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Given Lubinda Says Government Owes Retires K 508 million, To Start Paying On Monday

General News Given Lubinda Says Government Owes Retires K 508 million, To Start...

The government will start the disbursement of funds to retired Government employees on Monday, June 8, 2020. Justice Minister Given Lubinda has said that the Government owes about K508m to the verified number of 12,458 retirees.

Speaking during a press briefing held in Lusaka today, Mr.Lubinda said the process of verifying the payment schedule for the beneficiaries dates as far back as 2019 and has dragged due to unsuccessful verification.

He explained that some of the schedules submitted contained duplication of names and the Government had to be extra cautious to avoid double payments to the retirees.

And speaking to journalists after the briefing, one of the beneficiaries, ETHEL ZEKO, who will receive the money on behalf of her late mother expressed gratitude to President EDGAR LUNGU for looking into the plight of the retirees.

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  1. Excellent development. Patience pays off. The main thing is we stuck to our obligation to fulfil what we are required to do..come Monday.. zingena. But please be responsible with that money. Invest in long term assets. Do not end up like those jokers in diaspora who do not own a single asset in diaspora and are treated as second class citizens. We take a knee with them in solidarity, however the difference is that we are kneeling on the ground and land we own. Kz

  2. KZ

    Tell lungu we have not forgotten about the gassing of our people by PF and the resulting 50 horrific deaths of innocents….

  3. Corrupt Lungu selling gold mine for peanuts.

    Our president is a mental patient.

    And his pit bull Lusambo is a total disgrace.

    I am glad people are now seeing these thieves for what they are.

    We want our country back.

  4. Pay ASAP as most have since passed on waiting for this day to come. Anyways better late than never, we’ll be watching.

  5. All this time you never paid them because you see election are near you start doing the right thing but its too late 2021 is to go.

  6. It is true there is no perfect govt on earth but PF this kind of campaign governance should stop. After dragging people through misery five years and counting now you want to start putting band aids on the wounds? Where were you all this time when people were dying of depression because they did not receive timely retirement benefits? So all of a sudden Zambians should forgive you for five plus years of ineptitude. Fellow Zambians, take your retirement benefits you worked for them. But remember to do the needful at the ballot next year. HH 2021, we need new running shoes. Lubinda it is time to retire yourself, you are out of ideas papa. Zambia PF is not taking you anywhere, forewarned is foretold. Take your destiny in your own palms.

  7. SIGNS THAT YOUR GOVT IS LEADING YOU THE WRONG WAY: 1. when you minister of justice is not a trained lawyer 2. when your minister of defence is not a military man 3. when your minister of finance is not an economist 4. when your mayors are cadres and not city builders in the mold of former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg. There are many things where you can apply common sense and positive thinking in life but governance is not one of them. It calls for systematic application of specialized knowledge. Imagine a multinational like BP appointing an HR person as CFO. But you find Zambians electing people from the streets as their administrators. Wake up Zambia! Politics of the belly died in the 19th century, now countries have to compete hard or they will be swallowed like China has swallowed…

  8. You should also settle Council workers their arrears before you exist you thugs. God has heard their predicament and that’s why you’re exiting very soon, but so that God should not punish you in your retirement, make sure you settle all dues. It’s too late to revive your image, but like a wise sterward in the Bible who made made peace with his workmates before he got fired, you should learn from him. Because you’re about to be fired. Zambians are bitter because you’re taking them for granted. Mwajaila imwe vi mfiti ba PF, Kuvutisa bana babene. Out!!!! In Jesus name!!!

  9. Only low lifes like KZ would cheer to this! Simple maths tells me that each of the over 12000 retirees will only get about k40,000. If you noticed, the non learned justice minister said the amount has been outstanding for over 20 years! To financial geniuses like “lizard” money not paid for 20 years has lost value unless it will be paid with market interest!

    #fufufu veve

  10. Guys! This time no drinking as payment for campaigning for scam. STAY SOBER!!! Youth! STAY SOBER!!!! No Tujilijili!

  11. what time is the Presidential National Address as of today…?? Someone to help me out here. thank you

  12. This is historical and a miracle, am i dreaming or what? This guy when ever he opened his garlic teeth, he only chewed about bill 10.

  13. retirees are supposed to be paid immidiately they leave their offices and not to wait for years and die in the process and even getting worse old so that they fail to plan what to do due to stress .

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