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174 new COVID-19 Cases Recorded in Zambia, bringing the total to 441


Zambia has recorded 174 new COVID-19 cases, the highest since the outbreak, over a period of 72 hours after test results from Nakonde come in, bringing the new cumulative total to 441.

Speaking at the latest media briefing today, Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya said the new cases are from tests conducted on May 9th and 10th include 126 recorded in Nakonde and 29 on the Copper belt Province, among others. The Minister said that the numbers include truck drivers, the staff at points of entry and health workers.

Dr. Chilufya further said that of the new cases 66 are truck drivers, hence the movement of trucks being considered as a key factor, fueling the spread of the virus and noted the need to ensure stringent measures in managing the movement of trucks in the country.

Dr. Chilufya, however, stated that Lusaka has not recorded any case from the over 300 tests done and no discharges have been recorded, but said that all patients quarantined are in stable condition and none of them, is on a ventilator.

The Minister also observed that some of Zambia’s neighbours are influencing the pandemic like the DRC and Tanzania having high numbers recorded so far, and called for re-looking at cross border collaboration between Zambia and its neighbours.

Dr. Chilufya also advised citizens to stay home and observe the health guidelines given as part of avoiding the further spread of the virus following many districts across the country recording cases.

Dr. Chilufya said positive Covid-19 cases are expected to peak in about three months adding that Africa’s mortality rate from the pandemic has not reached its peak.

The latest numbers also include 5 cases in North-Western and 14 in Central Province.

Zambia has so far done over 10 600 tests with 7 deaths recorded and 117 recoveries and discharges.


  1. We told you here a few days ago that numbers are over 50% in some places.

    The testing seems haphazard though.

    They should increase the numbers of people tested. We should be testing upto 10,000 a day.

    I pray that not many lives are lost now that the cold season is near.

  2. Now this is getting serious. 3 months before the peak? We don’t even want to calculate what that may come to. More stringent measures please!

  3. From 25 cases just 2 weeks ago when Lusambo was on rampant beating people with his dogs.
    Look now at high numbers…
    We told you that just arrest Lusambo for his criminal conduct, not preventing the virus.

  4. Bembas and easterners have failed this country. Time to bring in mwana wesu hakainde to clean up this mess. Although I will still marry a bemba and eastern woman any day. As a Tonga I am allowed more than one.

  5. His excellency is in control of this storm in a tea cup. The more numbers we report, the more donations we will receive. Meaning more money in my big pockets. By the way, my Range River is still available for sale. Only serious buyers pliz.

  6. His excellency is in control of this storm in a tea cup. The more numbers we report, the more donations we will receive. Meaning more money in my big pockets. By the way, my Range River is still available for sale. Only serious buyers pliz.

  7. Oh now you say its serious and you are surprised …silly chap…when we told you that Chilufya was scratching on surface with his testing called us names. This man should be sacked.
    Meanwhile your President is flying to Livingstone instead of going to Dar-es-salaam to talk some sense into Jonathan.

  8. A few days ago some blogger was trying to portray some false sense of hope .
    He stated that the situation was manageable and applauded the decision to loosen the “lockdown”.
    With the co-vid 19 cases now on the increase, the same person is calling for “More stringent measures please!”
    With a total of only 10,000 tests to date as opposed to 5,000-10,000 tests per day, Zambian health officials have no idea of what the situation is on the ground.

  9. Nine Chale – Stringent measures?? You have a brain of a fish which keeps coming back to the fisherman’s bait after it escapes as you forget what you posted previously. You must be imprudent or in German – du musst dumm sein

  10. Chilufya is very lucky his boss is laid back…only worries about Jet fuel in the Gulf stream. What did we tell you about the numbers two weeks think 200 cases just appeared from nowhere.

  11. Yes, hope is needed. Nobody ever won a fight by resigning. The cases may rise but if more stringent measures are applied, the situation can still be contained. Our people need full support and not a gleeful “we told you..”

  12. PF is creating an impression that there no other experts in virology in Zambia (one was just elected to WHO board) that we are subjected to this Dr Chilufyanya Chitalu every day, with confusing data and inaccurate occurrences of covid-19 pandemic. in Zambia. President Lungu should form a Covid-19 team of experts including doctors to be presenting updates systematically and meaningful to Zambians.

  13. Zambia 400+ cases – we have lost 7

    Rwanda 250+ cases – zero losses.

    There is something to learn from Rwanda.

  14. Sikufele – I retaliate what I said 5 weeks ago and I was ridiculed by the usual suspects Chilufya’s sampling techniques was flawed from the start…anyone who has done a thesis with primary research could see issues with it as its numbers were not adding up.

    We care for our country…this these deceitful selfish individuals like Chilufya calling themselves patriotic who are a danger to our country!!

  15. Sie genießen das Leben in Deutschland und singen Ihren afrikanischen Brüdern und Schwestern über die Hoffnung. Schande

  16. What is with all the negative carping by opposition? HH was on record for saying lockdown not necessary. Now the numbers are up you guys are now reversing? Just jumping from one argument to another on opposite sides. STOP. it’s time to cooperate. Everyone mask up, and social distance if out and about OR BETTER STAY HOME.

    It’s advised to exercise twice a day because it releases immune support cells which help to protect from infection. These are released as you exercise. Run around the yard for 30min to an 1hour. Take immune support vitamins, C, D3, B1,2,3 etc. Sleep well at least 7 hours. Don’t stress, avoid disagreeable environments. Eat vegetables, green leaf ones like Spinach, Rape. STAY HOME.

  17. My question is on truck drivers. Where have these 66 cases come from because we have been screening truck drivers passing through the country. Does it mean we have just been quarantining truck drivers without testing them or does it mean measures which were put up have failed!

  18. These leaders who don’t listen are not worth calling leaders but cadres. All they know yes sir, yes sir! Os there any minister who challenges this Edgar Lungu’s decisions, i doubt if there is any. Governing the country is through collective ideas even from critics must be embraced. These PF minsters have been warned several times about this pandemic and they thought it simple issue, look where we arr today? We have entered cold season and expect serious and dangerous surge. Deaths are to follow at this. This can’t be new normal as per se. Edgar Lungu and Chilufya Chitalu are most useless people ever known in Zambia. PF must go!

    • With our poor health services in our country, Zambians will regret having such useless PF government. This disease would have been managed had PF government taken serious lockdown steps. We were screaming on this fora trying to sensitize the leadership of this country and even our Bally warned them several times and advised them to close the borders. They should have barred cross-border movements and only allow returning citizens and residents and ensure that they also undergo mandatory quarantine. And also allow essential services for products which runs the the economy like fuel and other essential services. This would have brought the disease under control. These thieves are not helpful to the Zambian people. I pray they dont catch covid-19 themselves. PF must go!

  19. Zambia should learn from Namibia and Botswana how they are handling the virus. Here in Namibian state of emergency is in place until September 2020,no sale of alcohol and borders with neighboring are closed until further notice. Angolans with chronic diseases are not allowed into the country but the ministry of Health handle these issues at the border line. Namibians and Batswana are law binding and managable.

  20. Again Chilufya is not being specific and truthful with those cases on the Copperbelt…ask him where they work? You can’t have such a dishonest man in such a position.

  21. Ndola has 22 cases, Chingola 1, Kitwe 1, Masaiti 4, Mpongwe 1 …Chilufya needs to asked which profession makes the biggest composition of those Ndola cases all 22 of them.

  22. Zambia’s efforts are being appreciated by western countries and International donors hence high number of resources donated toward Covid-19. If there was corruption these people could not have been giving such support.
    So I urge Dr Chilufya and Team under the command of ECL to continue working hard and faithfully so that you attract more support for the nation.

  23. It’s hard to advise deaf incompetents. Bcz no matter how we talk they always follow their dull decisions leading to no good. We will speak very loudly and clear with votes 2021.


  25. @Mutende good observation. Given the capacity we have, any reasonable person will show appreciation for all the efforts being done. Of course there’s always room for improvement but as long as our hospitals can handle the critical cases and the majority is recovering, things are not as bad as they seem.

    In comparison, Ghana has more than 5000 cases and 427 deaths and if it gets worse, their health system may soon collapse. Russian has 10,000 cases a day! And they’re going back to work! We should be grateful.

  26. @Observer I Lubambo should also go to his constituency in Ndola. Today record for Ndola was 22 cases. Hon Lubambo go and see what is happening in Ndola

  27. All these skyrocketting Covid 19 cases are on failed PF and Bwana Lungu. They should’ve shut down the country much earlier.

  28. Remember when I said close the nakonde border and send national service with PPE to all borders and man the vast open ones with the army. Listened to me they should have.

  29. Sad dev, it all started slowly everywhere and was CoV peak in estimations, unfortunately viseversa! Continue with hygiene measures and compliance to the restrictions. We remain positive Thanks, Super Bae.

  30. @ Observer; Zambia is a democratic country and we all have same human rights hence no one deserved to be physically attacked. @ Kaizer Z; no one would wish CoV high rate infections due to more donations, more money in your pockets, remember someone somewhere works hard and pays high tax for such donations and even without a splash life. @ Nine Chale; CoV infectionrate / deathrat figures comparison globally or country by country, doesn’t yield any CoV recovery. @ Tarino Orange; We all speak English language, das wäre einfach für uns alle. SB, Thanks!

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