Thursday, June 13, 2024

Distributed Power Africa Moves into Zambia with Solar


Distributed Power Africa (DPA) has moved into Zambia to roll out hybrid solar solutions for Commercial and Industrial businesses, on a lease financing basis. The renewable energy company’s offer comes at an opportune time when the country continues to face long hours of load-shedding. In the last year, DPA has accelerated the deployment of Green energy into sub-Sahara Africa, with notable solar projects in South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Now the fastest growing solar energy solutions provider in Africa, the company has a pipeline of 450MW across their markets. They primarily target Commercial and Industrial customers with solar systems from 5kW to 5MW, custom designed to power wide-ranging businesses including Telecom towers, offices, schools, clinics, manufacturers, estates and mines. In the last year DPA has showcased some milestones projects for their customers, including Liquid Telecom, Schweppes, Total, UNESCO, Aga Khan Kuze and Ecobank.

Recently, the company introduced a Covid-19 Emergency Power Solution to support national health delivery institutions across sub-Sahara Africa. The company also has strategic alliances, with technical partners; Tesla, EDF (Electricite de France) and Canadian Solar.

According to Norman Moyo, CEO of DPA Africa: “Businesses in Africa are increasingly interested in affordable and reliable energy, and due to the associated financial savings and environmental dividend, the replacement of generators with solar technology is a growing trend. We have received tremendous interest from Commercial and Industrial players in Zambia, including banks, beverage manufacturers and malls, and we remain focussed on providing solar power with Lithium Ion battery technology to power up businesses efficiently.”

Although solar energy is the fastest and easiest to deploy, it is widely believed to be an expensive alternative due to the initial capital. Distributed Power Africa provides solar solutions on monthly instalments, with zero upfront investment. As part of the lease DPA takes full responsibility for engineering, procurement, installation, monitoring, maintenance, warranties and insurance, and guarantees customers zero technical risk.


  1. This is excellent. We need to change our over reliance on hydro electricity. This is a welcomed move. In fact I seek to take advantage of this myself and install solar all over my farm. This is the future. Rather than complaining like diasporans,us we find solutions and alternatives. Kz

  2. For the past 4 years We have been pleading with this gang of PF regards running GRZ to start a solar power manufacturing industry in Zambia.

    By now thousands would have been in employment , thousands of house holds and small businesses would have power , thousands of trees would still be standing, millions of dollars would be glowing into Zambia from exports of solar solutions to neighbouring countries……

    But initiating an industry from scratch requires hard work from GRZ and there are no kickbacks , so this did not appeal to the gang of PF retards lead by lungu running GRZ……
    to them if there are no personal bribes ,it is easier to pass the buck to the private sector hoping foringners would do the hard work for them……

  3. This is good news.As we don’t want to hear about nine weeks for water to reach kariba dam from Victoria falls.
    We have sun all year round.let government fund half the bill for this
    Project and the other half by individuals or companies.

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