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Power Tools Bus Accident Was Due To Dangerous Driving


The road traffic accident investigations to ascertain the causation of the Power Tools bus accident that occurred on 2nd May 2020 along M8 Solwezi-Chavuma road near the Mundanya bridge in Manyinga District, North-Western Province in which four (04) people died and 11 sustained injuries have revealed that the crash was caused due to dangerous driving.

According to the accident investigations conducted by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), the analysis of the accident has established that the driver of another vehicle dangerously and improperly overtook the Power tools bus and cut-in at a 240m curve before Mundanya bridge resulting in probable destruction occasioning the Power Tools bus driver hitting a pothole on the near-side of the road and thereby losing control of the bus which was equally at high speed.

An analysis of the human factor investigation supported by the recitation by one of the accident survivors Given Selenji has further revealed that the driver of the other vehicle in question was racing against the Power Tools bus and both vehicles failed to yield to mandatory stop signs before the one-way Mundanya bridge due to inappropriate speed.

From the foregoing, the driver of the other vehicle in question who caused probable destruction occasioning the Power Tools driver losing control of the bus will be reprimanded for causing an accident and failing to render assistance, with possible revocation of his Driving Licence.

Further, all Power Tools bus drivers will be required to undergo in-house defensive driving training in order to improve journey management and driver behavior.


  1. I put the blame squarely on RTSA and that sacked Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko for this …this company would never survive anywhere in the world apart from Zambia where you just need to bribe the minister and CEO to make your case disappear… anywhere else this company’s directors would be behind bars. How many people has this bus killed? More than covid 19 “official” statistics. We need policy changes. All buses should be equipped with dashcams and speed capped at between 80 -120 km/h. And Zambian passengers please dont just keep quiet when your bus driver is driving like a lunatic with diarrhea tell him to reduce speed or else…we used to do it in our school days even if the conductor told us he will kick us out.

  2. Power tools are involved in too many accidents and their license needs to be suspended until all their drivers complete defensive driver courses and are re-tested.

  3. if its speed, get the busses governed appropriately. If its defensive driving, training must be upped. Potholes, get them repaired please.

  4. We thank you for this and hope it gives closure to the nation. We will be reviewing the licence for power tools and putting them to task for this .they have a lot to answer for and we hope we can work with them to improve on safety. We just hope our friends in opposition and diaspora stop politicising this. Kz

  5. Drivers dont know how to pull back when being overtaken by another vechicle, instead the 1diots increase ther speed which can lead to dangerous accidents and deaths. This is a bad habit ive seen with all drivers no matter their race Indian, Black or White, many of these drivers feel that to be overtaken is an insult. Failing to pull back is one of the main causes of accidents. RATSA should be serius and try to address this problem by way of media campaigns and road side bill boards to sensitise drivers on pullin back/ reducing speed on being overtaken to allow both vehicles space.

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