No Confimed COVID-19 Case in Eastern Province, Suspect Case not the same as Confirmed Case-Health Minister

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya

Zambia has not recorded any new confirmed positive COVID-19 case in Eastern Province, health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya has clarified. He, however, said surveillance has been very active in the province and in all parts of the country.

“Let me emphasize that we have surveillance taking place in all parts of the country and our systems are alert to pick up cases in any part of the country. So as we speak today, we do not have have any confirmed case in Eastern province” he said.

He said contrary to reports that the province recorded a case, Dr. Chilufya said a suspected and confirmed case is different and maintained that surveillance is active and testing is actively taking place.

He said all data is being managed at the command entire at the Zambia National Public Health Institute were all cases from all parts of the country are managed. Dr. Chilufya was speaking during the latest COVID-19 update.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chilufya disclosed that 7 new COVID-19 cases have been recorded out of 849 tests conducted in the last 24 hours. He has also disclosed that 2 discharges have been made bringing the total number to 103.

Dr. Chilufya said cumulatively cases now stands at 153 with 103 discharged, 43 active cases and 4 deaths. Dr. Chilufya has also expressed happiness that Zambia has continued to recorded high recovery and low death rates which he attributed to the coordinated multisectoral team and said this should not be underrated but be a source of strength to even do more.

“Let’s not underrate the efforts of the frontline health workers by comparing the impact of the disease on the deaths recorded so far. We want to continue to work hard to ensure that the mortality remains low” he said.

And on reports that there is lack of personal protective equipment PPE’s and swabbing kits, Dr. Chilufya said the government is working around the clock with all partners to ensure the availability of all essential products in the fight against the pandemic and further said the country is commodity secure in terms of swabbing kits.


  1. “…health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya has clarified. He, however, said surveillance has been very active in the province and in all parts of the country.”

    Again you are letting him get away with his lies without any scientific backing.

  2. Thank you for the update, Minister. You’re doing just fine. We know that things would be far much worse but we are only talking about 0.001% cases here and people are already acting strange. Those who are waiting for coronavirus to run over Africa like a Tsunami will find themselves waiting in vain..

  3. Iwe Chile, there is no one who is wishing COVID 19 over Africa. We know that something is just not right the way this pf led gvt. is handling the battle against the virus .we have relatives and friends in Zambia and know that this guy is a liar.
    Just today ,he was attending a burial of the late lab technician and before the sun sets he is already telling lies that there is no infection in Eastern province. Atase!

  4. I feel nausea when I see this man and i don’t know why any sane person can listen to such a buffoon. He is not an upright man and he has been releasing incorrect data from the beginning. Only his lazy Edgar Lungu the master of all thieves can enjoy his updates. These are thieves of thieves. We shall fix them. PF must go!

  5. The evil prayers of the demonic diasporans have not been answered. We thank God and our men and women in uniform. Just look how annoyed tarino is at this news. I bet the silly boy is even foaming at the mouth. You will have heart attack my friend. Where are my clones ? They lack persistence and stamina. If you are going to clone me then please do it consistently. Kz

  6. Btw tarino why are they reporting on BBC world tonight that in UK if you are black you are four times likely to die of covid than white people. They say poverty is one of the factors. So tell me, you guys ran away there for greener pastures only to live in poverty.i am failing to understand how a sane person can do such. I understand professionals like nine chale and diaspora lady are living good lives there and promote their country. The rest kaya

  7. I trust witchdoctors more…
    What are students of witchcraft studies seeing in Eastern Province?

  8. …but today the numbers don’t add up.
    103 discharges + 43 active cases + 4 deaths adds up to 150, and not the reported 153 cumulative cases. Is it an error of arithmetic
    1. By Lusaka Times
    2. By the honourable minister

    Or more likely, a proof of PF arithmetic, we know that they cannot do anything correct.

  9. As a country, we have clearly failed to manage ourselves. We have no capacity to lead ourselves because it is clear that there are more problems than solutions.

    Causes of the problems are:
    1. Our leaders do not know the true God.
    2. Our leaders have a cloudy vision on all national issues i.e. out of touch with reality, lack of integrity, disinterested in doing things on merit.
    3. Our leaders focus on their personal development i.e. building themselves houses, buying cars, farms, plots, awarding themselves contracts, playing around with women etc.

    1. Understanding what God truly stands for.
    2. We should allow ourselves to be ruled by an individual from either USA or UK. I say so because these people are far too ahead of us. Such a leader would want our country to be…

  10. Fear mongering bandit Makebi Zulu creating fake Corona just to get his filthy hands on COVID funds…useless PF bandits

  11. I commend the MOH for their expertise In fighting Covid 19. My main concern is on how it has driven other Ministries to concur with the current fuel costs world wide. Is our country the only one affected with the dollar rate, for us to continue with high fuel prices?

  12. Like it or not we are in a better position and the efforts so far should be commended by every well meaning Zambian resident. It is well with Zambia and indeed Zambia shall be saved.

  13. Thank you Dr.chilufya for clarifying the Eastern Province situation. It gives me much consolation that Zambia is indeed managing the pandemic far much better than the so called super nations. God is indeed with us. The hard efforts of the Minister and frontline health care providers cannot go without praise. It’s unfortunate that some people have chosen to live a life dedicated to discrediting their own mother land because they live abroad. You will NEVER hear a Nigerian abroad speak negative about their country because they take pride in their birth country. I wish some Zambians out here would emulate the spirit. I remain proudly Zambian while working as a Professional in Australia. Cheers!!

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