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AFCONS Infrastructure Limited to plant 2211 trees along all the roads under their project

General News AFCONS Infrastructure Limited to plant 2211 trees along all the roads...

AFCONS Infrastructure Limited, a company contracted by the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Local Government for the construction and upgrading of various roads and junctions in Lusaka will plant 2211 trees along all the roads under the project.

As part of the construction project, the contractor has resumed construction works on Road Nos. 26 Great East from Kabwe Roundabout to Palm Drive, 28 Independence from Kafue to High Court and 34 Haile Selassie.

Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager George Sichimba said that the works commenced on 3rd June, 2020 and estimated to be completed on 31st December, 2020.

Mr. Sichimba said that Independence Avenue and Great East Roads will be expanded into six lanes while Haile Selassie road will be expanded into a dual carriageway.
“Due to this massive expansion, LCC anticipates that a number of trees along the three roads will be uprooted,” he added.

“However, LCC wishes to assure members of the public that the contract has a component of re-planting trees embedded in it and a total of 2211 trees with be planted covering all the affected roads under the project”.

Mr. Sichimba stated that Planting of trees along the roads that have been completed will commence in the next two weeks while planting of trees along the above stated roads will be done soon after construction works.

He further stated that Planting of trees will be done with the guidance from LCC.

The PR Manager said that the Council is well aware that some residents, especially those who have lived in Lusaka for a long time, are emotionally attached to the trees along the roads of Lusaka and they are likely to be emotionally affected.

He advised that existing street lights will equally be affected but new ones will be installed as part of the contract.

The Local Authority has further called for understanding from members of public as the project is very important.

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  1. These PF bwafya. Planting trees in dry season, is it Lusambo who will be urinating in them?

    • Okay, these have failed completely but just use civil language and stop behaving like him who is curtailing freedom of speech in Lusaka. A simple cadre who thinks his appointment as minister is the greatest thing, handling rags to riches is a big issue.

  2. Excellent. It is necessary to protect the environment as we expand. Tress are air purifiers they turn carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis……….or something like that! The larger lanes along our main roads will affect the quality of air we breath. The trees will help clean our air.

    I suggest all citizens also copy this by planting trees in their gardens/yards. The tall leafy ones are best. Keep green leafy plants indoors too to help purify air in homes. What who is AFCON? In Zambia this means 2 indeginous citizens joining up with Western investors….who take the money out of the country. Hope I’m wrong.

  3. Pensulo- mangos never fruit in public streets as they are harvested prematurely by hungry chaps who will eat unripe fruits with salt.

  4. Why is this news when this another grossly inflated project which our children will have to pay off.

  5. This is a good idea but I just wonder where the trees will be planted bcoz the expanded roads have in most cases exhausted the spare space where trees can grow well.What the council should do is to tell those who are erecting office blocks or expanding houses to stop cutting trees in their plots. They are modifying our quiet and “garden” like residential areas into hot,dusty,concrete jungles!PLEASE START PLANNIG SHANTIES FOR NEW ESTATE DEVELOPMENT,NOT MODIFYING THE ALREADY PLANNED AREAS!!

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