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Re-opening Date for Universities and Colleges has not yet been set-Mushimba


Higher Education Minister Brian Mushimba has said that the re-opening date for universities and colleges has not yet been set.

Speaking in an interview with ZNBC, Dr. Mushimba said that the Ministry is currently in consultation with all stakeholders and that the consultations priority is being made for those in their final year and those graduating.

Dr. Mushimba further clarified that said institutions did not stop learning because online classes have been provided.

Dr. Mushimba said re-opening of higher learning institutions requires wide consultation to ensure the institutions do not become breeding grounds for the COVID-19.
Dr. Mushimba said in due course date will be set on when the Universities and colleges will re-open.

And the Ministry of General Education has said that efforts are being to ensure that all schools across the country are conducive for learning before they re-open for examination classes on June 1.

General Education Permanent Secretary Jobbics Kalumba said that a directive has been given to all schools to have hand washing equipment, digital thermometers and face masks for learners.

Dr. Kalumba has also asked all teachers in Guidance and Counselling department to ensure that learners are counseled in an event that they are traumatized over the COVID-19.

Dr. Kalumba was speaking after touring M’tendere Secondary School which has over 8- hundred pupils in examination classes.

Mtendere Secondary School Headteacher Petronella Kaputa has explained that classes will be split in two sessions and that the rooms will be disinfected once one class is done conducting lessons.

Lusaka Province Education Officer, Christopher Sinkamba said all schools must follow directives through the memo that has been circulated.

Dr. Sinkamba pointed out that the Ministry is engaging with utility companies in the province to ensure that there is NO water shortage in schools.

He said those that face water challenges must sink boreholes before Ist June 2020.


  1. The consultations should be extended widely, the issue is for those in boarding schools who should travel from hot zones like nakonde or lusaka to their respected colleges or boarding school convic will be imported, on this one rethink even schools should not reopen.

  2. PF government of liars and thieves very inconsistent. You can’t open colleges and universities, let them remain home for safety purposes. PF government is failing to contain corona virus and I once said that if you failed to contain gassing issues what more about this corona virus? PF must go!

  3. This Brian Mushimba is really a disappointment. He has lived and worked abroad in better managed countries. Instead of learning and replicating what he saw in his home country, he decides to join the looters and become useless. Africans kwena fipuba…..

  4. 196 Corona cases in Nakonde alone reported in one day. Open the schools when the situation improve. Imagine reporting such huge numbers from CBU, will people spare you guys in govt?

  5. But you guys please dont embarrass the president always. Why don’t you sit together with the president o that you make the presidential speech that has blessings from all sectors? Be serious guys. If I were president I can fire you all for misleading the president. Wake up guys…dont just give opinions on matters which are serious as the presidential statement. I am very annoyed for his Excellency the President.

  6. Lungu must create a Ministry of Clarifications because there is total confusion in the running of this govt such that Hichilema looks an angel. I now think am slowly drifting to believing Hichilema.

    Yesterday, this commission says retirement is 55 for civil servants, 2moro it’s clarified by AG and Mwanza. Yesterday, President reopens lodges to normal operations, 2moro different statement from LCC, then Mayor then Minister. Now we talking about universities. By the way, who is supposed to be talking about Secondary Schools and primary schools? Is it Mushimba?

  7. What these Ministers, commissions, and PS’S need is a whip but there is nobody to whip them. Busy drinking coffee. No wonder people say when u enter State House, you get closer to real happenings outside those walls. Between primary/secondary schools and colleges/universities, these people who are now conflicting should have advised the President to open colleges/universities where students are mature but u tell him to open primary and secondary schools? Who has cursed our country mwebantu

  8. I hope some of these ministers like this moron Mushimba are made to pay for their careless decisions …this foooool cost us $30 million by handing it to Ethiopian Airline in a rotten deal for a national airline money that we will never recover.

  9. We advised these morons not to invest in national airline as it was a cut throat industry ….again they ignored us today we have wasted $30 million plus put Directors on payroll all because of one foooooolish dunderhead who was hell-bent on getting kickbacks. Today he carries as normal continuing his distraction …he is lucky his boss Lazy Lungu is weak and inept.

  10. Really it looks like there is lack of coordination among our superiors. Yesterday, PS Siame Kayula was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that Universities and Colleges will re-open on first June 2020. In the evening, the Hon. Minister was on ZNBC counteracting the comments by his own PS.

  11. Seer 1 said it, you are going to see more contradictions as days go by. By the way, where was the minister when his PS was sitting next to Dora Siliya and making that announcement to reopen universities and colleges to final year students?

  12. John Phiri – I feel for our civil servants having to work with such dull politicians every day

  13. When God wants to destroy a person, he first makes him go mad. Look at the madness in the PF govt. The end is near.

  14. Take your time.
    SARS-CoV-2 is no cousin of us.

    If the US of A can be hammered like this. We should not be playing games with Corona.

    Stay home students.

  15. u are talking about the law but u are twisting it how can u open primary and secondary schools without colleges and universities these little chaps are at risk because they are not mature wat they know is opening schools and they will never follow your rules but for colleges and universities they know that if we secure ourselves everything will be fine students are almost 19-43 and above here u are exposing corona to babies who doesnt really think and quarantine old people whats that? people be serious open universitis and colleges

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