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Auditor General Conducts Emergency Audit at Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit


Auditor General Dick Sichembe says his office is happy with the cooperation levels by the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit during the emergency auditing of COVID-19 donated items.

Speaking when he visited DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe at his Office, Mr Sichembe said his office is mandated to conduct emergency audits if and when it deems it fit to do so.

He said the country is in an emergency and that in times like this resources get to be misappropriated.

The Auditor General said his office will not allow mismanagement of COVID-19 donated items both money and material.

He said DMMU has so far shown leadership in the prudent, transparent management and utilization of the donated items.

Mr Sichembe urged the National Coordinator to continue putting the interests of Zambians first by upholding high transparency levels in the handling of COVID-19 items.

And DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe said his office is making sure that all donated items are distributed on time and to the intended beneficiaries.

Mr Kabwe said just like the Vice President instructed all donated items will be accounted for and given to intended beneficiaries.

He explained that his office and that of the Ministry of Health are coordinating well the COVID-19 response.

Mr Kabwe said DMMU will cooperate with the office of the Auditor General in every way possible so that no speculations are raised and raise public confidence in the government.


  1. If this is genuine, we will see heads role because we all know there has beem a great mismanagement of resources, including giving supply contracts to pf cadres, like moonga’s brother.
    But if we know anything about pf, this is nothing but window dressing. just like the “”arrest” of Chitotela, chanda etc or the “investigation” of chitalu chilufya. All just play acting.

  2. I personally don’t believe in these auditors who have served in government for so many years. Whose interests do they serve??…….

  3. This is just Chilufya using AG’s office to keep another thief Chanda off the covid-19 donations…if AG’s office was serious MOH should have been the first department to audit…then again what powers has this office after the reports they have been publishing over the years.

  4. Auditing which chases the wind. Jow many audits have been conduct without action?

    PF government of thieves for thieves by thieves.

    PF must go!

  5. Nothing will come out of this audit unless Sichembe goes further to verify the schedule of disbursements as to whether beneficiary institutions really received the goods and in the specified quantities. There was a shortage of face masks and no commercial cargo is being shipped from China now because airlines are not working. Only Jack Ma chartered a cargo plane because he’s big and can afford, the moment he delivered his donation then most tuntemba owned by PF cadres began to sell the items at K5 or K7. Even Indians who had a few and were selling at K20 each are now out of business. That’s how filthy PF is. That audit must not end at DMMU, go further and visit clinics and hospitals. Even sanitizers are in the hands of cadres

  6. This emergency audit is a waste of resources otherwise nothing will come out of it. It shouldn’t have been done in the first place.

    Do you think this auditor can report anything negative about the Vice President?


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