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Zambian targets German business for greater COVID relief says Amb Mukwita 

Economy Zambian targets German business for greater COVID relief says Amb Mukwita 

The Zambian Embassy in Germany has begun discussions with Africa-Verein, an association of German businesses with interest in Africa on how the members of the organization could help Zambia with the necessary medical supplies needed to fight COVID-19.

With over 500 members of German companies, Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency, Mr. Anthony Mukwita, hopes Africa-Verein could help mobilize the much-needed material assistance Zambia needs to protect the country’s population.

“We remain hopeful and confident that German business could come through for us and complement government efforts in protecting the Zambian people and restoring the economy”, Ambassador Mukwita said.

Mr. Mukwita said Africa-Verein has been a friend of Zambia for a long time and contributed significantly to the Zambian economy by promoting investment into Zambia from the German business community. He said it’s partly due to this effort that Germany continues to see sustained interest in the Zambian economy.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has negatively affected the Zambian economy derailing its development plans as the country had to divert its resources to the fight against the pandemic which has also crippled the global economy.

To meet the demand for surveillance equipment and test kits coupled with public awareness, the Zambian government has had to appeal to both local and international donors to assist in every way possible.

Consequently, various cooperating partners, the local business community, WHO and the Zambians living abroad have donated money and medical supplies which the Zambian government has plowed into its efforts to fight the spread of the epidemic.

On its part, the German government recently contributed 18.5 million euros which is expected to meet the cost of medical supplies and provide social cash transfers to the vulnerable parts of the population who have borne the heaviest blunt of the epidemic.

The epidemic has killed about 8000 Germans and affected hundreds of Zambians.

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  1. Anthony Mukwita stop using covid-19 for fundraising.

    You’re embarrassing us. Donors are pumping in money and PF ministers and cadres are busy looting. What type of nosense is this?

    Zambians wake up, how can we allow looters in government? Time to change our mindset is now for else Zambia shall remain lagging behind.

    Don’t listen to these PF thieves who have looted enough and drunk with power. Come on, we’re not poor. The only problem is poor leadership.

    Mwanawasa once did it and i know under Bally we shall do it.

    PF must go!

    • This guy called Antony is full of hot air, what has improved to the ordinary man ever since he took that position, what does the hopeless posing with Angel Merkel help us. Too much talking and wanting the limelight meanwhile output visibly nil. Zero.

  2. It is very shameful how Africans keep begging for all kinds.

    How do people find this behaviour as normal?

  3. Don’t tell us about discussions, usual rhetoric. Tell us when the deal is signed. Too much talking like every body else in this party. The problem of putting caders in positions, and that is why in these politicians speeches and statements they will always mention their Presidents name as a way of trying to keep themselves in employment. No objectivity what so ever. The economy has been in steady fall even before Covid and the guy is busy talking covid when we have far much bigger problems, I am done with these people

  4. The show continues – this ambassador shouts “we ve wooed these investors” , the other shouts the same, when it comes to evaluation of this hot air talk, the country is declining further, and since they have the straw syndrome of drowning, you will see how they will shout wolf wolf and blame covid for all this and yet we know that all our problems are due RECKLESS BORROWING(Chinampofu arrangement) and incompetence. Covid started recently so don’t talk covid, pretend you are working till 2021 when you will go to lick your wounds, we need serious and competent people, but even the new people we want if they are going to come with jokes, we will send them packing like you failures called PF

  5. We Zambians are mindful of the fact that with all the money which has been stolen by by this irresponsible government ,more and more ventilators could have been acquired for every hospital in Zambia .The two Mansions in Swaziland and the forty eight houses without owners says it all about the industrial level of theft targeted at the national wallet .

  6. How is he begging when the Africa-Verein is an initiative of German businesses who in their statutes already pledge their support to African countries? For your own information, these are companies which have a lot of diasporan Africans as business partners so it is just another way for them to give back to Africa from what they have benefitted and continue to benefit in so many ways.

  7. I thought all the people in diaspora are toilet cleaners or on benefits. At that’s what Kz calls us.

  8. Oh no,not this dandyman again,the most ueless guy Zambia send to Germany!Blody useless beggar what a disgrace to Zambia.

  9. This publicity hungry boy Anthony again last time he was talking about being in talks with cheap internet technology manufacturers and that was 4 years ago…we have to move on with notion of wanting foreign investors for everything.

  10. @Chale, we know that Mukwita is your ambassador, no wonder you can’t see anything childish in him. I also do same here.

  11. Zambia has got Mines for copper, diamonds, emeralds. Cobalt but it’s revenue is given away so that a few benefit in it’s shareholder agenda.

    We should not be begging when all we need to do is NATIONALISE our resources for the people.
    This story if true is the shameful evidence of govts that rely on begging using our resources to award foreign businesses for quick cash which then disappears from public spending budgets. Can’t even pay our civil servants, even pensioners………from such a resource rich country. What needs to happen after covid19 is an awakening of the masses. Going forward, we need control of our resources, not through small businesses/shareholders but by the PEOPLE. NATIONALISE DON’T BEG. PRIVATISATION IS A FAILED PROJECT.

  12. Nostra….. – I wouldnt be surprised if they work under the same roof because Nine Chale likes sitting on the face as if she/he has embassy job to protect…you would expect him/her to give us a personal opinion of Anthony but instead its the usual irrelevant data …Anthony is not credible even if it was the UN he was talking about people would still not trust him …have we forgotten his skin cringeing speech to investors a few years ago where he was even encouraging foreign investors to create companies and disbanding it after 5 years creating another to continue enjoying taxfree in Zambia.

  13. This one and Mwamba of Ethiopia are always clamoring for news coverage. Even one visitor coming into the embassy to ask the price of a most in zambia will make headlines for them ati investors are enquiring. Learn to work silently and your actions will show results.

  14. That is all they know , begging and stealing

    Covid has presented a big opportunity to do both, a PF speciality.

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