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Inonge Wina directs Ministry of Health to follow up on COVID-19 pledges


Acting President Inonge Wina has directed the Ministry of Health to follow up the pledges made by various stakeholders towards the fight against the Covid-19.

Mrs. Wina says most donations pronounced by stakeholders during the routine briefings on Covid-19 have not been delivered to the Ministry for onward distribution to the areas of need.

She says it is important that the donations are delivered to the ministry so that they are distributed to people that are in need such as schools and frontline health workers.

Mrs. Wina who is also Vice President said this when she visited Medical Stores Limited to familiarize herself with the operations and ascertain the quantities of Personal Protective Equipment and hand hygiene facilities.

And Mrs. Wina has called on the Ministries of Health and General Education to work together ahead of the reopening of schools so that pupils are safe from contracting Covid -19.

She has also commended the Ministry of Health for placing medical personal at points of entry to ensure every person coming into the country is screened and tested for Covid-19.

And Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said the Medical Stores is strategic to the transformational agenda of the health sector.

Meanwhile, Medical Stores Limited Managing Director Chikuta Mbewe said 90 percent of the donations received towards the Covid-19 fight are distributed to the strategic points.

Mr. Mbewe said Medical Stores Limited can monitor the supplies that come to the warehouse and distributed to strategic points to ensure there is accountability and transparency.

He said there is a warehouse management system that establishes the trail of supplies and donations.


  1. Mama Wina, pledges are pledges, they can be fulfilled or not. Some of the companies and individuals have relealized that donations will be looted.

    Meanwhile PF must go!

  2. When I retire I will sit on my farm in Katuba and argue with my tractor driver to drive backwards at high speed to plough and plant and for sure I will make more sense then our mother bo inonge. Kikikiki

  3. It is a matter of trust between yourselves and those that made pledges, am sure they just don’t trust you.

    It is an issue of fear that their donations will be stolen.

  4. When are you yourselves going to follow up on the pledges you made to the Zambian people in 2016? Last week this granny directed Chilufya to publish donations but nothing came of it as what data is important is what the things the money is being used for. Just look at that photo of that meeting there is no point all those people being in there…this lady has underlying illnesses if I was her grand son I would tell her to retire now

  5. Bo Inonge doesnt relies that her office is toothless, I feel for her as one minister will publicly tell her off….remember the Soweto market donations for construction where she directed funds to published only to be told later that there were no funds as they have misappropriated them.

  6. Don’t harass those who pledged. I guess by now you know the meaning of the word pledge. Just as you have failed to keep your campaign promises and bringing the country to its knees economically and we are not even harrassing you is the same way you should not harass pledgers please. That night when we celebrated the downfall of RB was the beginning of all our problems in Zambia.

  7. Excellent and timely request by our mother. This is what we call leadership. Sadly our friends in opposition are busy campaigning on radio stations instead of working with the government to fight the virus. This shows you that they have misplaced priorities. By the way it is good to see that boy cat power. I was asking about you the other day as I wanted to find out how your mother, who you abandoned, is doing. You said you were going to blame us if she died.

  8. Nomba imwe ba KZ, inchitofye ni blogging the whole day. Ninshi tamwakwata ifyakuchita after being replaced by zumani?

  9. One man party Peter Chanda and finished musician spuky Mulemwa were told they are not on the list of those who made donations and they uninterestedly responded that they will make a follow up. These two jumped on the bandwagon just to attempt to discredit the donations made by HH and UPND by pledging K75k and 50k respectively and 1000 and 500 bags of mealie meal respectively. Well it has turned out these were mere pledges as shown by the list of donations released by the secretary to the treasury.

  10. Why can someone pledge what they dont have, a promise is a promise follow up if they dont fulfill lock them up, For sabotage because we planed to use their pleadges.

  11. But Dora Siliti said they have stored some of the donations for later use, which means their is enough supply at the moment, of not consult Dora.

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