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Government Restricts Parents And Guardians From Accessing Schools

General Education Minister David Mabumba speaking during the launch of the e-Learning and Smart Revision portals in Kasama
General Education Minister David Mabumba speaking during the launch of the e-Learning and Smart Revision portals in Kasama

The government has restricted parents and guardians from accessing schools as examination classes reopen on June 1.

General Education Minister David Mabumba says the restriction will apply to both day and boarding schools as part of Covid-19 measures meant to make the learning environment conducive when schools reopen next week.

Addressing Central Province District Education Board Secretaries and Heads of Schools at Kapiri Girls National Technical Secondary School, Mr. Mabumba advised parents and guardians to pack enough essentials for their children as they return to school.

The Minister also directed schools to stock up their Tuck shops and get rid of vendors, who trade around schools as part of Covid-19 mitigation measures. He also advised school heads to ensure an updated database of contact details for parents and guardians in case of emergencies.

And Mr. Mabumba said school fees remain unchanged at 150 kwacha for rural-based Secondary schools and 200 kwacha for urban-based Secondary schools. He added that boarding school fees also remain the same at 1 200 kwacha standard fees while consultations for STEM schools are still underway.

The Minister has since appealed to parents to pay the fees because schools need finances to operate and supplement government efforts against the Covid-19.

And Teaching Council of Zambia -TCZ- Chairperson Christopher Chama, who is part of the minister’s delegation, said the new Board is looking at refining regulations for teachers and colleges of education to enhance the quality of education and teaching in the country.

Professor Chama also revealed that TCZ has now localized the printing of certificates for both registration and practicing, which he said has helped clear the backlog and reduced inconvenience, while creating jobs for locals.

As part of his latest tour of Central province Mr. Mabumba also visited schools and held meetings in Mkushi, Serenje, and Chitambo Districts with a late-night meeting in Lavushimanda district of Muchinga province.

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  1. Consider Mabumba in next year UPND cabinet.I
    Dora Siliya too…. I miss Dora, how she feel, I want to check her temperature with hug.

  2. Why is the minister travelling? Couldn’t he address his ministry officials using online platforms? Zoom? Conference calls?
    This is not a time to make allowances for jumping up and down. Stay home. Use online platforms!

  3. Mr mabumba sir you’ve spoken well by saying that parents must pay fees because the schools needs finances to operate and supplement,
    but yet bar businesses are closed and some of the parents/guadians of these children are bar & clubs owners,now are they going to pay.

  4. Allocate part of COVID donations to reopening schools. How do you expect parents to pay when they are not doing any business. Not all parents are in formal employment. Be realistic. Some sell salabula just to raise a term’s school fees naimwe ba Maumba. Be Zambian. Your govt. has money. Get money from all those crooks who are dealing in gold. And stop acculating allowances on those trips you are making.

  5. Dora Siliya took all the necessary covid 19 precautions under the sun but still covid 19 positive, so with schools taking all precautions our children are at still risk. And the other guy they sit next to during covid 19 briefings, has he been tested? There is something which medical personnel including WHO and all of us still don’t understand on this disease, benefit of doubt is in order

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