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Operation Young Vote Says Expulsion of KBF from PF is ill-timed and Suicidal

Headlines Operation Young Vote Says Expulsion of KBF from PF is ...

Operation Young Vote has said that the expulsion of Presidential Aspirant Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) from the Patriotic Front (PF) by the Central Committee has vindicated those that say PF isn’t receptive to divergent views let alone those that are brave to lay bare and express their Presidential ambitions.

In a statement released to the media, OYV said that ridding itself of rooted and focused leaders, with a following like KBF, when there are deep cracks in the party, and only slightly over 400 days before the Presidential and General elections in 2021, is not only ill-timed and suicidal, but also nailing the part to the cross of defeat.


Below is the full statement


Not only has the expulsion, of Presidential Aspirant Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) from the Patriotic Front (PF) by the Central Committee, vindicated those that say PF isn’t receptive to divergent views let alone those that are brave to lay bare and express their Presidential ambitions.

Why is it that whenever someone expresses interest to exercise their right to offer themselves for leadership especially at the level of challenging the incumbent they suddenly become ‘sinners’, unpatriotic and bad persons inimical to the ideals and objectives of the party. People’s suspension that the PF leadership is only interested in bootlickers and praise singers and not credible persons that can diligently serve and save the party and the nation is becoming crystal clear, consolidated and confirmed by such acts like that of expelling KBF.

The PF leadership should have found a better way of resolving the conflict brought about as a result of KBF’s interest to offer himself for party presidency challenging the status quo. Dialogue and negotiations between and among the conflicting and interested parties through the give and take doctrine would have yielded far much better and uniting result both in the immediate and in the near future. What PF should know that power or money win never win them an election. It is the people that win elections because power to decide so lies with the people. Ridding itself of rooted and focused leaders with a following like KBF when there are deep cracks in the party and only slightly over 400 days before the Presidential and General elections in 2021 is not only ill-timed and suicidal but also nailing the part to the cross of defeat.

On the other hand, the behavior of the PF leaders both in the party and Government is so vexing and appalling towards citizens in the country. How does one explain the ill-treated Zambians subjected day in day in their own country at the hands of foreigners and yet the leaders they elect to protect them said with ba mwaisa. Shame! If the PF thinks it can sacrifice the Zambians in this fashion and expect to win the elections next year they must rethink this strategy and attitude. How does one explain the utterances of Mr. Bowman Lusambo towards citizens who are merely exercising their Constitutional right to express themselves?

OYV would like to remind the Minister Lusambo and the PF that they DO NOT OWN Zambia, neither do they own anyone in Zambia. It must dawn in them as individuals and collectively that it is just but a privilege bestowed on them by God through the same Zambians to merely preside over the affairs and resources of the country which will one day be taken away. Mr. Bowman Lusambo and all the PF leaders including those in the opposition must realise that they are servants and NOT Bosses.

OYV is therefore demanding sanity in the manner those in Government/the Duty Bearers are treating the Zambians who are the Bosses/Rights Holders who must not be subjected to slavery conditions in their own motherland. Mr. Lusambo must remember where he is coming from and if he is honest with himself – He must apologies for threating innocent Zambians and not pushing them into apologizing. No one has been in leadership forever. Your being there must tell you that there was someone before you and certainly there is someone coming after you. Zambians may seem to be silent today – but when they decide to break the silence, it is very devastating on those that think they can abuse them. This is friendly and free advise we are offering – You do no need to pay us the infamous $ 5 million.

For and on Behalf of Operation Young Vote (OYV)

Guess Nyirenda (Mr.)
Executive Director

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  1. Guess Nyirenda, if you thought PF is democratic party you were wrong to think like that. First, ask yourself how Edgar Lungu ascended PF party president?

    Where do you elect a president by show of blows, fist and pangas flying in the air!?

    Is that what you call democracy? KBF too, knew that he was just trying his luck and obviously he knew what was coming ahead of him.

    Right now PF is left for thugs to devour each other and possibly those who have stolen enough will carry the day in their quest to salvage the remain PF carcass.

    PF is sitting on the ticking time bomb and as things stand now with looming uprisings due to economic hardship, PF is do desperate and Edgar Lungu is failing to read the mood on the ground.

    PF is finished.

  2. This KBF has no place in PF. He should go form his party and we see what following he has. Alternatively he can go join his friend Kambwili.

  3. Guess Nyirenda – Why don’t you just adopt KBF if he is that popular? Stop hiding under Nothing Going On. Your reference to $5 million shows that you are childish and immature – you think debt restructuring is a joke and any f.ool can go and sit down with these lending monsters and discuss? Stick to your learn on government recklessness and not on issues you have no idea about.

  4. Imwe bantu, what nosence is the young voters yapping. Pf is a club and they chose who remain as members. So KBF is thrown out well and good. Actually pf is giving those aspiring for office opportunity to do so. For example, KBF may win on another party platform. If KBF is the one who deliver presidency as he claims, he will win not on pf. Other parties should be celebrating. Come on, the chief rigger of election has moved from our sworn enemy. Does it not mean our enemy is neutralized. I may not be getting right. Is the young voter fimofimo part of pf or they are activists seeking better governance in Zambia. If this is the case, how come they are complaining when a KBF is shown the door. Let us see what he can do. We Bemba characters are very amusing.

  5. Rules are rules. If he is very popular why doesn’t he stand under his own party. I am sure he can afford to register a new party. He still has time to do this before 2021. As for us in pf we are satisfied with our choice of leader to take us into the upcoming elections.

    By the way I want to start roll call for all those asylum seekers in diaspora. More so especially those in America. Due to current events there which have shown us how blacks are treated there abroad, we consider that your lives are at risk. Therefore I need you all to comment below with the words ” ni pema ” if you are alive. We still care for you even though you are filled with hate

  6. KBF just report PF Central Committee to Seer 1. They will reverse this decision at lightning speed. Can u not see that when Seer 1 talked about paying retirees, some minister has moved in very fast. On a separate note: who allowed Shoprite to build a shop next to a clinic? Whoever approved that project has a very serious problem. To get into the clinic, u have to pass through shoprite area. What kind of thinking is that!!

  7. Why would the so called operation youth, even care KBF has been expelled? What notable thing did he do in Zambia for any voter over the age of 20 want to support him? What makes KBF electable? This is a quarrelsome article sponsored by opposition to muddy the publicity waters of PF. In my observation, KBF did not work well with the party thereby making him unsuitable go be president. That requires the ability to win over ones party members and the ability to provide a vision for success.

    The action taken to expell him was correct and timely (before election hear), because he was fractious and would have caused dessent in election year. Unity is important in a party otherwise voters perception may be negative.

  8. He was already expelled last year and someone found a letter date stamp it and gave it to him again last month. This is not the last we are seeing – next year same letter will be stamped and given to him. If I were him and I dont need to be in the party I could ask them to give me all the letters through the years in advance.

  9. The PF of today is filled with chances lie Bowman and Moonga…even Sata would not accept these characters

  10. I salute KBF because he does make a lot of sense that is why thieves in PF do not want his progressive ideas .


  12. Most of this doesn’t matter. There will likely be a death and vaccumm in PF leadership. All those fighting are just making sure they can conteol the replacement when the one on top now passes on. It will be a very ugly ending for a greedy bunch.

  13. This is the end of PF soon cat and dog fights will erupt like a volcano in PF between ( MMD/PF members and the real founders of PF like KBF ) just wait and see PF is going next year.

  14. Fights will erupt like a volcano in PF between ( MMD/PF members and the real founders of PF like KBF ) just wait and see PF is going next year.

  15. Baka mubwesa KBF, in the name of unity hoping that their threats have achieved their desired results. But 2021 kuya bebele no matter how much money, bags of mealie meal, or bricks and roofing sheets you donate. We shall eat everything and still show you our teeth on polling day 2021.

  16. Viva Lusambo, viva President Lusambo. I put my money on Lusambo! President of thugs I meant to say!

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