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106 Zambians from South Africa Start their Journey back home


The Zambian Mission in Pretoria, South Africa, has facilitated the return of one hundred and six (106)Zambian nationals from that country to Zambia.

The Mission has also facilitated the return of another set of six Zambians and 30 Resident permit holders to Zambia by air.

The 106 people left South Africa today by road and are expected to be in Zambia in the next two days.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti supervised the bus boarding process which was done from the Zambian Chancery in Pretoria.

General Miti, who was accompanied by his deputy Mr Maynard Misapa, Counsellor Health Dr Priscilla Zulu and the Defence Advisor Brigadier General Joseph Chewe among other Mission staff said the returnees were in South Africa after being caught up in the COVID 19 induced lockdown.

He said the Mission facilitated securing travel permits from the South African authorities to enable Zambians return home amid COVID 19 travel restriction.

General Miti said all the returnees met costs for their bus and air tickets and would further undergo mandatory period of quarantine upon arrival in Zambia.

He mentioned that the Mission would continue facilitating for smooth exit of Zambians from South Africa by engaging that country’s authorities to issue special travel permits.

General Miti has since thanked the South African government for its corporation in ensuring that some returning Zambians were exempted from immigration penalties as they had their permits expired and also the Zimbabwean government for graciously allowing the smooth passage of the Zambian buses.

Returning Zambians waiting to board the buses
Returning Zambians waiting to board the buses
Returning Zambians waiting to board the buses
Returning Zambians waiting to board the buses


  1. Can they be checked on return to ensure that they are still zambian. We don’t want illegal diasporans here

  2. Too bad, quarantine them upon arrival as you know SA is the covid 19 epicentre , don’t even beat the bush about this one. You can use the ownerless 48 mansions . It’s getting serious bane.

  3. @True
    Thats a good idea 48 vacant mansions to quarantine them and they should claim ownership of the houses after 14 days since there’s no owner

  4. @Pensulo wansekesha, old song indeed. Welcome back our children. South Africa is tough, I’m sure baumfwa bwino that you have left them

  5. I feel pity on these returnees coz most of them are coming home empty handed. Many of them have spent many years in a strange land. “East or west home is best.” This should be a lesson to others in diaspora who have a tendency to forget home. Otherwise we are glad our people are coming home

    • a: Meanwhile you are busy shopping and drinking from shops belonging to people in Diaspora in Zambia lol

  6. You say they will undergo mandatory quarrantine but dont say where you will place 106 people when the borders in Nakonde and DRC are open.

  7. These are Zambians that found themselves locked down while travelling for business and other activities. Those with resident permits are okay that’s why they can afford to fly back. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have your immigration status in order when working or living in a foreign country. Also remember to save some of your money in your Zambian bank accounts in the event that you return abruptly. Save your millions in Zambia and come buy the 48 mansions for your children’s inheritance.

  8. Nice one, the 48 houses will finally cease to be white elephants. Get at least 3 Or 4 ventilators in there.

  9. Imagine if your wife is among those. That’s a huge drinking advernture and a lot of zex. The 2 things Zambians are good at. Hope they give them 50 condoms each for the 3 weeks quarantine.

  10. Zambia is a nation made out of immigrants from the ancient country called Africa. Shame on those who jump to vilify their own to score some cheap political points. Well traveled nationals also happen to be the most prosperous. Welcome back home people, if you didn’t succeed to bring the stolen wealth back, at least you are bringing back the knowledge on how our wealth is being looted.

  11. These people are stack in Zimbabwe lack of communication our poor quality embassy people reached beitbridge at Zimbabwe side

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