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It’s Possible, Government Could be Lying About Escalating COVID-19 Cases in Zambia-Kambwili

General News It's Possible, Government Could be Lying About Escalating COVID-19 Cases in Zambia-Kambwili

National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili says it is possible the government is lying about the escalating cases of COVID-19 in Zambia.

Mr Kambwili has wondered why despite the cases of COVID-19 escalating in Zambia, there has been no death reported beyond the reported seven deaths from the pandemic.

He accused the government officials of giving wrong and conflicting statements on the disease especially regarding the two Ministers who have tested positive for the pandemic.

Mr Kambwili has questioned why Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya and Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya have not been quarantined in Government isolation centres where all the patients are being taken.

“In their contact tracing, why are they only targeting drivers leaving out the entire cabinet ministers and the President who Dr Chilufya and Ms Siliya have had meetings with, these people are lying”, he said.

He has challenged government to allow all the COVID-19 patients to go home as is the case with the two Ministers who have been allowed to be quarantined at their respective homes.

Mr Kambwili said if the two Ministers are sick, they are a danger not only to their families but the people who go to visit them as well.

He said the President and his Ministers should also stop working until they are cleared by the health authorities.

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  1. How many Zambian die at UTH Monday – Friday, it’s in hundreds. And why there are no deaths on Saturday and Sunday? Death in Zambia is a mystery.
    The covid-19 patients don’t have doctors, that’s why they stopped dying.
    If you prove it, take Chitalu to UTH tomorrow…

  2. Dear Kambwili , the measures are working that is why there is no more deaths being reported. The most vulnerable and exposed with underlying cases have stayed home. These include diabetic patients. You in particular Sir as a diabetic patient has done well to stay home. Please it is in your own interes and that of others . HH has also done well to stay home. He should also be commemded for being religious about use of the face masks. You two have demostrated leadership during this pandemic. But ba Kalaba bena awe bena kusabailafye.

  3. The Churches are open, Schools are opening soon , restaurants and casinos have opened…….the wheather is getting Chilli . Watch out for the influx of reported cases and deaths..

  4. Ba Kambwili , you want more deaths sure???? Kabiye out mukusamwa upose na mask. Mailo you will be announced by Simon Miti.

  5. “He who guards his mouth preserves his life,
    But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.”
    Proverbs 13:3

  6. Mr Kambwili has wondered why despite the cases of COVID-19 escalating in Zambia, there has been no death reported beyond the reported seven deaths from the pandemic.

    Copperstone University has not done this fat-so any good!

  7. There’s no corona here in Zambia. Why are we not dying? Europe and America with advanced medical facilities are dying in thousands, what more if it came here? Let’s just resume normal business operations and move on with our lives while observing health guidelines

  8. If Dora and Chilufya are positive, then there is no corona virus in Zambia unless you are running away from your own criminal shadow. These are very bad examples of getting infected.

    However, all normal Zambians must observe health rules and regulations, let the fools continue fooling only themselves and their minions.

  9. You don’t talk for the sake of it Mr Kambwili. The two ministers have Covid-19 but show no symptoms hence they stay home. Any problem with that??

  10. Freedom of expression at its best from one of the opposition presidential candidates. Suppose they were in office, am sure cases of deaths would have escaleted

  11. Ba Kambwili, ati politics, you WISH death to rise in tandem with the cases. If it rose what would be your comments? Go to any country and ask about performance of Zambian trained Health personel in there , excellent bwana.
    let me leave you there, but remember to appreciate what you have in your own country.

  12. I now believe that Kabwili is extremely dull.In as much as he’s got a point,no meaningful Zambian wishes the number of death to escalate just for him to be satisfied that the covid19 is in Zambia.

  13. Dr Kambwili if more people die as per your wish, you will be losing your voters. The problem with Zambian politiciàns is that they want to win and enter statehouse through misfortune. Kambwili and the rest were praying their would be more deaths. I still remember ia scaring story of no ventilators. Sorry guys – God is with us.

  14. @ UPND: Covid 19 can be detected though swabs, even without symptoms. This is what is meant by being asymptomatic. Do we really need to be rocket scientists to understand this mwe bantu?

  15. Those opposing Kambwili for the sake of it should understand that all those found with Covid are asked to name their contacts and the numbers are announced. How many are contacts to Dora and Chitalu Chilufya? Why is that their cabinet colleagues including the President and their assistants have not been tested and quarantined? It appears for these 2 Ministers, this is a mere game they are playing!!

  16. Yangu ba doctor.
    E reason iyo mwingalachita advance.
    Being a leader can be a thorn in the Flesh.
    That is low caliber thinking.
    Don’t you joke with SARS-CoV-2.

  17. The problem we Zambians have is we will read the 3 top lines of a paragraph and conclude just from there without analysing a single word. No wonder almost everyone was busy praising ECL for his COVID slogan “new normal” and forgot that we have fuel prices still remaining the same here in Zambia despite the over 60% pump price drop. If Zimbabwe in whose economy is much weaker than ours has doped fuel prices. Why should PF see this as an advantage not to? Or have they gone behid the public to negotiate with feeder stations in Zambia to be giving them the extra profits to benefit their party?
    Why are they not longer talking about Gweembe’s black fluid fortune?

  18. Kambwili would be better off using his new found power, to campaign for Mining conglomerates to provide emergency ICU equipment to all hospitals in Zambia as part of their social responsibility. As for wishing evidence of more deaths, maybe he is hardened because he personally is well.

    If he is a non believer, why not make a request to spend a few weeks in the civid19 isolation wards? He might get lucky……….

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