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There is nothing at the moment incriminating the Catholic Priest, Father Abel Mwewa-Zambia Police


The Zambia Police Service has said that the matter involving a Catholic Priest, Father Abel Mwewa and a member of the Catholic Women’s League, Monica Mulenga will be subjected to an inquest following the outcome of the Postmortem.

At the moment there is nothing incriminating the Priest meaning that there are no circumstances to compel the Police to further investigate the matter not until the matter is determined by the Coroner’s Court, says Police spokesperson Esther Katongo.

An Inquest is a judicial inquiry to ascertain the facts relating to an incident, in this case the sudden death in the case of Monica Mulenga.

Early this month, Police in Lusaka instituted an inquiry into the death of a 42-year-old woman of Garden House, who allegedly died in the Parish Priest’s House at Kaunda Square Catholic Church.

The woman identified as Monica Mulenga died on April 8th 2020.

The matter was reported the same day to Stalilo police post around 22:00 hours and the body was picked and taken to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary.

According to reports from the Catholic Women’s League (CWL), the woman was invited to Father’s Parish House on Holy Thursday night.

“She was a married woman from St. Maurice and she lied to her husband that she was going for a funeral with her fellow league members in Kaunda Square. Sadly she died in Abel’s room in the Parish House that night – on Holy Thursday,” said the source.

The source said the priest called some CWL members from St. Maurice who came to pick up the body and took it to Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital where she was confirmed dead on arrival and taken to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary as brought in dead (BID).

The source said the Archbishop of Lusaka was made to pay for the funeral expenses by the family of the deceased woman.


  1. Thank you ba zp for carrying out investigations. I still believe in innocence until proven guilty maxim.

  2. Thats the point, there is no criminal case here, but a moral case that only the church can deal with!!

  3. Hey dhe wad invited for “Holy Thursday Night”. It my first time to hear suvj biblical tetms. I think Zambia is cursed. Moral decay every where. I will not be surprised to hear of God’s anger.

  4. Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo is misleading the public with her statement. In her statement she claims the matter involving the Catholic Priest Abel Mwewa and (a member of Catholic Women’s League in itself is misleading) the death of Monica Mulenga who was a member of CWL will be subject to an inquest following the outcome of the postmortem. Zambia Police can not claim nothing is incriminating Priest Abel Mwewa as at now. That can not be news to be splashed to the general public. Esther Katongo should realise life was lost and the wheels of justice are still grinding and to once the Coroner’s court decide, Police will further take necessary action fitting their role for onwards process of its logical closure of the case. To claim as if all is done and dusted raises questions…

  5. At the moment so many things don’t make sense because a postmortem can’t fail to determine the possible cause of death. But we know that Maketo Mabenga’s postmortem was also rigged. It had to take Nkanza to conduct a second that was consistent with the manner in which the young lady was murdered. Nothing was done to the buffoon that signed a wrong report. This is Zambia. Syed Walid just showed how they were collecting thousands of Dollars from him in the IMS Speed camera tenders and got a nolle. It’s now up to the court of public opinion to make own conclusions and pass the verdict through the ballot next year. We need a buy more handcuffs because many will end up in prison after August 2021

  6. Inviting someone’s wife for “Holy Thursday night” is typical immorality of worst kind. The priest must be fired in perpetuity.
    I’ve lost confidence in Zambian police nothing good comes from this PF controlled ooluce force. These are cadres trying to serve their mafia of priest. PF must go!

  7. Good lesson to those that are in the habit of lying to their spouses when they head off to sleep overs outside holy matrimony.

  8. @ Nine chale the start of any criminal case is firstly from investigative wings who need to have a good case to take forward , then if there is a case to answer it is taken to the courts.

  9. Diaspora lady that is very true. For me when I visit diaspora and you host me, I will make sure to tell my wife the truth. After all it will be just a friend hosting another friend. Nothing more to it.are you married diaspora lady ?

  10. “She lied to her hubby that she was going to attend a funeral with her fellow women but instead spent a night at the Priests house” Mmmmm……..ubufi bulabwela. Lesa nimalyotola. Even us who don’t go to church are better off

  11. My personal view from the start was that this was an adultery case, that’s why the priest was suspended; not a murder or manslaughter case. It is stNdRd routine to carry out a postmoterm on any brought in dead body at any hospital. The police does not get involved in adultery cases

  12. Cases that Zambians enjoy commenting on awe mwandi. The Zambian media also is very rotten with fabrications. A gossip country whose news papers are all dead and genuine private media suffocated. This story is all but a fabrication. If it were the husband to the deceased was to be in the forefront seeking justice. Manje pa zed gossip eyesu

  13. Hypocrisy Hypocrisy!!! Let’s not crucify the already dead woman. She was so unlucky it happened that way. The fact that some of us get away with it doesn’t make us angels. God shall still judge us on that day.

  14. So the postmortem must have established that there was no foul play involved in the lady’s death.
    As @ muktada , death by misadventure possibly. It becomes a disciplinary issue in the church.

  15. The question that begs for an answer is was the lady’s body picked from the Priest’s quarters or the funeral house?

  16. When two sinners collide the result is Terrible and Shameful death, in this case a pretentious celibate “holy” father and a promiscuous, senseless, cheating married woman. When you cover sin, God will expose it, and this is what happened.

  17. @ Kaizar, hahaha you’ve made my day. Yes I am and you’re more than welcome to visit our home. We will definitely host you without a doubt. I was in Zambia in February. Would have connected with you actually.


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