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Zambian people deserve to know who was behind the gassing of people’s houses-Catholic Bishops

Headlines Zambian people deserve to know who was behind the gassing of people’s...

Catholic Bishops have said that the Zambian people deserve to know who was behind the gassing of people’s houses using unknown chemicals that characterized the country early this year.

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops President George Lungu has urged Zambians to demand for answers from the Authorities over the gassing incidences that tormented people in the country.

In his Homily at Saint Anne’s Cathedral in Chipata, Bishop Lungu said both young and old people were killed during the gassing incidences but wondered why there is too much silence on the matter from the authorities.

He has demanded for answers from the Authorities over the gassing incidences saying failure to tell the nation the truth may ignite the gassing in future.

“People need to know what the cause of the monster that led to the killing of innocent citizens over gassing was. PF Government must tell the people”, he said.

Bishop Lungu lamented that Zambians were tormented over this issue not long ago and silence from the Government shows that they don’t care.

“People much challenge the situation otherwise this evil scheme that change peace loving Zambians will repeat itself”, he added.

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  1. Yes tell us failure to that will make us conclude that the government was behind this…. obviously your so called Spax was your agent because ever since he was arrested everything went quiet.

  2. There is something wrong with us Zambians that is why they take us fro granted..we are too sheepish

  3. Gassing issue needed a commission of inquiry. Why is the so called president avoiding it at all costs. Who will be held accountable for the death of those innocent souls? Their blood is still crying to the load from the ground. Lungu is very supprising indeed. Why does he want the gassing issue to be buried silently when innocent people lost their lives. This guy needs mental check up. He might not be normal.

  4. Common guys, move on.
    The answer was just a hoax like any other.
    – Who is behind of Zambians turning into cats? It’s Katanga.
    – Who is behind of Zambians turning into crocodiles?
    – Who is behind of Freedom Sikazwe is witch at statehouse?
    – Who.is behind of story that Catholic priests are homos?
    Stop pushing fantasies. There was no gassing.

  5. Corrections on my posting above.

    I meant crying to the LORD. The earlier sentence should have read who will be accountable for death of those innocent people not souls because their souls are alive even if they have died

  6. Dont be surprised to hear Lazy Lungu say tomorrow that Priests should not be involved in politics…surely how do these leaders sleep at night!!

  7. A commission of inquiry will be better placed to tell us if it was a hoax. Other than that we are speculating. Why did the hoax die away immediately after some people were arrested and everything started pointing at PF? People died, at least by mob injustice. Justice must be done.

  8. Gassing killed more lives than covid-19 death figure yet someone is sat in State House saying I am President of Zambia.

  9. That’s why i support the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops. They speak without fear or favor. Yes tell us the truth not a wishy washi press re-Bart or a response from the so called government spokes person in the name of Dora Siliya. Because she is going to give a calculated response to this mystery. Who do you think you are kidding. Zambians are mature people and you think you can sweep things under the carpet hopping they will die a natural death. We are being taken for granted by this PF clique who are suppose to be our employees and not our masters. We put them in power not to hide things from us but to tell us the truth. The late John Mwansa sung (Pachipanda batinaulwa pamukoshi lyonse. Fwayeni indoshi taimoneta, Kashi chaimani endoshi) .

  10. This is the 3rd legacy that the PF will leave, failure to investigate and prosecute serious crimes. We’re counting. 1 is wanton pilferage, 2 is celebrating mediocrity. Many more are coming

  11. True we Zambians are waiting for answers, and in this country we are leaving as if we don’t have reader’s, God is lungu alive or dead?

  12. I had this thought running in my mind since gassing stopped, if no answers we shall conclude

  13. Gassing was a Political strategy which failed. The PF idea was to blame the Opposition for the gassing. The gassing was planned and executed by PF Activist and thats why nobody has been taken to Court up to now. The State is protecting the gassers but has no sympathy for the victims of gassing which we believe were State Sponsored . That is why ECL is quiet becoz he knows the Perpetrators of gassing thru out the Country . Come 2021 Elections Voters must punish the PF Gassers. I can’t wait to vote out these PF thugs and their Corrupt PF leaders.

  14. Just forget about it Zambians will never push for this issue to be concluded they have forgotten and will move on come next year they listen to lies and do as they are cheated to do.
    Zambian people are good at burning people to death who they catch stealing whether it’s their tribes person or not but have no ounce of guts to put a thieving and corrupt government to be accountable for their actions, who is a bigger thief between the people you burn and government that steals the very lives of people to replenish theirs.

  15. That’s the tragedy in Zambia. Short memories even over such serious matters. Many people suffered and many died from lynching – after being suspected of being the ‘gassers’. A responsible government should have taken action to get to the bottom of this.

    Just like the inflated purchases of the ambulances, fire tenders, colossal misappropriated funds in the auditor-generals reports, …etc. All but swept under the carpet and forgotten. No action and no pressure or demands for action.

  16. On this one i stand with the bishops we need answers, we should also know which media house trigered the mob justices through their biased reporting. Prim tv should be summoned to appear to the commission of inquiry.

  17. YES, THANKS CREDIBLE BISHOPS, KEEP UNLOADING AND UNLEASH PRESSURE!! Under the PF a lot of terrible crimes have been committed without any conclusive information given to the public; SOBATAGE OF POWER LINES, MARKET FIRES, RITUAL MURDERS, 48 MYSTERIOUS HOUSES, CONFISCATED BUT LATER MISSING DRUGS AND GOLD,GASSING INCIDENCES etc…ALL THESE AND MORE UNDER PF WITHOUT ANY ANSWER REPORTED BACK TO US, THE MASSES, THE EMPLOYERS!! Only you, the Catholic church have a clear voice to talk on our behalf as many in civil society appear to have been bought off!!

  18. The problem is with Zambians. we forget easily, and we don’t work as a team. Look at blacks in USA, one Floyd the entire USA including England is on fire. You like Facebook too much. woke up and fight for your rights. Social media Zambia. Where is KZ on this. Learn from USA. Katanga you promised the people of Zambia over gassing why are you mute? There are a lot of issues we need to know, like who is the owner of the 48 houses? Why is prime Tv not opened by now after the owner apologized? Why is Dora and Chilufya not in quarantine centers but at their homes? Why did the Ministry of Health not announce the covid-19 of Dora but she did on her own and she is the one who informed ministry of health? Who examined Dora for covid-19? Why is the Lusaka-Ndola Dual carriage not been completed but…

  19. …..but started and not completed why? Why are retirees not paid. Thank you Catholics Bishops for reminding the people of Zambia. Quickly pay retirees.

  20. Government you cant put this issue of Gassing under the carpet and concentrate on bill-10. Tell us what happened and who were involved. Sparks was seen seated with Kampyongo and ECL tell us the connection of a jerabo with state house? Last time we wanted to know why Findlay was found on official duties with the president, all we heard was Findlay charging Kambwili. KZ is very free after causing a lot of damage to peoples property but not questioned. Go to youtube and hear the facts from Seer1. Pay retirees at PSPF. Retirees are suffering too much consider of paying them please twapapata ba PF.

  21. KZ

    Tell lungu we will never forget the gassing of our people and the innocents lynched by irate mobs as a direct result of your gassing….

    Those saying it was a hoax are wrong , the whole GRZ including scientists watched while innocents were being lynched , because of a hoax ???

    They watched for a whole 3 weeks ?

    That hoax story won’t stick….

    Wake up, that was no hoax , only after foreign diplomats dragged lungu for a brief did he act,

    We want answers……

  22. Those trying to push the hoax narrative have a small problem….

    The whole GRZ , that is OP , ZP , ZA , which has many learnedly men and women,…….watched this hoax play out for close to a month , while innocents were being burned alive in our towns ????

    Nahhh…….takana iyo boza

    Sorry , lungu will have to come clean on this one……

  23. Lazy Lungu can’t go a Catholic churches now with covid-19 to give big donation in form of a bribe.

  24. Don’t compare yourselves to America. American police don’t use guns on protesters wile Zambian ones do.

  25. Iam one of those who want to know was not only gassing people but killing them as well , the government must tell the nation who was behind all that devilish acts .
    Zambians want to know they shouldnt keep quiet as if nothing happened to zambians we lost more lives to that evil occurrence.

  26. These PF people cares less about many things. Surely, innocent lives were lost sparked by gassing, and then it is easily swept under their red carpet just like that? Well I said they care less about many things. Look at how they have devalued Council workers. They have reduced the Council workers to destitutes. Salaries are given to them like a dog in a hungry stricken house where they’re little left overs and it is those left overs that are given to Council workers as Salaries. These PF thugs promised by June all the salary arears for Local authority workers will be squared, but what is happening? Today is June and arears keep accumulating. Surely wise Zambians you want to continue keeping these blood liars in Government? Awe mwandi. How many times will they liar and you clap for the?…


    Vote wisely next time…….

    From all the levies collected , there should be enough for salaries , but those levies are dished out amogest PF thugs who keep lungu in power…..

  28. It was obviously some elements of the PF.

    Everyone knows that.

    Just like they torched Kamwala market. In part to justify the purchase of those wheelbarrows. That was a time when fires were a common thing in Zambia. All done by your elected leaders.

    These PF thieves are so evil, even satan would reject them entrance into hell.

  29. This was a very sinister and devilish plot. The nation must get to the bottom of this and hold all culprits responsible. We dare not forget less history repeats itself!


  31. Kaizer Zulu survives lynching in Mumbwa over gassing
    24 February 2020 21:45
    STATE House Aide Kaizer Zulu on Sunday escaped lynching in Mumbwa’s Nambala area when he was caught in the company of some Indians suspectedly supervising the gassing of people.
    Police sources revealed that Zulu was only served by police officers and quickly whisked to Mumbwa Zambia Airforce base.
    “We dont know what Kaiser was doing in Nambala area where he was with some Zambians of Indian origin. At the time they were in the area there were incidences of gassing,” the source said.

  32. Gassing Suspect Committed To The High Court
    The Chingola Magistrate Court has committed to the High Court a 37 year old man who was allegedly found with some chemicals suspected to be used on the gassing of homes.
    This is in a matter Evans Mulenga is charged with the offence of being in possession of articles for terrorism contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
    When the matter came up before Chingola Resident Magistrate Peggy Banda, Mulenga was charged on two counts of being in possession of articles for terrorism and chemicals without lawful authority contrary to the laws of Zambia.
    Particulars of the offence are that on 15th January, 2020, Mulenga while acting with other persons unknown had in possession of two bottles containing a combination of chemicals suspected to be used in gassing…

  33. When an issue links PF, it either under goes a nolle proseque, or just plain silence, to them that is being clever ????

  34. flag The rate of fresh affronts has often outpaced the capacity to digest – or even describe – them.Amwappealing Ntewenyokola

    With Chagwa and his PF, the rate of incompetent fresh affronts has often outpaced the capacity to digest – or even describe – them. Just trying to keep pace in itself is exhausting, Zambia is all at sea out there! Next time someone aspires for office without a vision, know they’re a kleptomaniac incompetent, RUN!

  35. Lets bring all those who killed innocent people on mere suspiscion of being gassers to book.

    @tarino orange can you confirm by way of a lab report even one death from gassing? If you cant then stop being part of that same mob mentality that killed innocent people, you are the same ones that incite others to burn people alive.

    What happened was such a terrible thing never before seen in this country we pray those who were behind the mass hysteria and any acts to cause this evil receive a just punishment.

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