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Disruption of Radio Programs Can Only Be Done By A Scared Government-Kambwili


National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili has described as unfortunate the disruption of radio programs featuring opposition leaders by PF cadres.

Mr Kambwili says it is unfair for PF to stop the opposition from holding political meetings when they are busy engaging their people countrywide.

He said the argument that no one should politic because the COVID-19 is petty because life should continue especially that only 14 months have remained before Zambia holds the general elections.

Mr Kambwili said the disruption of radio programs which have so far affected him and UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema are an admission of failure by those in Authority.

“Disruption of radio programs can only be done by a scared government. A government that has failed to deliver development to the people”, said Mr Kambwili when he featured on COSTA on Diamond TV.

He has challenged the PF to stop harassing media houses for hosting opposition leaders as per their promise to defend media freedoms.

Mr Kambwili has warned that Zambians will one day react badly to the injustices they have suffered under the PF regime.

And Mr Kambwili has accused the PF government of lacking seriousness in the fight against COVID-19.

He said had the government listened and locked down earlier especially the boarders, the pandemic wouldn’t have been spreading faster like is the case at the moment.

Mr Kambwili has projected further increase in COVID-19 cases in Zambia following the outbreak of the pandemic in Nakonde.

He said many people visit Nakonde and failure to trace the contacts early is an indication that the pandemic has already spread to all parts of the country.

The government has come out to condemn in the strongest terms the reported incidents involving some suspected ruling Patriotic Front cadres who attempted to stop a radio programme on Muchinga Radio that featured the opposition United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement released to the media by Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya, the Government said that it was a total violation of the IBA Act, and an embarrassment to the Government and its leadership, for any person to procure other people to storm a radio station and disrupt a broadcast programme or to order a broadcast station to broadcast in a certain manner.


  1. Politicians you play games with people…you guys eat on the same plate and you pretend to be enemies to the general public…no wonder people get deceived….behind closed doors you are best friends and call each other after dinner every night….and yet you act like you dont like each other ba Pompwe imwe

  2. I remember uyu chikkalla Kambwili calling Ex-Fr. Bwalya at radio Chengelo, and sent PF cadres to remove him from studio. Frank Bwalya was showered in chibuku by PF thugs. Kambwili is PF. Ba PF ni mbwa sana.

  3. Definitely its wrong to do what some Muchingan PF cadres did. However Dr. CK should be the last psrson to comment unless he is a bornagain.

  4. Very spot on. Only scared people who want to hide skeletons in the closet resort to such antics. However the opposition witnessing such things being done to them need to up their game because if the television station that used to accommodate them is closed and PF thugs stopping radio from accommodating opposition parties in PF strongholds how else will they pass their message on to people? Time to think differently for opposition to oust the PF.


  6. What those cadres did was truly lawless. The government should not just issue statements but also implore the police to move in. Further there is video evidence and those thugs can mention their sender’s name. We are tired of rhetorical statements.

  7. Even in politics there is need for some moral sense to be exhibited in certain cases. We are fighting a very serious virus. Unless hh and kambwili were going to issue sensitisation information about covid, which we all know is not the case , they shouldn’t be allowed on air. This is not time to start campaigning. Opposition in other countries are working with governments to fight this virus. Meanwhile hh has been issuing negative messages about government on his social media. Ati bally will fix it. The chap doesn’t even know who his bally is. Maybe he has bally issues.

  8. A taste of your own herb! You were in the forefront demonizing Father Frank Bwalya you fatso! Now you know what power does when it meanders through your huge frame up to your neck-less head! Live with it idyat!

  9. Though Kambwili is talking sense here but I blame him because he behaves like a chameleon. He is just doing for political expediency. If he never got fired bu Edgar Lungu, he would be the worst character in Zambian politician in PF. He is not different from Ball joint Lusambo.
    Better to be in opposition forever to provide checks and balances.

    PF must go!

  10. Ba Kambwili, this stupi.dity has only existed in the PF era and you are one of the people that orchestrated it, we havent forgoten

  11. Wazionela Dr. Kambwili power is sweet!!! It was sweet when you were there but the same to you… don’t cry!!

  12. Chishimba Kambwili cannot today claim to be the hero that Zambia needs, I always draw a contrast between him and Kalaba.
    Kalaba resigned and said there was too much corruption and incompetence for him to continue. Kambwili was fired and suddenly started talking about corruption in the PF.
    Granted, he must have a clean record if the PF has failed to find him with any corruption cases but have stuck to the forgery case.
    Kambwili was Information minister when the Post Newspaper was closed, and he thought it was in order then.
    He cannot now claim to be the hero that Zambia needs. The best he could have done after being fired is disappear like Steven Masumba.

  13. It’s true CK should be the last person to cry foul loudly. I remember a press conference he castigated a lady from the Post Newspaper!! Threatened her with arrest!! He was ruthless, when he served as information minister. No sympathy.

  14. KAIZER ZULU is scared bane, please under stand he is facing jail time from next year. PF are desperate and scared.

  15. How can I be scared when am the one pleading with the tribal party to agree to a deal that if they lose the next election their president must run naked from arcades to mandahill. I have also agreed to do the same should pf lose. Up to now, no singleupnd supporter has stepped up to the challenge. So who is scared between me and the perennial losing party ?

  16. Kambwili must just sit down. His time past kale!!!!! He had a good ministerial position in the ruling party, which he just messed up and lost. Your time is gone sir!! However, wait for @Tarino Orange to form his own political party then be his Vice.

  17. Politicians are fun. When they are in the ruling party they praise it because they are scared of being fired or arrested for their wrongs, but once they are offloaded from the eating team they change their stance start blaming. Look at the fat GBM take all his comments when he was in opposition compare them to the ones he is making now you will see that most politicians are just all thieves because they just follow what makes them happy they don’t really try to do it for the people but for themselves. A true person doesn’t change direction on facts he stays true whether in opposition or ruling. He must not be scared of standing up to the wrong. Not where you become a leader of wrong in the ruling and then want to become a caring leader in the opposition that’s fake. You are right GRZ…

  18. Kambwili is only useful during campaign period and ECL saw this, used him and then dumped him. CK and GBM are made from the same mould and these are characters that are raw, unpolished and have no business being in government. That’s why they turn around and unsay what they said just yesterday without butting even a single eye-lid!! CK will now be useful to the opposition for campaigns ONLY and I hope HH will realises this, please don’t even think of him as a running mate.

  19. KZ

    the only naked you will be running after 2021, is with a rope around your neck being pulled by the same thugs you control…..

  20. These guys (PF) are scared of their own shadows. They can even switch off lights to avoid seeing their own shadows. That’s the main reason of load shedding.

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