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OPEN LETTER: Youth Challenges HH to Explain How he Would Solve The Youth Unemployment

General News OPEN LETTER: Youth Challenges HH to Explain How he Would Solve The...


Reference is given to the above stated subject matter.

I am a young Zambian youth, a graduate from the University of Zambia (UNZA). I have decided to write to you on the subject matter as reflected above. I have heard your manifesto and how you intend to provide descent jobs to the youths of Zambia. As you maybe aware, the majority of us youths are unemployed. Statistics indicate that more than 50c/o of the youth population in Zambia is unemployed and most of the youths depend on their vulnerable parents to survive.

The current regime which was voted on the premise that it will absorb youth unemployment among many other promises has failed to deliver what they promised. The majority of us youths are living in abject poverty despite the fact that we have the right educational qualifications. In Zambia today, for a youth to get a descent job it has become a game of connection. You need to be connected to one or two individuals in the corridors of power for you to be given a job. On the other hand, the private sector, has put up tough qualifications especially on the experience part for a graduate to get a job. Most of the jobs that we see around they need 2-7 years experience making it difficult for a young person to get employed.

As a result of this, a good number of our youths end up being frustrated and resort to doing all sorts of things in order to survive. The government seems to have no plan on how to combat this problem.

For those of us who have entrepreneurial skills we do not have the necessary capital to start our own ventures. Am sure you do understand that access to finance especially for small business holders or perhaps startups is a tall order in our nation. I understand that government has a sink fund for youths entrepreneurs but to access this money you need to be connected to power and for some of us we have no relatives in power making it difficult.

1 | PageAs such, I have written this letter to you on behalf of so many youths so that you can explain in clear terms on how you will provide the much needed jobs as well as jump start our businesses when ushered into power. I understand, the majority of us youths we are ready to support anyone including you as long as you tackle this salient issue of unemployment which has rendered us useless in society. You need to tell us the duration in which those jobs will be provided and how you will curb the high levels of nepotism in public offices especially at Public Service Management Division (PSMD). We do not want another fake promise just like the way the Patriotic Front (PF) government did.

We want to assure you that once we evaluate your stance on this matter and if at all it will be feasible enough to address our plight, we are willing to go flat out and campaign for you. We are tired of fake promises and fake politicians who do not even show any concern. All they care about are foreigners who have a high bribing power.

Yous sincerely
Barnabas Robert Zulu Jnr.

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  2. Your Bally, Bally will solve tge unemployment in Zambia currently mishandled by PF government.

    There are a lot of employment opportunities in Agriculture and minim sectors.

    Our Bally being a businessman and farmer he knows what you deserve.

    Youth your task is to register and vote for your Bally in numbers for fit actualize your dreams.

    He is the only one capable of bring us from the bottomless pit which PF government thrown us into.

    Zambia is very rich country and we have been employing lazy and corrupt buggers.

    PF must go!

  3. Do not be be cheated, Bally is just another politician seeking votes . Once in power all politicians are the same. Bally may even be worse.

  4. Ako usulile is what we actually need! Zambians must first repent and apologize to the Mwanawasa Family for the many insults Zambians gave Mwanawasa. Zambians never appreciated Mwanawasa when he was still alive. He was given a rejection vote of 73%. I was in the Diaspora at that time and I could see Zambians becoming very comfortable! When LPM persuaded us to come back home to help rebuild the country, we never hesitated to leave our comfortable jobs and life to help. Then came ba Sata who terminated our contracts and we just closed our Laptops and took the ideas to countries that appreciate professionals! Hope this answers Zulu’s questions. If you want employment or prosperity, you know where to go! The PhD mentality of Zambians can make a great Leadership team look very bad!

  5. (HH) is a cheap politciker. He will leave you more disappointed than RB who destroyed the economy in 2008.
    The PF is working hard to restore our economy.
    Avoid (HH) at all costs. He will privatize our gold mines.
    He’s even going to the extent of calling himself HH – Bally Matore he’s dangerous

  6. Bill Gates, Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and the like are not in politics but have created employment in across the continent of Africa, Europe and USA. Yes HH can be president but to think he holds the key to our many challenges in this country is self deception. His MPs were named in the forest reserve scandal till date Mr Katuka has not gotten back to us neither have they disciplined those mps. To me change of government is just to slow the current corruption not that UPND is not corrupt. They are equally corrupt.

  7. You can’t leave to one individual, especially a fraud called Bally to solve youth unemployment problems. As a graduate we expect you to be more enlightened than most of those that haven’t been to school. There’s no difference between Hichilema and Mubita Nawa because both will give you false hope, except that one is a political liar while the other is a motivational speaker. Try to identify what people use most in society, almost every Zambian now has access to a mobile phone. Peasant farmers have difficulties to access market for their produce. You can create a virtual marketplace or an application or game that can earn you money. Thing of something, no matter how small. It might just trigger a tsunami of funds for you and employment for your colleagues

  8. The perception to employment or career by many Zambians is not based on right foundation if they cannot find a job in the field they trained. When it comes to capital is another story, people want to be given capital on the silver plate without themselves bringing any money to a business. Go and work any job to raise capital. Many Zambians in diaspora have sent money to their relatives and friends to start a business, 97% of these business have flopped. President Kaunda gave free cattle to individuals in Luapula and Northern Provinces so that they could keep animals .Cattle were eaten. Use your education and skills to find capital. No wonder government is giving capital with conditions to a group of people.

  9. Azulu, no one will solve your problems unless we as citizens decide to alleviate ourselves from this poverty situation.

    The only way out is to promote the local manufacturing sector and allow products to be sold to government. Look at most developed countries, they manufacture products for their own consumption and exportation.

    Don’t believe in these politicians, they have their own priorities, believe in God and yourself.

  10. @Lazi
    all those all say dont believe in politicians or politicians are same, some of you even take it a notch further and bring the name of God in all these politics.


  11. Michael @12: you’ve found out the hard way wht people familiar with the woes of business start-ups hv known for years because business school taught it in their courses. That’s the reality both in Zambia and any damn country u can think of. Business is always a risk and things csn go wrong for a variety of reasons. Hw many times hv u heard it said, “oh u can’t go wrong with property”. Nonsense, things can go wrong in property too.

  12. @Aristotle, what am saying is, we shouldn’t expect the politicians to sort out all our problems. As individuals, we have our roles to play.

    That is why there is so much resentment now in Zambia because we once believed a politician who said in 90 days, all our problems will be over.

  13. As a graduate I did not expect you to call for Oval Head to create employment for you! Roll up your sleeves and get dirty! This white collar mentality has spoiled you young men! Politicians are ALL liars this includes your fake bally!!

  14. Till we Zambians learn to trust each other, learn to be honest and not treat our elected officials as God-appointed and could therefore not be asked searching questions, nothing will change. If elected officials are God-appointed, why aren’t they succeeding because God cannot fail?

  15. Asking questions to the wrong person.
    You must be suffering from the DUNUNA REVERSE VIRUS.Please quarantine your brain for 14 days .
    This PF cadre should instead ask ECL and PF what they have done for the youth since 2011.
    The PF have borrowed over $19 billion(as per 2018 UN debt statistics report).But youth unemployment and literacy levels are at the worst in the history of Zambia.

  16. I like to analyze problems in silos and here I will focus on two. 1. EDUCATION: The Zambian education system was designed to produce employees not entrepreneurs. We need to put the university at the centre of society to create enterprises from their research. There can be no new jobs minus creating new enterprises. The devil is in the details. 2. CULTURE: Most university graduates are first generation graduates in their families who work extremely hard to lift their families out of poverty with the first check out of school, This is wrong cultural training. Education should teach you how to think and answer the most urgent social problems not just a skill to fill a role. UNZA, CBU, send us some thinkers and innovators. I end here. That being said, I will be launching a venture capital…

  17. ….venture capital firm soon in Lusaka to fund startups. Don’t ask me where I will get capital, that is why I went to school, to think outside the box. Good day.

  18. Thanks fellow youth. We are resolved. If they have failed to resolve the unemployment crisis now, what guarantee is there that they will sort it out in 2021. Just as UNZALARU advised, we need to try somebody else in 2021. If that somebody fails, we kick him out also, We cant continue like this, and this is now no longer a partisan issue, it is a common sense issue, the failure is so visible everywhere by the people we voted into office. Fellow youths, please wake up, we cant continue. The country is going down and down

  19. Which youth are these? UPND. The reason youth unemployment is so high is because HH privatised our Mines. As a result we don’t get enough GDP, as the Mining conglomerates refuse to pay tax, refuse to pay for electricity cost of production which comes out of our GDP. They refuse to pay decent wages because in order to attract investors to Zambia they are told labour is cheap, as a condition to come. The govts since taking HH’s privatisation strategy of the time, have been powerless to improve job opportunities for Youths and cannot pay civil servants on time their salaries and pensions. THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION TO HH IS “MORE PRIVATISATION.”. It will get worse under the tribalistic, divisive capitalist UPND. Zambians must be sturdy and stay with PF. President Lungu needs to…

  20. THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION TO HH IS “MORE PRIVATISATION.”. It will get worse under the tribalistic, divisive capitalist UPND. Zambians must be sturdy and stay with PF. President Lungu needs to wake up NOW and stop wringing his hands and instead roll up his sleeves and bring to fruition his development projects before 2021 do he can POINT to his accomplishments. President Lungu MUST NATIONALISE all Mines for full GDP control.

    The sad fact is, there are NO OTHER OPPOSITION PARTIES with any credible imagination. Same formula, corruption, in effectiveness. Hungry for power only to feed off the people. We practically need a Prophet sent by God to save this land from greedy politicans.

  21. THINK BIG has said-“There can be no new jobs minus creating new enterprises.”
    That answers your question. All we can ask from politicians is to change our education system and we don’t need hh to come and do that as ECL can equally do it. We need to change our mentality of opening up trading businesses and move to manufacturing-use our abandant hardwoods, stop selling salaula and start making garments in markets, even small things like pvc couplings need to stop being imported etc.

  22. Mr Zulu (Junior), if you have innovative ideas, Bally and most Zambians in Diaspora can fund your project(s) on a joint venture basis. The time you have lost writing this article, could have been best spent on first trying to find a way as ‘You’ first, and the rest later in improving your way of living. Generalisation of probs. many times does not work but instead it should start with you alone first. “What is that you want me that can improve your wellbeing?”

    Instead of going for pay day loans for example, please try to partner with individuals in diaspora under the umbrella of the Zambia Development Agency.

    For your info.(FYI), HH will loose nothing even if he had to loose an election. He is one of a few Zambia’ successful business entrepreneurs we should all be proud of. At…

  23. Cont…

    Let’s get involved as Zambians in mining
    Let’s get involved in farming
    Let’s get involved in learning
    Let’s get involved maturely in politics
    Let’s get involved in security of our nation
    Let’s get involved in protecting our God given rich environment
    Let’s get involved in tourism as Zambians ( Take your family to National parks because the biodiversity belongs to them and not only tourists)
    And lastly, please let’s love one another as Zambians regardless of political clubs one may be affiliated.

    God bless Zambia.

  24. There are three sides to the unemployment puzzle. I am sure many have done good research papers on specifically the cause of the apparent ly high unemployment in Zambia. Here is my take.
    The three sides of unemployment are:
    1. National Leadership / Government Failure to put two key resources to good use, i.e. Human / People resource and National Treasury Resource. The role of National Leadership is to create an “Enabling Environment for Business Enterprise and reducing Government / Political interference in Business.” GRZ should have no business in business. A leadership Ethics code should be in place to restrain leaders from abusing their authority of office to enrich themselves. Above all, Fundamentals of “THE RULE OF LAW” must be firmly in place. Business Property rights must be…

  25. Business Property rights must be respected and protected. No GRZ grabbing of Business assets must be entertained in a Good Business Environment. Due Process of the Law must be observed!
    2. Dependency Mindset of our Zambian citizens with their “Boma Iyanganepo” Syndrome. We love to buy from foreign-owned shops thereby diminishing our own National Commonwealth!
    3. Zambians are too clean and don’t want to get their hands dirty to earn bread by honest means. The Quick money mentality is self-destructive. Unbridled Capitalism has a way of destroying itself. Socialism only breads laziness and dictatorship!
    I will end there. You can expand on the three points.

  26. politicians will always tell you what you want to hear,even when they know that they cant employ everyone.running a farm or having shares in companies is different from running a country

  27. Zambians bola pashi, u talk too much. The President is there, resident at State House ad on a pay roll, every month u pay him. U not questioning him how he hs failed to create jobs for the youth, bt u busy blasting one not in power ad tht u’re a graduate. A graduate failing to question his president bt u want to question one not in power? At now we hv to ask the one with power ad moreover elections is next year, time will come to ask him wht plans he hs for the nation.
    At now, the one in power is the one answerable to our problems, ad wht surprise me is tht, Zambians don’t ask him bt go to ask one in the opposite party. Ad wht if the one u a asking fail to won the elections, wht a u going to do next.
    Zambians the president is answerable us, ask him. He’s the head of the house Zambia.

  28. Barnabas Robert Zulu Jnr I assure you that HH will not fail this country if you check HH’s background he is from a very poor background he is from the village but look were he is now this shows that this guy has got the favor from God to turn this country around the way he turned his life around it can still be applied to Zambia.
    This guy has never complained of being squeezed by government like others in the opposition his business still continue to grow even when he is in the opposition mind you some of the people working for HH’s companies are PF members this guy employs a lot of people in Zambia so i trust him on this that he will do it lets just support him.
    Zambia will turn around under HH in just a few years in office let’s try this guy i believe he will not fail Zambians.

  29. I dont know why we are pleading for the YOUTH when they can see the reality THEMSELVES with their own EYES…Oh i see, THE YOUTH VOTE will decide…. Ok most of the youth are in dire stress. The choice is theirs..Continue as is or try someone else…Best bet is HH. He become successful as a youth even before the so called MINES were being sold. The man currently in State House become successful after becoming President. Now if you hate HH because he is Tonga, try someone else or come up with a youthful President. Alternatively go on with ECL (who does not even qualify) and Inonge…. MUZAMUZIBA YESU by the time you reach 2026…Unless you become a cadre….

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