Friday, April 12, 2024

PF cadres continue to Disrupt Opposition Radio Appearances Despite Warning from Government


The ruling Patriotic Front Cadres have continued to disrupt radio appearances of opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

The latest is being in Isoka where PF cadres, according to Mr. Hichilema, violently invaded and disrupted the radio programme he was featured on, at Isoka Community Radio Station.

However, according to Gerald Silwamba, the District Chairman for Patriotic Front, Isoka District, the UNPD leader, and his supporters behaved in what he described as a shameful way by using cheap politicking tactics to insult and provoke people and then act like a victim to try and attract cheap sympathy.

“While we respect the freedom of speech, that freedom should not be used to provoke situations and insult sympathisers of government’s fight against corona virus,” Mr. Silwamba said.

Mr. Silwamba said that whilst Isoka, Muchinga, Zambia and the world at large is busy fighting COVID-19, PF in the District noted with deep disappointment the cheap politics that UPND’s regional leader is playing by provoking and insulting ruling party and Government sympathisers.

“Isoka and Muchinga have been at peace until Hichilema deliberately started provoking sympathisers of the ruling party and supporters of the Government in the Covid 19 War,” he said.

Mr. Silwamba added: “While we condemn Hichilema, we commend the police for acting very quickly and we appeal for continued calm among our residents who are being tempted by the insults and provocation of wicked minded politicians who want to win cheap sympathy”.

Mr. Silwambaalso dismissed the the images circulating on social media of a man with a deep cut on the forehead saying the images are not from the Isoka District but sponsored by the UPND to deceive members of the public.

“We however caution the UPND leader not to think he can take Isoka and Muchinga people for a ride,” he concluded..

And reacting to the continued behaviour of PF cadres, Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya said that Government is saddened that suspected Patriotic Front cadres have disregarded its advice to refrain from storming and disrupting programming at Radio stations. Ms. Siliya said that she regretted the incident which happened at Isoka Community Radio Station as it came after government’s advice.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, has however praised Police in the district for their quick response to the situation.

She has maintained the government position that it stands with the media and condemns in the strongest terms the harassment and threat of violence against any media house.

The Minister told ZNBC News in a statement that the government does not support any thuggery behavior because an attack on any media house is an attack on Zambians.

She said the government expects political parties and the police to address unruly cadres because it believes influence and not violence serve Zambia well in the country’s democratic dispensation.


  1. What are these PF bandits afraid of ??

    They have spend billions yet are still afraid of HH talking to people ???

    KZ ……BTW

    tell lungu we have not forgotten the PF gassing of our people , more than 50 innocent civilians were burned alive in our towns for the first time in our history because of a PF gassing campain

    • Do the people been attacked right at their own premises realize that trespassing is an offense and they have the right to defend themselves from trespassers. Its also slowly becoming a norm to hear that the attackers are unknown because they were not putting on party regalia, is party regalia our identification in this country? It seems the day that prouncement about govt not working with prime TV, now every cadre has become the censorship agent on TV and radio stations.

  2. This is a dangerous situation that can pluggle Zambia into untold civil war. Ban any political party with violence cadres.

  3. Let’s see if Dora can back up her words with some action. Whose the bigger fish here? PF or government (and the constitution for that matter). It is one thing to issue a statement, which all people using their brain cells supported, and it is another to take action.
    If nothing is done about this, no formal arrests and no sacking of these PF leaders, then we know that they are simply speaking to appease international observers.

  4. PF government is dead scared, their time is over. PF government has run out of ideas and has nothing to offer. Infact you will see strange behavior as we approach 2021.

    PF must go!

  5. Condemning in the strongest terms by the minister of information and broadcasting makes no sense at all as long as no action is taken against the perpetrators of these radio programme disruptions. This is not the first time pf cadres are behaving the same way and therefore we conclude this is just lip service from the minister and the entire pf leadership and government. Government security wings can not fail to stop such vices from happening. The reason is that the party in power benefits from such acts of lawlessness. And this pf chairman speaks as if he is more Zambian than others. We all have the safe constitutional rights in this Country. If you claim to have been insulted and provoked there are appropriate channels and legal redress to follow. Remember you will not remain the…

  6. I very much doubt Dora will make an impact, since she hails from MMD. Its like a step mother trying to stamp her authority on children she finds whilst the husband remains mute.

  7. before you call pf names,listen to what the under 5 politician was saying,very provocative he just wanted to provoke the people.hh needs to grow up had it not been for go black he uses his hair wud be white

  8. In my view, PF’s reflex reaction to divergent/opposing views is violence and intimidation. And unfortunately this barbaric nature runs deep in PF, from top leadership all the way to their cadres. So let’s not be deceived, behind the scenes I guess PF leaders are celebrating this latest stup!dity in Isoka, as it has instilled more fear in radio stations to host the opposition….and ordinary people will be disadvantaged, they won’t hear an alternative voice to issues affecting them.

  9. Opposition would also do better to keep a low profile in this period. Covid-19 has already pushed everyone close to the edge and they don’t need to be pushed any further with political tensions.

    We’re all in this together so let’s show some unity. There are many ways to get actively involved in the struggle than to feature on radio stations. And if they really can’t resist the urge to talk, what’s parliament there for?

  10. This man is so provocative!!! Instead supporting GRZ efforts, he’s busy condemning and accusing of others as corrupt and yet he is the most corrupt!!
    Keep it up guys!!! Keep calm!!!

    • Ignorance of the worst order, it is your government organ called Financial Intelligence Unit which says you are corrupt, it is not HH. Leave the man out of this, we know you fear him like ten devils but leave the man alone, even the other year when there was a drought one of your leaders with a defunct brain just heaped the blame on HH. Leave the man alone, I don’t belong to UPND but it is so disappointing the way you fulls are demonizing an innocent man like HH. And by the way start working, time is gone, there is serious economic decline, sort out the mess you created

  11. Serious flawed thinking in this country, as PF we cant stop an opposition leader sending his messages to the people, lets just compete favorably with our colleagues. UPND is not our enemy, they are just our opponents in the political race, so as PF lets behave, we are the ruling party. The level of lawlessness in our party is so disappointing because our caders don’t listen to our leadership anymore. As Collin Powel said, the day your troops don’t listen to you is the day you stopped leading them.

  12. Lineup of Punchinellos in PF number one
    Kaizer Zulu
    Pual Moonga
    Punchinello number two is responsible for this.

  13. Dangerous headline with misleading content. As you have so rightly put it ” according to hakainde hichilema” it is pf cadres who did this. Therefore, there is no independent investigation that has been carried out. For all we know it could be the same upnd members trying to create false anarchy and use it to blame the pf. Let the respective wings carry out investigation before assuming things. Hh is a danger to the peace of this country. Why is it that every where he goes violent follows him? It says a lot about this man. He was told to calm down with campaigns and concentrate on fighting covid but his arrogance again has got the better of him. Grow up hh

  14. A big part of the problem is the first sentence of this story: “The ruling Patriotic Front Cadres”.

    I don’t mean here the problems is the cadres belong to PF or even that PF is the governing party, rather that CADRES DON’T RULE – that’s the job of government and government organs, not party supporters. Zambia said no to the second republic in the 1990s and the sooner cadres stop behaving like they are entitled to “rule” so much the better for Zambia!

  15. This is where Lazy Lungu has to show leadership but sadly as usual he is nowhere to be seen….no one would listen to former MMD chancer Dora in the PF.

    Nenah Cherry – Why should people keep a low profile? Please keep your cowardice in your own house dont bring it here

  16. PF thugs throwing spammers again, one thing for sure is that they’ll be intense this coming elections as they’ll fuelled by the numerous Gold deposits recently found in the country .UPND should transform to a 3-3-3 formation from a 4-4-2 format. Lol,. How I miss the premier league.

  17. If we cast our minds to the violent treatments that UPND meted out to PF members in recent past Parliamentary bye-elections in Western Province, HH is harvesting what he sowed in Sesheke; and for his consent or approval for the beating up of female Teacher in Sinazongwe. We pray that HH is not deliberately provoking the people of Muchinga Province to ignite havoc in the country. The proprietors of Radio Stations are also strongly advised to use their 6th and 7th senses in assessing HH’s evil political motives.

  18. Ba KZ advised PF to gas innocent Zambians and died now stop insulting well meaning citizens. Insults will not insulate you as public enemy of Zambia. You or impostor, Zambians will never forget, you have harassed, beaten, maimed, humiliated, kidnapped, fired guns and shot Zambians and dehumanised them. Police should arrest you for your criminalities. Zambians deserve justice and time is coming to get it. PF regime can not prosecute you, Hence, your boasting that you made Lungu win elections. so you hold president Lungu at ransom for your crimes. However, cleansing yourself on this site will not wash up, records, living witnesses exist and will face them in court one day.

  19. KZ
    “…For all we know it could be the same upnd members trying to create false anarchy….”

    Is that not what you said when it was you busy gassing our people ??

    The story went like this…..PF created an individual to support their claim that he had solicited $1.6 million to buy weapons and overthrow lungu……while this court case was going on a second part was the gassing of our people. Only the PF dimwits started gassings in their strongholds were all streets are controlled by their thugs…people started asking questions as how this could be ? At the time public anger brewed and street lynchings began. Lungu was silently watching allalong . Foringe diplomats had to warn lungu. With no where to hide and to calm public anger , lungu ordered the arrest of the foot soldgers of…

  20. ……… foot soldgers of the gassings , leaving the planners. At the same time PF ordered a nollie on the fake arms overthrow plot….

    We will never forget the innocent civilians burned in our towns and they deserve justice……

    No amount of silence and creation of fake stories will make us forget them….

  21. Kwena ukusambilila purposefully to gain insight of developing ones mind to reason magnanimously is very important! However some choose to be “educated” as a development but stagnate at below average in reasoning capacity, this is common of the violent and easy to coerce people. Happenings in Zambia that are political in nature and spearheaded by cadres in an already heavily polarized environment is nothing but embarrassing to say the least. Never envisaged a situation where the citizenry would have their freedom of movement, association and, speech be curtailed and managed through anarchy of cadres and the leadership is either deafeningly mute or with lukewarm forked tongue tact pat disruption on the back!

  22. And where is this man we call our lesder in all this? Why is this man so allergic to showing basic leadership? Have no doubt, you have a leader who will just as soon let the country burn in 2021 than let the will of the people reign. In short- Zambia is in maningi trouble! Learn to vote properly!

  23. They are opposing him only because he is a Tongaman, and yet that god damn fu’cking Kasai PF minister of fimo fimo claimed PF is not wanted in Southern Province. You can imagine if this was happening to a PF Nyanja or Bisa/Bemba politician in Southern, Western or North-Western, baboons and bakoswe would be houling all night and day claiming it’s tribalism. Ubukala nobunyo muno chalo bwafulisha saana over over!

  24. Ba Kaizar Zulu bena bapuba.
    Even things that are clear, and straight forward you still can’t accept or agree that it was your fellow thugs interrupted the Radio program.

  25. @mulay, You did nt know that @kaiza nibapuba! These guys think Zambians don’t think. It’s clear that these thugs have the blessings from the office of the vision void party and its government!!

  26. Why not stop the politicking for now, musankwa??? Concentrate on the Covid effort, please. Cheap politics won’t take you anywhere. I heard a upnd programme on radio today and it was all the same cr@p: PF this PF that!! I think the people of Isoka are right-mutamfyeni shetani uyo, he’ll bring confusion to your land!!!

  27. Tom and mulay, the only I.diots here are those that believe hearsay rather than facts. I deal with facts. Even before the courts of law you would be found to be malicious if you claimed someone did something negative without any solid evidence or facts to back it. Have you interviewed those alleged to have attacked so called childish bally and were you able to prove with evidence that they are of supporters with the blessing or authority of our party to attack your demigod? Answer those questions you thick dull chaps

  28. We all saw a clip of PF thugs trying to interrupt a radio program the other day ……..

    You are shameless KZ to even try to want evidence

  29. The best way to bring sanity in the polity is to resuscitate the long awaited commission of inquiry on privatization.

  30. Spaka I am yet to view that evidence and FYI anyone can wear PF regalia and claim to be PF. Where is your evidence that those people were given instructions from pf leadership to attack childish hh

  31. The only avenue P.F are left with after their State sponsored Gass!ng straight from State House backfired!
    Now P.F have ran out of options, they have burnt a market in Barotseland.

  32. The people who were brutalized by the ever increasingly violent hopeless and senseless PF cadres are also Zambians. HH is also Zambian. Please people let us remember this when it is time to vote in 2021. We cannot continue to be brutalized by PF cadres forever in our own country. People with no brains always resort to violence and that is what we have seen from PF from time immemorial! We need to change this and claim back our name as one of the most peaceful nations in the world. We have lost it with PF in power. A party with no shame!

  33. KZ

    Those thugs are on video , not even wearing masks , why don’t you get the PF police to ask them who sent them ???

    You won’t do that and the police won’t do that because you already know who sent them

  34. KZ little did Zambians know that your IQ is so low that you hardly recognise that its Dolla Siliya, PF spokesperson issued the news that
    “PF cadres have continued to disrupt opposition radio appearances despite warning from PF government”.
    What evidence do you want to have and know, ask Dolla Siliya, remember she is senior to you.
    Bloggers, lets not waste time with this rogue on wanted, explains his low IQ.

  35. Muna are you daft or can only read Tonga? It clearly says suspected. Do you know what a suspect is? Can some one throw a tonga dictionary with English translation at this ignorant cow munadehakne or whatever he calls himself. As for wrangling you are just a typical hopeless upnd cadre. I ensure that pf win elections so how can a minister be higher than me? I am a civil servant

  36. 1. “The PF have created an army of cadres that even they can no longer control”
    2. “…..rather that CADRES DON’T RULE – that’s the job of government and government organs, not party supporters”.
    Ala kwenaaa,

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