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Clean up the corruption tag and the thieving image haunting, Msoni tells PF Government

Feature Politics Clean up the corruption tag and the thieving image haunting, Msoni tells...

All peoples Congress Leader Nason Msoni has urged the PF government to clean up the corruption tag and the thieving image haunting government.

Mr Msoni says Zambians are sick and tired of PF unending graft in government.

He said the emerging portrait of PF government is absolutely shameful and troubling.

Mr Msoni says undoubtedly ethics and ethos are absolutely important in the management of government.

He said those whose credibility and conduct in public service has been questioned and whose behaviour is contrary and inimical to public interest must now step aside to allow the law enforcement agencies to carry out thorough investigations.

“It certainly beats the course of justice for individuals accused of impropriety to be seen at the centre of government continuing to function normally and receiving donations undeterred”, he added.

Mr Msoni says this is lawlessness of the highest order and cannot reasonably be expected to continue.

He said in the circumstances this conduct similarly questions the judgment and the competence of the appointing authority for tolerating wrongdoing in government.

He said criminality in the PF government has escalated to unacceptable level and is undoubtedly jeopardising the broader public interest of Zambians in accessing international humanitarian assistance.

Mr Msoni has insisted that President Edgar Lungu must now act in the overwhelming interest of the people and ask those whose conduct in public service is contrary to public interest to resign on moral grounds and also to give law enforcement agencies a free hand to carry out thorough investigations.

“We think that it is prudent to ask the corruption ridden government to spare the country from any further international embarrassment by undergoing an internal self cleansing process to weed out bad elements taking advantage of the weak financial controls in the system to siphon public resources for personal aggrandisement”, Mr Msoni added.

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  1. Msoni, PF thieves can’t reprimand themselves. They need you and I sort them out in Twente Twente wanu (2021) that’s when they will learn from their mistakes.

    PF must go

    • For me its not just the corruption issues, but just hear Mwakalombe, Lusambo and Chanda Kabwe speak English, their English language is so bad. I feel like correcting them each time they are speaking, make no mistake spoken English is still a measure of ones aptitude whether one likes it or not. No malice here, no politics, but the guys must improve please

  2. PF has stopped updating Zambians on Covid-19, their ministers are in interrogations with ACC.
    Ba Musoni, just look the way the 2 PF ministers have attacked less corrupt legitimate PF President Miles Sampa over the Chinese Barbershop. The PF ministers Joyce and Banda are not even embarrassed to solicit bribes from Chinese.

  3. Now Chilufya has tested positive for covid-19…so ZWD was right, these people would go to extremes not to get arrested even killing …what a disgraceful people to ever preside in public offices.

    • With these PF ministers, it can be another way of avoiding interrogation by ACC.

      We have reached a point where nothing is believable from these maroons.

  4. I personally had a lot of hope in my party the PF, but I cant surely defend this anymore. I shop from the same shops like everybody else, will I be sane to say there is more money in peoples pockets now, will I be sane to say there are jobs now, will I be say to say there are lower taxes, will I be sane to say we are better off now than in the MMD days, the answer is a big NO. My government has wiped out all gains achieved in the past including debt which was sustainable, we called RB as nyama soya but we need to thank him and his team, look at the complete mess now. The PF messed up the economy way before Covid even introduced itself. What a terrible legacy we shall leave, and surprisingly we want to come again in 2021, this is absolute madness

  5. Fanny, it is because of dull people like you that we, who didn’t fall for the ‘more money in your pockets’ trick, are suffering. We new from the beginning that Sata has nothing to offer. I myself and a lot of people i know didn’t vote for pf. Infact we stuck to mmd because the caliber being offered in the opposition was zero. There were lots of gullible people like you. Unfortunately even we are now suffering together with you. The good part is at least you have realised and accepted your mistake.

  6. Ba Msoni, these people knows their position in politics ad hv run out of time, to clean up the mess they hv done. The cleaning, whom are they doing for? Whn they are all ready out, this time ku kobelekesha utu shele, ad who’s going to control them? This time they are thinking abt, after 2021 nothing else.
    So advising thm, it’s a waste time, leave them.

  7. I wish opposition can give us all these allegations with evidence to tackle alleged corruption. But NOPE, not a one.

  8. Says the i.d.!0t who can’t even sponsor a candidate for a ward election for his party. What a clown…….

  9. @Zambian Citizen, what has this to do with sponsoring a candidate? Take him on his points. Obviously one reference here is to Chilufya who has been under probe but continues ‘normally’. We had others appear in court on corruption charges while still serving in office. We have auditors reports gathering dust – which clearly pointed to massive misappropriations of funds, with some individuals serving, implicated. Yet, you choose to turn a blind eye and make attacks on people highlighting this. Pathetic!

  10. @Muna: it has everything to do with his credibility!! You don’t expect every twit, clown or i.d.!ot to advise a democratically elected GRZ and take him serious. Governance starts at local or ward level for people to take you serious. If these opposition twits can prove themselves by setting better standards at local council and parliamentary level, THEY WILL BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY- not on social and opposition sponsored media!!!!!

  11. Nason Msoni is more credible than one former adviser who fits your description of a twit and clown..

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