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ZESCO and Power China Ink 600 MW Solar Power Deal


ZESCO Limited and Power China have signed three contracts worth US$548 million to develop 600MW (AC) grid-connected Solar PV Power Plants to be located in Chibombo, Chirundu, and Siavonga Districts.

The signing ceremony took place at the ZESCO Limited Head Office today.

The three-grid connected Solar PV projects will have a capacity of 200MW each.

ZESCO Limited Managing Director, Mr. Victor Mundende said the signing of the three contracts is historic for ZESCO and Zambia as a whole, as it is a significant step towards diversifying renewable energy development in power generation.

Mr. Mundende said that the project, will among several benefits, greatly profit the over one million current and potential customers by increasing access to reliable electricity, enhance industrial development and create employment opportunities for local people.

Mr. Mundende urged Power China to ensure that the plant technology takes advantage of the tremendous technologies that are continually improving on the market.

He further urged Power China to expedite the works on time with due care to quality, performance, and safety.

And PowerChina Authorised Representative Mr. Wang Junzhou said his company was proud to partner with ZESCO in the provision of clean energy which will contribute to optimizing power structure, grid stability, and the economy.


  1. And our good for nothing Zesco engineers will be under supervision of Chinese semi-literate prisoners!!

  2. So what or which Chinese loan have government failed to fulfill for China to be appeased with this deal? Everything will become Chinese now in Zambia, next time covid-19 arises in Zambia don’t be shocked.

  3. More loans still being accrued…surely are you telling us Zesco can not raise it’s own funding? We will see more of these deals being signed as we approach 2021 as they will reduce the bill of Quantity to get the extra funding for campaigning. I have never seen such a reckless irresponsible President as Lazy Lungu…we are truly foreigners in Zambia.

  4. So Solar Energy is way way cheaper than Hydro? Kafue Gorge lower was $2 Billion plus for 750MW while this one is $500 Million for 600MW.

  5. And it is not reliable. We need to urgently set up a coal powered plant to mitigate our power deficit.

  6. They did not give time frame.when do we expect to finish the project.zesco
    With all these income fail to sustain.

  7. Solar Plus storage solutions to give atleast a 24 hrs power supply before another sun , with a DER approach Refere also to the Solargis and see on the Zambian map which areas will yield maximum irradiation and an elevation Then what type of panels single or double.

    Southern parts like siavonga , yes will yield but i am not sure of chibombo can give that irradiation for those megawatts even with storage

    Otherwise good portfolio project addition to flex and re-balance the generation but this must come with storage at that LCOE cost per MW

  8. Nafuti nafuti ni dununa chabe. Sontapo iwe bally Haha. People have been contacting me via social media and phone asking where I am and why I have not commented on any lusaka times articles. Well, some of us tend to be very busy sometimes. My public relations teams have also been very busy under taking vital work behind the scenes. We have had more important things to deal with. Sorry to all my fans.

  9. Dokowe – Yes its cheaper because all you need is to level the land then erect panels….politicians dont like them because less sub contracts involved.

  10. ZESCO this is a loan. Honestly, from your revenue cant you find money to invest in solar panels? ZESCO engineers were supposed to have knowledge on how to install solar panels but instead you are calling the Chinese again just like your masters GRZ. What is wrong in your brains you people?
    Your members of staff are using electricity for free, it never happens anywhere in the world. You have the highest salaries in the country and you are still giving your selves free electricity.

  11. We’re under siege , n for you Chinese friends behave yourselves here, it’s a big NO to call me a foreigner in my own country. Please mail that Ta chap back to his original address just to set an example for would be lawbreakers.

  12. @Dokowe,That is a GOOD OBSERVATION!! Why are we spending x4 times to get almost same amount of electricity from the guaranteed source,the sun which is never affected by climate change??

  13. @Danielle ati semi illiterate hahaha…uleikala fye boyi. China filed the highest number of patents last year so while you are stuck in racist mode, these semi-illiterate people are installing 5G and leading in AI. This year China is projected to replace USA as the world’s largest economy. I like the Chinese because balapalauka ama guys aba no size very different from abasungu. They hate laziness no wonder when they come there balamiponona pantu ubwalwa sana ba guy pa job. China is a very good development partner, we should just do enough ground work before going to the negotiating table with them pantu they are sharp as hell.

  14. My Irish bandmate hates playing with the Chinese because he says they are perfectionists, it makes him look bad. Hahahaha…Ukese kuno@Danielle and you will never find a slam in the City ukomfwa nensoni. Let us not hate the player, let us do our part naifwe banzatu banapalauka kudala. This should be the first and last solar project they do in Zambia, it should be a learning opportunity for our engineers, ni copy and paste boyi.

  15. ZESCO MD should have explained to laymen and the public what it means to have a 600 MW Solar. The disconnect to disseminate information accurately to the public is why the public say ZESCO engineers are incompetency. What it means to have 600 MW Solar capacity is that this solar can only send (produce) to the grid between 150 MW to 240 MW. The average power sent to the grid can even drop to 120 MW.

  16. Mr 10% got his share? There’s no transparency in the PF – Chinese deals. Chinese companies facilitate illegal financial flows. We haven’t even recovered from the IMS-RTSA speed camera fraud then Zesco drops a bombshell! By the time we kick them out there will be nothing left. We are now beginning to speculate whether the failure of Zesco-CEC BSA was in national interest. It doesn’t seem so

  17. China is on track to be the world largest economy beating dull Trump.
    Instead of Zambia taking advantage by being partners with China and excel in African atleast , instead we have yet another form of colonialism, our leaders being bribed and blind-folded. Very sad situation.Ifintu ni China !!!!!
    So KZ is celebrating and singing “dununa chabe” because he very well knows that Zambians are i.dio.ts and can be taken advantage of.
    Just look at the list of fuu.ols who follow him on this LT? This tells alot of our country.

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