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Government to resume fruit processing plant construction in Mwinilunga,President Lungu Promises Chiefs

Economy Government to resume fruit processing plant construction in Mwinilunga,President Lungu Promises Chiefs

President Edgar Lungu has promised the people of North Western Province that his Government will finish the construction of a fruit processing plant in Mwinilunga District.
President Lungu said construction works at the processing plant which slowed down due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic will soon resume.
Speaking Saturday when he met Chiefs from Mwinilunga District, President Lungu noted that works will commence at the site to ensure that the plant is completed in good time.
The President said the plant once completed, will help add value to the locally produced fruits especially the pineapples that are grown in the area.
“We want that plant to finish and I will officially commission it, we are aware that the works had stopped due to the COVID-19 but people will get back on site again to finish it,” he said.

President Lungu Meeting His Royal Highness, Chief Chinyama
President Lungu Meeting His Royal Highness, Chief Chinyama

And President Lungu said Chiefs have an important role to play in the development of the country hence the need to work with Government in the provision of services to the people.
Mr. Lungu also appealed to traditional leaders to advise civic leaders such as Members of Parliament to support the amendment Bill number ten (Bill No. 10) because of the progressive clauses contained in it, among them, the clauses to improve the governance of  chiefdoms such as boundary conflicts and succession disputes.
And Chief Ntambo who represented other traditional leaders thanked President Lungu for the various developmental programmes taking place in the country.
Chief Ntambo said traditional leaders in Mwinilunga district have resolved to work with Government to ensure that the area is developed for the benefit of the people.
“We, the traditional leaders in the district are happy with what you are doing, you have brought development in all parts of the country. Us here we pledge to work and support you because we know that you have a heart for Mwinilunga,” he said.
Among the traditional leaders who attended the meeting include senior Chief Kanongesha, Senior Chief Sailunga, Chief Ntambo and Chief Chibwika.
President Edgar Lungu has been in North Western Province on a three-day working visit where he inspected some developmental projects being implemented by Government.

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  1. Bufi was Bufi!
    Sounds like Mulungushi Textiles which they said was to open before the 2016 Elections!
    This is posturing for 2021 Elections! The whole working visit was a campaign tour! Is he aware he is not eligible to stand or he wants to “constitutionally” rape Zambians again?

  2. If you will believe Lungu this time then you are f00ls. Lungu lied last time that he was going to open Mulungushi Textiles and you gave him a disputed victory. Lungu is a phoney . You should just kick his ar$se, man!

    • When I hear such pronouncements from pf , mulungushi textiles in Kabwe comes to my head, 2016 presidential campaigns, we saw the usual commissioning and some people busy on machines in the plant, today as we speak how many meters of cloth has Kabwe town produced? Has anyone seen any proudly Kabwe chitenje or blankets? As we approach 2021 a lot of “projects” will be commissioned , we have watched this movie before.

  3. Today, thts whn u think of opening a plant, for how long hv u bn in power? Those are fake election promises, whr is the one which was there? Since privatization ad multi party thing came into being, whr a the industries? He’s jst lying

  4. Eish president Edgar Lungu make lies like child’s play – surely, he tells docile chiefs that fruit-processing plant construction was discontinued due to covid-19 pandemic. Taking Zambians for fools
    PF and Lungu Must Go

  5. Cry our beloved country! Aka ka Lungu ka kabolala, nomba kalefwaya 7 more years!
    That’s why kalelanda ati Bill10 so that kakachinje constitution for the term of office from 5 to 7 years.
    Open your eyes guys, dont let this convicted thief ever cheat you again. With Lungu even for 2 more years Zambia will be a completely failed state.
    This is the same thief that has borrowed too much and stole the money and has hired a Lizard to advise him to borrow even more. When others tried to advise him, the bas.tard thief called them lunatics. Now, with his Lizard in his hands isn’t this proof that he is the Lunatic! Why should people be voting for the convict that has stolen too much from the public?

  6. These are the last kicks of a dying horse. Trying hard to show that he has people in mind.

    PF must pack and go!

  7. Edgar Lungu shall be remembered for destroying the economy.

    What a bad legacy to leave behind and shame will be upon him till the rest of his life.

    PF must go!

    • Ati he resigned from UPND because they are economic managers and not politicians. I remember fork tongued politicians were the in thing Pre independence era and during cold war era, with countries now only interested in trade wars , economic managers make sense now, politicians are at sixes and sevens, classic example Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

  8. Using covid-19 as an excuse to shamelessly tell his lies and push his Bill 10 …there are so many pending national issues in Lusaka but this man thinks this is important..this man is in the wrong job!!

  9. Lungu has no shame. He lies from his backside.

    Just to recap, here are some of his lies:

    1. I am humble.
    2. More jobs for youths.
    3. More money in your pockets.
    4. I will fire corrupt ministers. To date, only Kambwili has been fired.
    5. Investigations into kamwala market will be thorough. Upto now, we have heard nothing.
    6. I will investigate the 42 fire trucks.
    7. Retirees will be paid in full.
    8. We will protect wildlife. Right now, Chitotela is busy selling our rare animals.
    9. Zambia airways will be opened.
    10. Zambia has paid to import power from RSA. This power never arrived, but payment was made…to some corrupt minister account.
    11. I will investigate the 48 houses.
    12. Zambia over borrowing and not accounting where the money has gone.
    13. Borrowed 500 million…

  10. Unfortunately, you have Zambians who will believe his lies! Zambians are so duffed and easy to cheat! I now understand why KK was so frustrated with Zambians to the point of calling them $tupid !diot$! He was right! No one should waste time sympathizing with Zambians and their suffering. They love Mabvuto!

  11. That fruit plant is a need not a want. Don’t bring in commercial farmers. Just get the peasant farmers organised so that the plant is not starved.
    Then Lungu’s government must protect these farmers from imported fruits especially from apartheid South Africa. It is apartheid cos all the farmers in SA are white.

  12. Even in 2021 he will go round these areas talking about voting PF when you want bring development when his officials and cadres are stealing gold from the area

  13. Just over a year left to his last term of Presidency(no third term is allowed) and ECL wants to resume developmental projects.
    Last kicks of a dying horse

  14. He is telling lies……

    He’s GRZ is broke and is hoping to use covid to rip off the international community

  15. All those people in Lazy Lungu’s entourage and OP security from Lusaka camping for 3 days in NW….just look out for the next covid-19 stats in NW…this is a very careless man who has no love for his country.

  16. Y block this? That fruit plant is a need not a want. Don’t bring in commercial farmers. Just get the peasant farmers organised so that the plant is not starved.
    Then Lungu must protect these farmers from imported fruits especially from apartheid South Africa. It is apartheid cos all the farmers in SA are white.

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