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The Mwinilunga Gold Scandal must enrage every single Zambian citizen

Economy The Mwinilunga Gold Scandal must enrage every single Zambian citizen

When you live in a society that glorifies “Jerabos”, a society that endorses the rape of our natural resources by a small group of gun toting despots who do nothing but spend their ill gotten gains on drugs, women and flashy cars…A society that stands idly by and watches our own government officials taking advantage of their positions and they make deals in order to steal our gold for their own personal gain…something is wrong!!

What is it about our people that makes us shoot ourselves in the foot? I remember when President Lungu went to Mwinilunga on a fact finding mission, he was trying to get a clear understanding of what was happening to the gold that was being extracted from that area…all the people surrounding him on that day were frantically trying to explain what was going on but you could clearly see that locals were making deals with people that had the equipment and nothing was going into government coffers…everything was going into people’s pockets. The Minister of Mines is simply warming his seat…he’s not doing his job.

What a disgrace!! If you can’t handle gun toting, lawless criminals and copper smugglers that call themselves jerabos…how will you handle a government official that wants to steal our gold so that he can buy apartments and real estate in Dubai? And we say Zambia is poor…we are poorly managed but we’re not poor.

On the issue of our Gold…we should not be silent. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS MUST STOP STEALING OUR GOLD.

By Simon Mwewa Lane
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  1. It won’t enrage every Zambian citizen because Mobutuization of the state is accepted by a large majority in this country. From some members of the clergy to the professional associations, u would be forgiven for wishing independence never came.

    • People don’t get enraged in this country Ba Simon , when they do someone will just use the word of God to instill fear in them and those against will be labeled unpatriotic and unchristian, or threaten them that the wrath of God with been called upon them, that’s most people don’t even dare challenge them, too much spiritism pa zed.

  2. Brother Simon Mwewa, good article indeed but hammering indirect.

    The illegal gold miners have lost confidence in the PF government. They have realized that there is no rule of law in Zambia. If one is a PF cadre or official, you’re the law.

    I laughed a month ago when i heard that PF officials sent a team of its own to investigate the illegal mining of gold in mwinilunga, and i wondered what type of a country has Zambia become?

    The problem is Edgar Lungu, he has no regard to rule of law, he is a law breaker himself.

    We haven’t forgotten how he refused to hand over power to the speaker of the national assembly.

    He is ministers have not paid back tge salaries they drew beside the courts ruling in favor of the Zambian people.

    So when I say PF must go, that’s it.

  3. No no no please LT don’t bring that sucker Mwewa to here. Let him continue playing with his fellow jokers like Tayali.
    We are serious people here, we the real parliament. We run Zambian affairs, we not a social media.

  4. Can the ministe of mines explain how and why the two licenses which where grabbed from indigenous Zambians (Chilibwe & Kampoko) in Mwinilunga after PF officials strong armed their way into the tenements and did all sorts of Jerabo antics? A police commissioner lost his job in the fiasco. But what can a ZP commissioner do against PF/Jerabo political machinery? What was the motive of the PF? Why did the the PF investigate itself instead of DEC, ACC and ZP? We saw what happened to the sesheke police officers who applied their duty to violent PF thugs during a by election. They got fired for doing a good job. What will be CGCZ’s role in Mwinilunga? Where does this leave the original licence owners and the local people? Did Karma also own Rufunsa and Kasensele? Zccm-ih is a public institution…

  5. To young bloggers, Joseph Desire’ Mobutu Sese seko was Congolese dictator and kleptocrat who was desposed by Joseph Kabila and died in exile in Morocco in 1997. He personalized the Congolese state and used to murder opposition leaders.

  6. You have finally awoken from the slumber to the realization that the PF are thieves par excellent? You’re appealing to a person who isn’t in charge. Well I stated my position on Mwinilunga gold earlier so I don’t wish to say more

  7. Zccm-ih is a public institution. It has to be TRANSPARENT in its dealing. From start to finish. Not just making announcements after dealings that never saw the light of day. Everything about CGCZ is opaque. And was extremely disappointed with Sean Tembo who aspires to be the President of the Republic of Zambia! Sean is either a mercenary or a tribalist trying to justify Mabvuto’s dirty and unpatriotic deals at zccm-ih! For Mabvuto I say if you are being used by CROOKED politicians STEP DOWN. A good reputation is far better than Chimbokaila prison.


  8. The British amalgamated N-E Rhodesia and N-W Rhodesia in 1911 to create Northern Rhodesia because they realized that the other Rhodesia was not viable economically. The colonialists had other designs which are beyond the scope of my commentry here but it cannot be denied that building a night watchman state is still a failing experiment.

  9. Just crying that we should own this and own that will get us nowhere put some tangible and necessary actions behind those words.

  10. @ Rowdy the institutions charged with actioning (PF & Zccm-ih) is in the forefront of giving away the resource. Hoe can PF claim to be pro-poor with such selfish & unpatriotic actions? Totally asymmetric to their electioneering slogans. Naked Crookedness. Zambia is not a Christian nation. It is a hypocrite nation. God is not happy with such crookedness.

  11. Surely after all the citizens have gone through thanks to PF incompetence, they want to loot even the gold?Haven’t the citizens complained enough Mr Lungu?
    It is actually shocking…

  12. That’s the thing with PF cadres like Simon Mwewa deep down he knows its a leadership problem but he fails short of mentioning …if Lungu was serious about investigating or fact finding he would have constituted a taskforce of technocrats. Why do you keep shielding Lungu as if he is innocent…its his weakness that has encouraged all this looting ..keeping ministers whilst the attend court cases, keeping ministers in office whilst they are being investigated by ACC.

  13. We have it under control. I have a planned visit to various sites there in next few weeks to assess developments. Kz

  14. Why is it so difficult for Lungu and his PF government to act in good faith on behalf of the Zambian people – even just once?!! They seem hell bent on utterly ruining the country. Totally immoral and decrepit regime. Get Rid !!!

  15. Bashir chite, that’s what happens to countries that don’t value their resources they sell or give such opportunities for way less than their values or simply for a song. We need strong leadership that will identify as of first priority interested zambian entrepreneurs who have the resources to take up such opportunities and not rushing to give to foreign investors who end up enriching their own countries while we remain with big holes in the ground and toxic pollutants.

  16. You have a president who would rather talk about whether bars should open or people should be in self isolation or quarantine when our natural resources are being looted….the man is disconnected from reality and his responsibilities.

  17. Sometimes i get concerned that the opposition keeps quiet when there are scandals,i have just realised that i was not being fair to the opposition….the rate at which scandals are churned out from PF and government, am sure the opposition is failing to keep pace….my apologies especially to HH and Kambwili…

  18. We are a very selfish society. We don’t care for our country and posterity but for ourselves, children, wives, man and woman friends, and selected extended family. What happens to the country and posterity is not our problem. Oh Zambians who cursed and bewitched us?? I end here.

  19. People are taking advantage of the president. He issues a directive to man the mine his provincial party officials and the police are the first to ignore the directive. ECL has himself to blame. If this is what it means to be humble I would rather be called cruel.

  20. @Kaizar Zulu.
    You have it under control so why have you planned trips there to assess? Hasn’t the PF already done that? I put it to you that you are going there for sangwapo. You do not want to be left behind.

  21. Bashi Chite: Don’t be too critical of ZCCM-IH. It’s a subsidiary of IDC under the chairmanship His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia and President of the governing Patriot Front party. They cannot enter into a deal ECL does not approve of.

  22. @ Rowdy. Our problem is the constitution which places too much power in the President. Institutions such as ACC, DEC ZP, HIGH COURT, SUPREME COURT & CONSTITUTIONAL COURT are all under the thumb of of whoever is President. No man is perfect! Even us bloggers doing all this criticism are NOT PERFECT. It is stupid to have constitution that assumes that the President is perfect being who will make perfect decisions. Why does every President we have had want to tinker with the constitution? Why is the country under the hold/spell of cadrerism? People that should led rather than lead the country! I don’t have the details but I can assure you that Mabvuto is a professional but he is being abused by PF political cadrerism/corruption. He is following PF cadre instructions because he needs to…

  23. He (Mabvuto) is following PF cadre instructions because he has to provide for his family. But look what happened to the zanaco and spy & defence chiefs who served under FTJ’s ill fated 3rd term bid? Let’s have a strong constitution that will hold the President & his executive accountable. Merely changing ruling parties won’t bring the desired change.

  24. Agreed all Zambians should be enraged. Just being enraged is not enough. Going forward please suggest measures the government should take to redress the situation. Inviting foreign investors should not be among them. On the question of unplanned development there were stories doing the rounds that Simson Chambers immediately after it had been built, had been condemned by engineers from Lusaka city council as the building was not fit for human habitation. There were whispers that the owner former Lusaka governor Simon Mwewa had pulled strings and the engineer who had condemned the building was sacked. Anyway I guess they were just rumors as the building is still standing.

  25. THE SAINT – You know better than asking someone who’s location flag is the same as yours!!

  26. Bashi chite, Zambia can only improve when people begin to stand up to wrong whether by the president or whichever leader. The problem Zambia has is we are docile any foreigner or person in power can have their own way Zambia and all we do is complain bitterly and it ends there not guts to make the few selfish individuals accountable. Zambia must now rise and set a precedent of ensuring every government is accountable with the resources of the nation starting with this PF government. In the past we have let thieves go Scot free hence the advantage any person who has some form of authority.

  27. On the other hand, I don’t get what the outrage is all about. If the money is going directly to the people, bypassing government you like to call corrupt, isn’t that a good thing? Whether you call them “Jerabos”, the fact is these are still Zambian citizens who deserve to benefit from national resources. Remember we the PF government campaigned on the “more money in your pocket” slogan and this is exactly what is happening with the local Gold miners benefiting. So why the outrage? If government got involved and the money came to us, you would be complaining and accusing us of corruption. Make up your mind and state what you really want. In any case, we will still go and find out what is happening on the ground. Kz

  28. KZ: Do u know the declared incomes of those “Jerabos”? How much tax do they pay on those incomes? People are being robbed and the state is not there to stop that. Wht’s such a state for? It’s only a weak state or failing state that allows that to happen. Wht cash has trickled into the coffers of Mwinilunga Council? Wht government allows wealth 2b squandered in this way whn it has a big bond redemption coming in 2022, that is 24 months from now?

  29. Kwena ama Zambian leaders! This should have been a golden opportunity to make Zambia rich. So this gold in Mwinilunga should have seen Mwinilunga itself become the ‘Dubai’ of Zambia. Zambia yena twabwelapofye. Kuwayawayafye

  30. We all know the PF theives in mwinilunga did not give lungu a cut and were sacked , they will not be charged because they can spill the beans on lungus stealing……..

    also another reason lungu does not prosecute any of his top level theives who do not give him a cut is, ……he waits for nearer elections and threatens them to campain for him or else he will prosecute….

  31. Problem in Zambia is the leader ba [email protected] Mukula has an insatiable appetite for illegal wealth /looting Government coffers.
    Would NOT be at all surprised that President [email protected] is deeply involved in this Gold scam.
    We have a leader who sees nothing wrong with holding on to corrupt officials, & fraternizing /travelling with known [email protected] dealers.
    President [email protected] has normalized looting & violence. Just compare ba J0na to K.K & Mwanawasa, then you realise we have a drunken Playboy in Plot #1.

  32. Sorry William!
    STATE House Aide Kaizer Zulu on a Sunday escaped lynching in Mumbwa’s Nambala area when he was caught in the company of some Indians suspectedly supervising the gassing of people.
    Police sources revealed that Zulu was only served by police officers and quickly whisked to Mumbwa Zambia Airforce base.
    “We dont know what Kaiser was doing in Nambala area where he was with some Zambians of Indian origin. At the time they were in the area there were incidences of gassing,” the source said.

  33. Mwine Munzi – Good observation. The problem is all of us – we allow nonsense in our midst and just cry about it. The condemned Simoson building still stands and we now have a representative who is taking a high ground. It will only be revisited briefly when it goes down taking with it innocent souls. Notwithstanding, what has been put across here by Simon Mwewa Lane is serious and needs serious actions to correct it – and we should all be involved.

  34. our fore fathers left this gold and we have been living with gold for quiet a long time we have kept it well yet today we have seen a bunch of crooks in our community to loot out our gold pliz leave our gold it was given to us and you have been given big rivers for you to be fish farming why are coming here each and every time yet you never liked visit our province.

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