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Bowman Lusambo warns owners of Casinos and Restaurants


Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has warned owners of Casinos and Restaurants to refrain from turning their premises into bars following their reopening by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Lusambo says operations of Casinos and restaurants are well outlined hence should not be transformed into bars.

He has advised owners of Casinos and restaurants that also sale alcohol to only focus on their key roles and not open the bar section.

The Minister says his office will not relent in conducting spot checks to ensure compliance levels and observance of set health guidelines in these premises.

And Mr. Lusambo has advised District Commissioners in all the Districts in Lusaka to ensure funds meant for the fight against Covid-19 are used for their intended purpose.

Meanwhile, the directive by the Livingstone City Council, compelling people to wear face masks in public places seems to have been ignored by a number of residents, particularly in markets, in the Tourist Capital.

Market committees in the district are said to be having challenges to compel traders and customers to wear face masks.

A ZNBC News crew that visited Ellaine Brittel Market found most traders conducting business without face masks.

Market Chairlady Granery Moono, says some traders are failing to wear face masks despite periodic reminders to do so.


  1. The announcement by the president was very clear. But just in case you didn’t understand him or couldn’t be bothered to listen, my brother lusambo has put it in lay man’s terms. So that you don’t have any silly excuses when we fine and also arrest you for breaching health and safety guidelines. Please bro lusambo initiate the whip for those who flout the rules. Kz

      Only for Ballies.
      The law within a kapyopyo got nothing on this.restrauntuers and chefs real chefs not kapyopyos know that alcohol can be incorporated in food, just fix the alcohol in food you will still get the same effect.

      Yes, you can get drunk eating food made with alcohol.If you’ve ever been told that cooking “burns off” any alcohol in the food you’re eating, be forewarned: That’s entirely untrue. … As it turns out, many popular foods cooked with wine or liquor still contain alcohol.

    • Brandy and coffee are another match made in heaven. Stir in sugar and top with heavy cream.

      take that cup of coffee in a restraunt , no pf cadres will temper with you, do we still have people wondering how to do it. This is legendary.

  2. @Kaizar, boyi help me understand why umu guyz Lusambo don’t get along with people who drink like you.
    Iwe coward Lusambo before you beat drunken people, let me remind you that your Edgar won elections because of drunk people who were relating themselves to him.

  3. Quite vexing this entire this. is it a problem to just enforce the pronouncements without threats of violence> Gosh!

  4. Well said, I second Hon Lusambo. Let these reopened Casino’s and Restaurants and other sectors follow set hygienic measures by MoH and of course WHO. Now, if these measures are not followed, simple- let law take it’s action, not WHIPPING. That’s not law itself.
    Please people, let’s abide by the measures to avoid problems.
    # MassCom & PR practitioner- Cavendish University.

  5. Nostradamus even my bro lusambo enjoys few bottles like the next man. However, there are more important things in life than drinking publicly. No one is stopping anyone from drinking. We are saying drink at home. Is that hard to do? I am sure malls are selling alcohol for home consumption. Why are you diasporans always against anything government enforces? What do you really want from our country ? Are you paid

  6. For example I am currently home having some brandy with coke. If I can do it from home so can you. Be responsible. Kz

  7. Dont say you were now warned when the buldozer lusambo moves in. As for those in livingstone dont worry a lusambo like will soon move in.

  8. Why dont we unleash Bowman on the leadership so that they advise the president properly? He can carry a shambok in the cabinet meeting next week, to start with….kikikikikiki…serious!

  9. Does this dipstick Lusambo not know that casinos and restaurants do have liquor licence… should told your dull boss to use commonsense and not open them.

  10. I didn’t hear president say don’t open bar section of casinos or restaurants or lodges??? One part is saying let’s kick start tourism, which incorporates these lodges, casinos and hotels, then this cadre as minister says don’t open or else I’ll whip you???

  11. Bowman I can only encourage u to continue with your works of conducting impromptu visits. People may talk ill of u but in light of covid 19, there is no credible alternative to what u have been doing. Infact I would have been happier if u were occupying that position Freedom Sikazwe holds. It would have given u more latitude across the country. This time, I am sure u would have been in Nakonde already and there would have been some semblance of order.

  12. Typical of this dull plonker lusambo ,

    What if I order chicken wings to share with friends and a create of beer , is that turning the restaurant into a bar ????

  13. Most of the Casinos are run by the Chinese money launderers.
    Someone on the PF high table is chewing big time.

  14. There is always someone to put ECL’s statements into ‘context’ when he issues them. ECL doesn’t know what he says or means most of the time – hence the situation where any thug minister can stand up and proffer to ‘interpret’ what ECL meant. It’s the norm with this regime. The right hand never knows what the left hand is doing when it comes to crucial decisions. As an example above, it now comes down to reopening a restaurant, but without a ‘bar section’ – apparently that’s what ECL meant.

  15. We are thankful for Lusambo, Lord, bless him and protect him; for he is truely anoinited,for this calling to save people.

    Why gamble during a pandemic,anyway? You should be saving money. People, people, it’s just starting. Look at the Nakonde new figures. 79 new cases!!!

    Oh Father in Heaven Save the people. In Your mercy, oh Lord. Angels all around your children.

  16. Question
    Opening restaurants for NORMAL TRADE
    Can I go in and have a beer with my meal
    Yes = Normal
    No = Restricted
    Would KZ please be kind enough to advise

  17. Hon. Lusambo, your efforts indeed bring sanity to the city of Lusaka. Deal with those failing to abide accordingly. You’ve done a remarkable job boss!!

  18. Bowman should understand that these businesses need to survive so opening the bar section should be allowed. That the problem when you have dull Ministers and dull politcal advisors like KAIZER ZULU, a man who was Satas driver.

  19. This covid has exposed our main industry in Zambia, quite shameful, casinos and bars!as in for real!???and even these are owned by foreigners!imwe mwebantu we can do better….when other countries are crying foul with broken supply chains to an extent of destroying litres of milk, tonnes of meat, eggs and vegetables all we can talk of is casinos????hmmmm there’s something seriously wrong with us….our thinking bane no bwino, bwino….tulibambuli wa bantu….our minds are bold black, deep bold black like a thick black wall with black mortar!

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