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President Lungu has Tasked Finance Minister to clear the air on the K10 billion stimulus package


President Edgar Lungu has tasked Finance Minister Bwalya Ngandu to clear the air on public opinion concerning the 10 billion Kwacha economic stimulus package.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya disclosed during a COVID-19 Live Interview on ZNBC Radio 2.

Ms. Siliya said it is befitting to explain to Zambians regarding the right institutions that would administer the 10 billion Kwacha stimulus package and the conditions attached to accessing the funds.

Meanwhile, Ms. Siliya, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson, has also called on Zambians to embrace patriotism amid the COVID-19 and stop making baseless allegations of corruption.

She said it is counterproductive and a drain on national resources to prosecute baseless corrupt cases in the courts of law.

Ms. Siliya further called on Zambians to be proactive and take personal responsibility to help combat the spread of the COVID-19.

She said except for front line workers, the government cannot afford to buy protective equipment for every Zambian.

And, Ms. Siliya has called on parents to desist from letting loose children in public places as the COVID-19 pandemic persists.


  1. Excellent leadership exhibited by our president.

    I thought it’s about time we celebrated our black leaders. So I am starting a black leader challenge here. I will start and hope you can all join in by posting yours, including diasporans. Here goes ;


    Can you all state yours ?

    • And your economy is what? Have observed some people who even brag that tuleteka just because the president is the tribal cousin or comes from the area they originate from, like that transcends into having more money in their pockets.

  2. The problem with Edgar’s Govt is that he’s not in charge, he has no clue what he needs to do. Then his Ministers like doing things without consultation. We told you that the problem that SMEs have isn’t a lack of access to credit but GRZ debt default. GRZ has defaulted big time, and now the little available business is awarded to cadres and those with connections. There’s no accountability. Allocate that money to local debt servicing, clean up the GRZ procurement system, support ZPPA to conduct audits for compliance because now people that work in GRZ institutions are the suppliers. This is only happening under Edgar Chagwa Lungu. PF MPs have been collecting applications from those seeking postings as teachers which means that only PF supporters will be employed, but is this their…

  3. But is this their country alone? This is worse than dictatorship or nepotism it’s just something else!

  4. This woman is plain and simple dull.

    Now this bunch of thieves is trying to gag citizens from complaining about corruption.

    There is zero accountability in this government. Even the covid donations are not being made public. Some of the donations are being rebranded to include the face of the commander-in-thief. Pathetic.

    You are corrupt thieves.

    That is will the IMF will not lend you money. Yet you keep crawling back to them begging like house flies. No pride.

    You have let your country down you common thieves.

  5. Amazingly coming from Dora Siliya the chief propagandist, where is press aid to issue statement on this matter!? Is burning Jet fuel to mwinilunga gold mine? Empty Edgar Lungu! PF must go!

  6. Lungu just kukopela America but he doesnt understand what a stimulus package is…its not giving out loans with an exorbitant high interest rate with collateral…..businesses are afraid of risking loosing their investments with this phony so called stimulus package….The government is supposed to give money directly to all Zambians so that they can spend to stimulate the Zambian economy not telling the Banks to give kaloba to struggling businesses…..its impossible to pay back kaloba

  7. Your best minister Bwalya Ngandu explained, and nobody understood, why you want him to repeat the confusion? Leave Ngandu alone, he is also looking for job in next UPND government.
    You had GBM on paid program on 13 radio stations yesterday, he had chance to tell Zambians about how PF was distributing the K10 billion to people. We didn’t hear anything but HH. I think it’s the PF mobilization team in charge of the Stimulus money.

  8. Lusaka Times you becoming makakas like makaka Kaizar Zulu chimbwi dunderhead….why do you prefer pro PF bandit comments and you delete non partisan comments like mine

  9. @Kaizar, why are you still a racist? Fvck your black GBM , fvck your black ass Mumbi Phiri, ffvck you all PF, fvck your black K10 billion…..

  10. Nostra…. – Why are you getting worked up with the impostor? Really laughable surely can you not see his flag location… 3/4 of what he posts has nothing to do with the article as he has nothing tangible to contribute …use your head man!!

  11. 200 new covid-19 cases today. Dora why do you involved the inept President when the Finance Minister stated already he will avail more information but I know that govt doesnt have those funds hence the reason they are begging from Western countries and IMF.

  12. We keep hearing him “direct” so many things be done, but nothing ever gets done. This is a man held captive by his subordinates because they have so much on him and they can bring him down
    That is why dr chilufya keeps undermining him and he cant do anything.
    They feed him lies to flatter his ego so that he allows them to plunder. Then when he finds out that they are feeding him lies and making him look ridiculous to the public he cant do anything because he knows his hands are not clean, since he has been winking at corruption and benefitting from it himself.
    Vultures are quick to lead predators to a carcass, but when the predator dies, the same vultures will eat his carcass. Beware your excellence.

  13. No I’m not racist or trying to associate corruption with blackness although my comment above may be portrayed as such. We in PF had a white Vice president in Guy Scott so I have no racist bone in me. But I’m a proud, rich black ma who has more money and wealth than your white leaders in your Diaspora. Please don’t respond with garbage that your tax payers send us aid and donations collected from their hard earned income.
    I don’t get that small change… it goes to the poor here. While you sing corruption, I’m laughing all the way to the bank. My president and I don’t even care anymore if you accuse us of corruption without any evidence. Of course we don’t go round destroying the evidence as you would accuse us. Please stop complaining about corruption because you planting wrong…

  14. Time – You never give up with your protest…this PF govt will never pay retirees as they have cleared the coffers and with covid-19 they have an added excuse, they would rather buy face masks at inflated costs so Chilufya can pocket some funds for expanding his property portfolio.

  15. These guys need to tame the escalating covid numbers, once numbers surge and a huge population requires respirators, that’s when the real health battle begins, we all don’t want go there.


  16. The PF are so dull .
    They really think large organizations like IMF and the EU will make decisions based on comments made by the opposition and civil society.
    Numbers and Actions don’t lie
    Debt – $19 billion+
    GDP – less than 2%
    Corruption – Transparency International index shows Zambia continues to get worse
    Governance – Prime TV closed, Political interference in other private media
    Which planet do PF politicians live on

    • PF your days are numbered. Start counting down and prepare to leave office we are tired of being governed by cheats.

  17. Dora, Dora, what baseless accusations? PF stinks of corruption wherever they walk you can’t miss the stench. Its no longer a secret madam Dora that whatever decision they take “in the interest of the nation”, someone in PF is accumulating. Can a common man do such sohisticated tricks?

  18. Ayatollah writes sense. He is a good man and I would take his advice ( above ) seriously if I were close to the corridors of power. We have to prop up the demand side of this failing economy. Liquidity tightness has reached suffocating levels. As businesses, we may borrow the whole world but if there is no demand for our products and services we are f****d (excuse my pun)

  19. Haha amazing how no one responds to my clone aka that hyena tarino. People know I don’t write useless posts like that. I m just glad my clone in diaspora is promoting the vote for pf photo too

  20. PF has been a failed experiment. Even a typical villager now has come to realize that this government is taking us to a very, very dark place of suffering and lamentations. Desperation will actually be the downfall of PF as dog eat dog begins…..There’s no honor among thieves as the only glue that has been holding the party together has been joint plundering and looting. Next year, all this will come to an end, and that will be it for fi Pompwe Fyonse (PF).

  21. It confusion yeka yeka everyday, no vision. Ni kupusa chabe all the time, management by crisis. And yet the liks of Kainyokolola Zulu think this is ideal leadership, no wonder these fools from Kumawa being the same like Malawians had Kamuzu lead them for 30 years with the last five the Ngwazi being clearly senile. I don’t know whether the mental retardation springs from the rats these people keep on eating!

  22. “Ms. Siliya said it is befitting to explain to Zambians regarding the right institutions that would administer the 10 billion Kwacha stimulus package and the conditions attached to accessing the funds.”

    What is the problem Dora? You have President empowerment Fund, or the Citizens Economic Empowerment Fund, there must be several “empowerment fund initiatives” to share the money, what is ka K10billion naiwe Dora? Just make it impossible for the banks to participate, then the money will flow to cadres.

  23. . This guy Ngandu does not believe in the Presidential directive. He knows the culture of loan repayment in Zambia is terrible. Secondly he has no money to give around. So just know that there is no money, The guy is working with Chitalu to ensure that Chitalu’s figure rise very quickly and reaches the plateau by July /August. Then figures will start to fall and everything will be back to normal. So between now and August the bank of Zambia will be deeply entreched in red tape procedures which will ensure no money is disbursed to anyone.

  24. We appealed to the President through this platform to have ZNS pay us contractors, our overdue monies.
    Finance minister realesed 140million kwacha to pay zambian road contractors to mitigate the effects of the covid pandemic . But why pay only road contractors specifically ?
    We are also Zambian contractors affected by covid pandemic due to non payment . We cant borrow stimulus money when a government institution (ZNS) is not paying us our outstanding monies.We cant afford to borrow.
    Once again we appeal to the President to also look into our plight like he did for the road contractors.

  25. The strength of a pyramid is at its base. Fiscal stimulus is most effective when directed at entrepreneurs at the lowest rung of the economic ladder, not bailing out corporations.

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