Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sikazwe Looking Forward to Adoption of VAR


Referee Jan Sikazwe says the introduction of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) in Zambia will enhance opportunities for local FIFA match officials.

Sikazwe said certification will open opportunities for match officials to go upstairs and sit on the newly introduced FIFA VAR panels Zurich currently uses during its inter-continental tournaments.

“We are even late bring it in our league because what is happening now is each association must have VAR because that is the direction FIFA is going,” Sikazwe told Sun FM’s Sports with the Boys Show.

“I recently attended a course in Rabat, Morocco last February where they told us that at this level, we are trying to teach referees about VAR but when they go back to their associations, they are back to square zero, which is not supposed to be the case.

“So if I look at the scenario here in Zambia, we will really benefit because you will find a qualified FIFA referee but they do not have VAR qualifications so they will not move up to that level because we are not using VAR.”

CAF has so far trailed the system in the final stages of its CAF Inter-Clubs competitions in 2019.

Thirteen domestic leagues, all outside Africa, have adopted the system after initially testing it in cup and playoff competitions.

Other associations have also put it on trial it their domestic cup and playoff tournaments.


  1. Sikazwe forget VAR. It has come to destroy the game. For Africa’ s poor it alienates them from the game. Football is a game for all, not only for the elite. That’s what makes it the world’s most popular sport
    Do you expect Kankoyo township boys at Kalukungu to play with VAR?
    When EPL resumes they want to suspend VAR. Ask why. Don’t be in a hurry to copy whatever bazungu are doing. First examine how and if it helps you

  2. Sikazwe is right as you move with time otherwise we are left behind.
    We are affiliated to Fifa so we have
    To follow their advice.Var can be good or bad but we have to follow.

  3. Ba Moto Fifa has not ordered anyone to adapt VAR. Those who do not want can still play and be members of fifa

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