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Global Peace Will Only Be Achieved With the Full and Effective Participation of Women

General News Global Peace Will Only Be Achieved With the Full and Effective Participation...

Global peace will only be achieved with the full and effective participation of women because the female gender has the ability to improve the effectiveness of peacekeeping operations, Zambia has told the United Nations.

Zambia has, therefore, reaffirmed her commitment to the UN peace and security efforts around the globe.

Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula has celebrated the efforts of the women peacekeepers undertaking their mandate, especially those in the frontline during the time of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Ambassador Simbyakula assured the UN that Zambia’s commitment to peace and security will remain resolute and continue to play a critical role in UN Peacekeeping Operations.

He said the UN had ranked Zambia among the top 20 contributors of uniformed personnel to the UN peacekeeping operations because the Zambian Government valued the contribution of women in peacekeeping missions.

Ambassador Simbyakula said this during a virtual side event to mark the International Day of Peacekeeping under the theme: “Women in Peacekeeping; a Key to Peace.”

Dr. Simbyakula said Zambia is concerned with the fact that female peacekeepers continue to face various challenges and barriers hampering their full and meaningful participation in peacekeeping operations.

And UN Secretary-General António Guterres is concerned that women have continued to represent only 6 percent of uniformed military, police, and justice and corrections personnel in field missions.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by First Secretary for Press at the Permanent Mission of Zambia to the United Nations Wallen Simwaka.

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  1. He was in Parliament since 2016, and he failed to formulate law in Zambia that promotes women empowerment. So now he ll do that at the UN? Imwe ba UN, chase that baboon away from yo highly respected offices pls before it start urinating in yo corridors.

  2. And this Isaac Chimpampe guy just releases a statement that heads of states condemned the killing of George Floyd in the US. Please elaborate that the killing of an un armed black American called George Floyd in the US. How do you just say George Floyd, does every body know George Floyd?

  3. Diasporans come back home. You are not wanted there abroad. Why stay in a place where you are considered inferior and killed. However we will only let in those with no criminal records and you will have to regain your citizenship the right way. Kz

  4. And u Kaizer Chuulu, are u wanted in Zambia? In yo own country by the way, u ll run away like a foreigner. Ask one of Rupiah Banda’s sons?

  5. Where women are involved there is peace, indeed a woman care taker of the family , this really helps in development putting women in participation

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