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Restoring the right of audience of Lawyer John Sangwa State Counsel before all Courts in Zambia applauded

General News Restoring the right of audience of Lawyer John Sangwa State Counsel before...

GEARS Initiative Zambia has applauded the judiciary for restoring the right of audience of Lawyer John Sangwa State Counsel before all Courts in Zambia.

McDonald Chipenzi, the Organisation Executive Director says this development has demonstrated lenience and tolerance by the Zambia Judiciary.

He has commended both the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court for being tolerant.

The Judiciary has restored the right of audience of Lawyer John Sangwa State Counsel before all Courts in Zambia.

However, the Judiciary says with regard to the complaint by the Judiciary against Mr. Sangwa, it still stands and will remain before the Law Association of Zambia to be determined in accordance with the rules of the LAZ Legal Practitioners’ Committee.

On the 13th March, 2020, the Judiciary suspended the right of audience of Mr. John Sangwa before the Zambian Courts following some statements which were published in the News Diggers Newspaper and attributed to Mr. Sangwa.

The statements in issue were considered contemptuous and hence the suspension of his right of audience before the Courts and the lodgment of a complaint against him to the Law Association of Zambia by the Judiciary.

The Constitutional Court also began the process of prosecuting Mr. Sangwa for contempt of Court. At the initiative of some State Counsel, Mr. Sangwa engaged the Constitutional Court over the statements attributed to him.

The said process of engagement culminated in a statement issued by Mr Sangwa and published in the News Diggers Newspaper Edition of 22nd May, 2020.

In a letter signed by Chief Registrar and Director of Court Operations Charles Kafunda, in view of the Statement issued by Mr. Sangwa, the Constitutional Court will not proceed with the intended contempt charges against him.

The letter has been copied to the Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, President of the Constitutional Court, all judges of the Constitutional Court and Mr Sangwa.


  1. So as I see it they will pressure LAZ to sanction Sangwa SC so that the difference at he end of the day will only be about who expelled him. Ifyabupuba.

  2. International pressure has yeilded fruit!
    Sangwa is one of the best legal minds this country has ever had. His success speaks for itself. The number of lawyers he has trained speaks for itself.
    But now look at the lawyers in pf. Tutwa ngulube, makebi, kbf and of course his excellence, who did a commendable job of earning a debarring by swindling a widow. There is no comparison. Sangwa alone is way better, way more successful than all the pf lawyers

  3. Sangwa himself apologised and claimed he has been misquoted by the media in all he has been saying.

  4. Chipenzi there is no need to applause this. You better applause the International Organizations for this, now lets wait for International Organizations also to put pressure on Zambian Government to open Prime Tv. PAY RETIREES AT PSPF

  5. After apologizing lets see if he is still going to be against bill 10 or maybe he has been paid off to keep quiet PF is corrupt there are not even ashamed of corruption see how they go up and down buying Councillors.

  6. They had no case in the first place, the same statement that ‘judges in the concourt are not competent’ is the same content in his earlier letter to parliament telling them not to approve of their appointment. If it was not an offence then, it could not be one one, even LAZ won’t find him guilty of any breach. The issue has been in public domain since the concourt was established.
    And for the person above saying Sangwa said that he was misquted, you clearly never read his article in Diggers! he only said he WAS NEVER CLAIMED TO BE A CONSTITUTIONAL LAW EXPERT, EVERYTHING REMAINS THE SAME.

  7. There was a time Kenneth Kaunda was literally Almighty in Zambia. Hos son Kambarage Kaunda could shoot Tabeth Mwanza in cold blood but he would just let Annel Silungwe, his relative by marriage, preside over the appeal case with all the conflict of interest, and acquit Kambarage. This was even after Kambarage confessed he shot the fatal bullet, the least the Annel Silungwe court could have done was reduce the matter to manslaughter and give a suspended sentence, but acquitting all together just shows how powerful KK was, then! Look at him today. With Lungu, he must know that all thios victimisation of opponents will come to pass. Chiluba enacted laws to fix sexual competitors, but look how he died! Lungu is dead deaf, to deliberately cross the rubicon like this knowing only too well the…

  8. A chipenzi, tulo. What leniency and tolerance when all this was necessary in the first place. Sangwa has the right to express an opinion, and who is going to pay Sangwa for loss of income during the illegal shut out, when the man was not even heard. Somebody just wakes up and bars somebody from attending court, that’s his career, that is deprivation. Every thing has crumbled in this once promising country

  9. They knew all along that what he has been saying all along that they are not qualified is the truth and so they have done this as a way for this issue to die a natural death.

  10. How can you say ” this development has demonstrated lenience and tolerance by the Zambia Judiciary” when the matter was not supposed to be dealt by the Judiciary? the Judiciary could only have dealt with the matter if there was lawsuit before any of its courts. The lenience could only have rightly and lawfully come from LAZ not Judiciary!!!

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