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60 new COVID-19 cases, all linked to Nakonde, have been recorded in last 24 hours


60 new COVID-19 cases have been recorded out of 495 tests conducted in the last 24 hours, Zambia national public health institute director Professor Victor Munkonka has disclosed.

Speaking during the latest update, professor Munkonka said 5 more patients have been discharged adding that cumulatively cases now stand at 832, recoveries at 197, active cases are now 628 with 7 deaths.

Professor Munkonka explained that 48 cases are from 307 tests conducted from Muchinga province, out of which 4 are health workers, 24 from community screening in Nakonde, 17 from contacts of known cases while 1 was presented to Isoka hospital.

“The other 12 confirmed cases are from 188 samples tested from Ndola at the Tropical Disease And Research Control.8 are truck drivers who traveled from Nakonde to deliver fuel while the rest are isolated cases from Ndola and Kitwe” professor Munkonka explained.

He said all cases are somehow linked to Nakonde and said intensified activities have been heightened such as training of community workers and deployment of more health workers and said mass screening has also been extended to other ports of entry such as Chirundu and Kasumbalesa.

Professor Munkonka emphasized the need for people to adjust to the new normal by adhering to the measures that have been announced such as social distancing, personal and environmental hygiene, and intensify masking in public places to avoid new infections.


  1. I THINK ZAMBIA SHOULD GO BACK TO PROPER LOCKDOWN. NO PEOPLE ON THE STREETS. Our economy will suffer, but we can control the rise and spread in 3 months.

  2. Edgar Lungu traveled to Zimbabwe and he must be isolated or quarantined as well. These SADC leaders are irresponsible. How come they can’t meet virtually?

  3. You see these announcements by Ba Victor are more clear, with no sentionising, no PF government mentioned, no President mentioned, no honorable mentioned, no bootliking.
    Life without PF ministers is always good.

  4. Every who had travelled to Nakonde from late March 2020 to date must report herself or himself for testing by the nearest tessting centre

  5. All these cases but only 7 deaths. I think Zambians have more immunity than they think. The biggest worry is Nakonde and those truck drivers from Tanzania. We really need intensified efforts there. Otherwise, a big hand to our health workers. They deserve a chunk of that money donated when this is over and done with.

  6. Well what I have learnt in any nation the president is the Cole leader in any situation and mistakes made, only reflects on the president even professor Mukonka is just sent by the president, Mukonka didn’t just drop in that chair he is standing in for your President anything you do against him you do it to the man in charge so you have to respect him.

  7. Parliament should have opened 2 ahead weeks ahead of Skuz so that the situation is debated properly and prudent reopening measured are put in place. As it is, learners from Nakonde should not be allowed to travel to Skuz in & outside the district. Ideally entire Muchinga based learners should stay put. Otherwise, there is a real risk of importation of Covid to other places. Same goes for Chirundu. Estimated infection prevalence rate of 60% in Nakonde is too high to be ignored. Let’s not court trouble.

  8. Why are samples from Muchinga still being tested in Lusaka ?. We were told that the Chinsali facility has a capacity of about 400. Is there something we should know. Reopening of Skuz should have been done after first getting estimates of infection prevalence rates in all provinces. That I believe is what is meant by science driven decision making as has been preached daily.

  9. Oho.

    The “isolated” cases are actually more worrying.

    Nine Chale, if you think there has only been 7 deaths, then you are truly gullible. The true number is probably in hundreds. But nonetheless, still a small number considering how this virus has killed in other countries.

    The next phase, as seasons change, will be very important.

    God protect Zambia.

  10. You can see difference between a sly cadre and a seasoned civil servant making these announcements.

  11. Tarino Orange problem with you is that you want to compare deaths where you are and here. You want what is happening in there to replicate here. if it was not for chronic diseases and a suicide we could have had no death from Covid 19 in Zambia.
    Most of the cases you see very few have put on ventilators, less than 10. Because good management of cases, even the old people have survived despite staying longer. In Zambia the longest stay in isolation is 38 days and shortest 5 days.
    One thing you have to know is that there people were not ready here people were ready.

  12. Yes yes, civil servants save us from Hon this and that, His excellency directed, His excellency gave guidance on medical matters even when its supposed to be the other way round…kikiki…awe PF language can be nauseating….kuti wa vomita mudala.

  13. Mutende – the problem with you is that you are too lazy to research…I think the UK based impostor has reduced this forum that people are unable to critically think. You dont even know the difference between quarantine and self isolation.

  14. In the meantime there is breaking news that some people in Nakonde are rioting – not clear over what

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