MHSRIP-The ones politicising the death of late Ian Mutambo is PF regime and in particular Dr Chitalu and KZ. Here is Dr Chitalu just a day after the accident crating an impression that what they had done was acceptable and they had complied to WHO regulations in transporting the specimen to Ndola. Chitalu further said other passengers in the accident were not infected by the retrieved specimen at the accident site. Blamed the media for the frezzy the story had created. When all this is being said defending the indefensible and take deep breath asking, ‘where is Ina Mutambo in all this?’. Chitalu is simply giving a narrative out of political expediency. To Chitalu Mutambo (MHSRIP) was an expendable what mattered most was transporting government covid-19 specimen by public transport was…

  11. normal as long as double wrapping of carrying the specimen complied with WHO guidelines.
    This is politicising the death of a young man dedicated to duty when as minister should have put in place safe methods of transporting the specimen. Government has enough transport for all these healthy issues but Chitalu distributes it to his personal preferences and relatives. This is shameful to appear smart at the burial of Mutambo when in fact death was avoidable with good transport provided.

  12. @SPAKA,
    Please don’t be petty…
    Nuclear waste! What if a truck or plane carrying nuclear waste crashes? Zambezi is remote. Not long ago buses were not even able to go there because of bad roads THANKS to our governments efforts to build all weather roads throughout the country. Indeed certain areas in Africa and Asia could only be reached by FOOT OR bicycle. How do they ferry hazard material or hospital specimen? WHERE do u buy that wrapping material Iin Kaputa?

  13. Diaspora lady, my clones are still here. They are many of them who are angry diasporans. But am glad you can make out when it is me that has commented. I think I will change my picture to that of the full time pf logo so that we use them to advertise our party. I will advise my team on this

  14. Chilufya has no shame indeed…he is lucky Zambians are docile and peaceful any other country they wouldnt have step foot anyway near that coffin.

  15. This is wrong and annoying on many levels. This was criminal gross negligence my the Ministry. The defend by the Minister shows the kind of culture that brought us to this tragic loss.

    Let’s remember all those that were killed or injured in that accident.

  16. May your soul rest in peace young man for dying on national duty. Hopefully I can come and honour you and meet your surviving family. Rest in peace son.

  17. Our finite mind cannot understand God because death can meet a person anytime and anywhere whether public transport or private.
    Ian Mutambo was a gallant soldier who died on duty serving his country. Go well young man, your name will forever be etched in annals of history!

  18. Madyanga Bridge accident at Kabompo. Any one remember there were others in the bus too? Not just Covid-19 samples, which by the way were being carried correctly, not unsafely. If the accident had not happened, would you guys be praising Mutambo instead that he was a front line warrior helping? Then why are we talking about it now? Let the man rest in peace.Let his family grieve. Give him a befitting farewell, our frontline warrior.

  19. Rest in peace Mutambo. Politicising his sad demise, how sad. Thank you “The Mast” for publishing the truth, of the bus accident. Its horrible. In the bus accident, there were three more persons who passed, no one mentioned that. Yet, Mutambo got pulled into it because he had Covid-19 samples.Sad.

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