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Nkanda yatu pushes zambian fashion outside borders amidst covid-19

Feature Lifestyle Nkanda yatu pushes zambian fashion outside borders amidst covid-19

Zambian fashion house Nkanda Yatu has proven to be a fashionable force of African creativity. Their stylish designs are not only making waves among fashion enthusiasts, they have also won the attention of corporates and government leaders across the country and abroad. Last week, the Ambassador of Angola in Zambia, H.E. Azevedo Xavier Francisco held a meeting with the Head Designer of Nkanda Yatu, Kabaso Nkandu to discuss the role that fashion plays in cementing foreign relations and cultural integration among various African communities. In the private meeting held at the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Lusaka, Kabaso Nkandu presented customised suits to the staff of the embassy, a symbol that the Angolan community in Zambia supports young Zambian businesses.

“With the ongoing closures of borders around the world as a result of the covid19 pandemic, we are calling for more support of Zambian fashion” said  Nkandu, who went on to thank his existing clients for believing in the growth of Zambian fashion and its potential to penetrate international markets. Nkanda Yatu is no stranger to international runways following their successful showcases in Namibia and Botswana since their debut in 2018. The popular fashion brand is headed for even bigger audiences with plans to expand into the lusophone and francophone countries across Africa. “Fashion is not restricted by language, everyone appreciates great style and that is why it unites even people with different cultures, which is the most exciting element of our work” stated Nkandu.

As international travel continues to be uncertain during the covid19 pandemic, Nkanda Yatu has confirmed that they will make efforts to connect with international audiences within Zambia as a method to promote the expansion of Zambian fashion in foreign audiences.

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  1. Why not just call it Nkandu designs, instead of “nkanda yatu”. Everything is about race. Fvckg idyots, rascism can’t end.

  2. This is great news. Africans need to be working together more to establish inter-reigional business relations. A great start up with a lot of potential for growth despite challenges like Covid-19.

  3. You guys are crazy. Fashionable force for African creativity???? Ilikuti African creativity pa picture? Someone is shamelessly pushing a European suit as his own and there you are reporting it as African creativity!!!! Is this how the continent has stopped thinking? Claiming other people’s production as yours is plagiary. That’s why Africa cant develop because no one can come up with his own creation from economists to stylists to Muisicians to Scientists

  4. Congratulations Kabaso, for those that know you understand how hard working you are, may God continue to bless you more and more

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