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Dr Chilufya must step down to pave way for investigations-UPND

Feature Politics Dr Chilufya must step down to pave way for investigations-UPND

The United Party for National Development (UPND) is baffled at the magnitude of sarcasm from State House that “there is no law compelling Lungu to fire a corruption accused minister” as reported in today’s edition of News Diggers! Newspaper.

While we appreciate that everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law, we are of the strong view that allowing Dr Chitalu Chilufya to continue holding on to his ministerial portfolio while he facing a myriad of corruption investigations levelled against him is immoral and defies logic.

The reason why influential people under investigations are supposed to leave office is to create an enabling environment for investigations to take place. Some people wield a lot of power and influence which can be used to interfere with witnesses or instil fear in investigation officers.

We feel that allowing Dr Chilufya to continue in his portfolio will make it difficult for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to efficiently and effectively carry out investigations owing to the fact that a sitting minister wields so much power and for an investigations officer, who is a public officer, from the Commission to proceed to investigate his or her political boss would amount to burning their fingers.

Already, we have seen how invisible hands from the powers that be have tried to interfere in interrogations against Dr Chilufya, the latest being a month ago when sources at ACC revealed that there was high level interference in corruption investigations against Dr Chilufya (Mast dated 23rd May, 2020).

We feel that Mr Lungu is setting a very bad precedence by shielding people accused of corruption such as Dr Chilufya who command a lot of influence as a minister, as the move hampers the country’s strides in the fight against corruption.

Therefore, owing to the gravity of the allegations being levelled against Dr Chilufya at hand, the UPND would like to call on him to step aside in order to allow for investigations to be concluded after which he can be reappointed.

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  1. Would I be wrong to think that upnd has a limited thinking capacity? Didn’t they say the same when chitotela was being questioned? Don’t they expect the same outcome? Freshen up and think Morden please.

  2. (HH) Bally Matore should resign from UPND for stealing Privatization money from Copperbelt.
    UPND keep doing the same tricks year after year with no result.
    They don’t even have a campaign song for next year.

  3. When you read the article by Isaac Mwanza as Chenda above has put it, you will see how useless upnd’s Kakoma comments are. Same failed strategy. How does a group call themselves politicians but fail so much since 2006 like these upnd zealots????

  4. Why can’t he step down for smooth investigations to take its course.

    If he knows that he innocent, it is better for him to step aside on principle and moral grounds if Edgar Lungu is afraid suspend until full investigations are complete.

    Chilufya Chitalu is very arrogant and he has been interfering with ACC investigation team.

    PF must go!

  5. In a sane society that would be the case.
    Even in china, if you are facing corruption investigation, you step down or are fired.
    But people must understand what is at play here. Dr. Chilufya has presidential ambitions. This is simply meant to intimidate him into dropping those ambitions. Dr. Chilufya has a large following in the undergrowth and unfortunately lungu has gotten wind of it. Do now he wants to root out the threat.
    Look here, if pf hold a convention, lungu will lose if a person like chilufya or kbf stood against him. That is why the “sole candidate” song has been ringing even though it has been rejected by genuine pf members. It is the same reason why lungu is pushing Bill 10. Its about survival!
    Dont be surprised if only a frog is allowed to stand against lungu at the pf…

  6. Lungu protects his own so expect nothing to be done yet they will tell you zambians to have faith in the same failed institutions that fail to do their job. What is wrong in stepping down and allow investigations to go on unhindered?, unless he is afraid of something and will use his portfolio to shield himself.

    His Boss [email protected] Mukula [email protected] is urging Kitalu to stay on as they know once they don’t hold the levers of Power, the plunder for them is over!
    With Gold discovered, [email protected] & Kitalu are Salivating @ the prospect of lining their own pockets whilst Zambians starve due to mismanagement of the economy, resources & institutions of Government by these 2 Bandits with an insatiable voracious appetite for a Corrupt Dollar!

  8. In a country where accusations are the order of the day or are part of politics, the whole ruling part will need to resign. The next batch will also have to resign etc etc.

  9. Is this the breed that ever steps down, the ubomba mwibala alya mwibala staff are the true kufwa na no characters. Aba beve bakangiwa. I hope UPND will come make a difference. If you will behave like these PF guys, you will also go quicker than you will come in. Lamentable failure, VIVID is the word. Kukangiliwatu…zero.

  10. Lungu set a precedent when he suspended Mutembo Nchito in order to pave way for some smooth investigations .Now he has grown cold feet on Chitalu Chilufya .The reason is there written on the wall for Zambians to look through .There is a law for the PF members and another for the rest .Zambians please jog your memories Please ! Remember that man , a lawyer who stole money from his client and was suspended from practice .

  11. Instead of UPND pushing for a Clause in the Constitution that will compel a Minister or anybody facing an investigation to step down from the positions to pave way for unbiased investigations, Kakoma is arguing without citing anything in the Constitution.

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