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One More Person In Connection With The Murder of Chinese Nationals Arrested

Headlines One More Person In Connection With The Murder of Chinese Nationals...

One more person has been arrested from Ndola bringing the number of suspects arrested in connection with the murder of a Chinese woman in Lusaka to two.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed that the second person was arrested from Ndola last night.

Mrs. Katongo said Police Officers are still conducting a search for the other two Chinese nationals at the gutted warehouse and an update on the findings will be given once the search is concluded.

Police on 24th May 2020 arrested one person with the help of the Members of the Public arrested one suspect whose name they withheld aged 22 of Garden House area in connection with the murder.

A burnt body of a female Chinese national namely Hu New Cao aged 52 was retrieved from the inferno with a search for the other two remaining Chinese Nationals has continued having continued.

This was after the Police received a report of Aggravated Robbery and Murder which occurred on 24th May 2020 at around 12:00 hours in Makeni.

Initially, a report of fire incident was received by the Police from a member of the public to the effect that Warehouses belonging to Chinese Nationals were on fire.

When Police rushed to the scene together with the Fire Brigade and whilst there, it was discovered that owners of the warehouses were not at the scene of the fire and a further inquiry led to a search of their houses located behind the warehouses.

Police spotted bloodstains on the floor right from the entrance and a machete with blood stains was also found inside the house on the floor near the bed.

Mrs. Katongo said a docket has been opened and one arrest has been made while investigations have continued.

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  1. Miles Sampa should also be arrested and charged….he is the instigator…he needs to be…social media attention seeking is bad

  2. Miles Sampa you have chinese blood on your hands just like Ruth Mbandu’s blood….use proper language and learn to deal with issues in a civilized way…you trying to outdo each other…you Miles,Lusambo and Kambwili plus Kaizar Makaka Zulu…There should be a proper and diplomatic way of dealing with the Chinese invasion

    • Leave Miles Sampa out of this. What Miles Sampa has exposed is the unacceptable poor working conditions Zambians working under the Chinese are subjected to. Those same workers if well looked after can form the first line of security for their Chinese employers

  3. So the PF thugs killed the innocent woman in her house, then set her on fire? Sunday Chanda need explain what the true story is, because ZP are bluffing.

  4. even Idi Amin didnt kill the Indians….he just asked them to leave Uganda…if you dont want Chinese just ask them to leave…am sure they will find a place to go instead of killing them

  5. Any reasonable thinking person must condemn this act…Zambians were never like this, were has this madness come from? First the killing of innocent suspects on grounds of being gassers, the same alledged act of gassing which never even killed anyone but yet mobs went out and killed suspects in the most gruesome manner, burning people alive and now we have such evil acts being perpetrated on our Chinese brothers and sisters, this is so wrong and must be strongly condemned!

  6. Ubupuba mu Zambia. What has Miles Sampa done? Witch hunting is a very big problem in our culture. Even when you have the culprits before you, you still want to blame someone else who has nothing to do with this wicked act. Does law and order mean anything to you?

  7. Gruesome murder of Chinese national is barbaric and Satanic. This is not right and we shall soon lose the status of being a peaceful nation in Africa.

    Let’s not demonize them in such manner.

    We have laws to deal with inequality but let’s blame our leaders for none implementation.

    The reason i call PF to go because they are the problem we have today.

  8. Indians at Pepsi in Lusaka, have been stealing their workers salaries for many years, instead of getting equivalent to 2000 US dollars Zambians are paid 2000 kwacha, The workers are frustrated! When they complain they are told to go and look for another job.

  9. I doubt Zambians would do that. It’s their Chinese from Wuhan who killed them. Leave the patriotic Zambians alone.

  10. Look how quickly suspects are being rounded up.

    Still no one has been convicted for gassing and killing citizens.

    People are fed up.

    Police should show the same urgency when Zambians are killed.

  11. This is a heinous crime, but get a grip people!!
    What has this crime got to do with Miles Sampa, who I even have to admit is doing a great job?
    These so called “investors” who had their licences revoked for gross malpractices, SHOULD NEVER exploit or abuse Zambians in their own land. No African can get away with a fraction of the discrimination these “entitled” foreigners have been getting away with for so long in foreign lands. Again I say BRAVO MILES SAMPA!
    The Criminal act & brutality suffered by the Makeni Chinese people is horrible, a separate issue & has NOTHING to do with Miles Sampa.

  12. The problem in Zambia is that, the Chinese seem to have an attitude of bribe the Zambian politician and you (Chinese) get away with anything. And its happening ! Zambians are being mistreated these Chinese chaps but you don`t see swift action from police, similar to colonial days. very sad!

  13. @2020 vision
    Am against the killing of the the Chinese but why is that only ‘us’ black people like to call other races our brothers and sisters and yet the majority of them reject us….lets not force ourselves on people that doesn’t us to be their brothers and sisters….chinese dont want blacks to call them brothers and sisters…whites and indians same thing…the only time a white man,chinese or Indian calls you a brother is when they’re being sarcastic or making fun of you….lets coexist with all races but lets not be the ones(us blacks) begging them(other races) to be our brothers and sisters when clearly they’re not interested…i have inter racial children and I know what am talking about

  14. These are the characteristics of a failed state packed with people who make laws that they wont follow .The PF sponsor thieves to intimidate and even encourage Jarabo type of businesses .What do you expect ?

  15. The problem with our Chinese
    Business men pay very low salaries and this leads to stealing.
    When they get caught there is a


    HANG THE CRIMINALS who committed this shameful murder.

  17. We should just have 1000 Chinese, the rest should pack and go, they are too many. Every corner you turn you find Chinese like we are in China.

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