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Zambian Youths: You Represent The Largest Group of Cowards Zambia has Ever Produced


Columns Zambian Youths: You Represent The Largest Group of Cowards Zambia has Ever...

By Nevers Sekwila Mumba President, New Hope MMD

This Message is dedicated to the Zambian Youths between 15 and 35 years old: I want every young Zambian to look into my eyes and listen to me with both your ears and your hearts. You represent the largest group of cowards Zambia has ever produced. You have proved to be spineless. You have watched the country you are going to manage in a few years get wrecked and you are silent. I sometimes wonder if you have any interest in your country. How shall you lead this country without passion and courage? I know you are angry at my words. Yes, I want you angry. I repeat You are a bunch of COWARDS. For some reason you think the country does not need your input. You are afraid of being arrested, imprisoned, and ostracized. Somehow you believe good things come cheap.

If the current crop of youths were the ones we had in the early sixties, we would probably still be under colonial rule. But our fathers were fearless, resolved to secure the freedoms we now enjoy. They were beaten, imprisoned, and even killed so that you and I can today sing, “ Stand and sing of Zambia proud and free..” we salute their courage and selfless commitment to our country. This early breed of youth grew up differently. They walked without shoes to segregated schools. They used outside latrines for toilets. They fetched water and firewood early in the morning before they could be allowed to go to school. They made their own beds and swept the surroundings every day. They were brought up with strong culture and character. They were warriors.

Your generation grew up in front of the television playing video games. Your world is a virtual one on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A driver takes you to school and picks you up. A maid makes your bed and someone washes and irons your clothes. With these comforts, some of our youth have no fight in them. You shy away from anything that looks like a fight. Our forefathers fought and delivered freedom for us. To create a better future for yourselves, you too must be ready to fight. Nothing good comes on a silver platter. Stop hiding behind your laptops and strange English accents, come out and challenge us not to destroy your future by our corruption and greed.

Challenge us not to auction your gold. Challenge us not to sell your birthright to foreigners. Challenge us not to insult your intelligence by relying on foreigners to think for us in restructuring the debt we recklessly accrued. If you don’t challenge us, you shall inherit a wrecked nation.

I call for courage amongst our youth. If you belong to a political party, learn to ask the difficult questions to your senior officials. If you are in the opposition ask us to be clear about the future we intend to create for you. Ask us why we wish to assume power.

Challenge us to include you in our planning. If you belong to the ruling party ask difficult questions as to how some of them have become so rich overnight. Ask and keep on asking until they change. It is your future.

We are forming “FREEDOM FROM FEAR” CAMPAIGN Committees in all provinces. These shall demand answers from the government. They shall use all democratic means to get answers from the government. The youth of Zambia, you may not have grown up as we did, but if we are lions who have spoiled our cubs by spoon-feeding you, I have good news for you. Inside you are a real unprovoked lion. I am here to provoke you to start asking the questions. You are real lions.

I invite young people to courageously join our political ranks. I am determined enough to push for 50% of our candidates to be a youth in the New Hope MMD. We need a fresh start as a nation. We need to start the handover to the next generation. We shall soon start receiving applications from those who wish to stand for elective positions like counsellors, Mayors, and Members of Parliament. We want a new and young line up for 2021. It is your time.


  1. Freedom from Fear Campaign kikikiki!!! What happened to your “DONT KUTINA” . Imwe tata musabaila fye

  2. A person who thinks that a person who is 35 is still a youth, is in fact the problem with our society. At 35 you should be a mature member of society and be contributing to employing youth. Mumba you are disappointing. Kz

  3. It’s not a helpful statement from Pastor Nevers Sekwila Mumba. Majority of youths are ill-equipped to face the challenges of the 21stC. Poorly educated with accompanying poor social skills.

  4. Students of history know that African political organisation started with mobilizing to agitate against colonial rule and oppression. As a result, protest is the only thing just about all African politicians know. The politics of service delivery, the politics of wht do we do to create the greatest benefit for society is often poor.

  5. I’m begging to like the new Nevers Mumba. At least he is now finding now curving his radical path that creates or provokes contreversy: Get rid of Chinese Signs, Youths you are cowards. I hope he keeps ramping it up. The PF/UPND politics have really become boring to the core. We need new and fresh contestants. Dream election will be where PF and UPND gets knocked out in the first round, and re-run becomes between two new entrants . That is what we need in 2021 elections and

  6. What Zambia lacks now are Mass mobilesers. You the opposition leaders are incapable of conducting Mass Mobilisation and just want to use us. It is you who are SPINELESS COWARDS. You instigate the youth but when the going gets tough you retreat to your sweet homes while youths go to jail. You were using prime tv but when it was closed you simply abandoned SHAWA to fight his battles alone. Pilato started his demonstration and was arrested in Livingsone and when appearing in court you abandoned him to face the law alone. YOU ARE THE BIGGEST COWARDS who want to use the youth as stepping stones to power. We refuse to work for you!!

  7. If people do not support you ideologies that does not make them cowards. There is nothing worth fighting for with the current crop of politicians you inclusive. You Mr Mumba have stolen from Zambia when were running you church, when you were VP and when you were high commissioner to the USA. Are you the kinds we should be fighting for. We will fight for what will benefit us.

  8. IWE MUMBA NIWE KUWE NO. 1. Nga uli mwaume lead the way . Lets see you on independence avenue UTH traffic lights on Monday morning demonstrating with your own placard. At least ka TAYALI kena takatina.

  9. This shameful man. Telling kids to get beaten and locked up just so he can get a chance to win by blinding citizens with violence.

    Mumba you are perfectly incorrigible. You have been arrested and in jail, but remain unreformed. Politicans in Zambia always relay on violence as a means to power. Shameful that a man of God can act so openly with greed ….nay….. avarice.

    WE ARE NOT D*UFT ENOUGH TO FALL FOR YOUR HIDDEN AGENDA. SHAME. Arrest this man for inciting violence. Or better still let the Youths report him for inciting them to violence.

  10. Zambia Shall be Saved,….Dont Kutina….and now Freedom from Fear……. All failed slogans. Simple you have no capacity to Mobilise people for a common cause. SO! DO NOT CALL US COWARDS!!!!!

  11. Long time ago Chinsali produced some political vibrants…Kaunda , Kapwepwe Kapasa Makasa and others. But these days ku Chinsali ekufuma ba Kuwe , aba mwenso . They cant standup and be counted . They are hiding in the shadows for their sons and daughters.

  12. Do not insight the youths times differ they will solve these problems with their own style other than going on the street to destroy innocent pipo’s properties.Let us be wise ba pastor

  13. Does Nevers Mumba himself know the big issues of the 21stC? Anti-biotic resistant bugs, global warming, terrorism, tax evasion, living with diversity, pollution, hw to organize economies so that not too few benefit, hw to reform the corporation and hw it is regulated so that it benefits all stakeholders, weak, failing and failed states etc.


  15. Zambians should learn from west Africans like Senegalese or Nigerians, those Africans don’t take nonsense from the Chinese or any foreigners nor their corrupt politicians! Political god fathers that behave like common criminals are kidnapped and dealt with

  16. Well spoken Dr, but the problem with you politians is that you just want public sympathy and you are far from implementing what you promise to the people including the young people. You keep on riding on the same alleged cowardice of the youths to get to political offices.

  17. I humbly submit that Dr. Mumba should lead the way by letting his children who are within the said age bracket to do the things he is advocating for.

    We need a practical example here.

    • As a matter of fact, the fragmented opposition are the cowards. If they had got together as one “electorally” they would have helped rescue the country from the PF.

  18. It is shocking how Nevers Mumba’s article has been misinterpreted, going by most comments above. My understanding is that the key message to the youth to take charge of their country and not necessarily support existing politics. The recent happenings are a good example, those artists that have spoken out were not supporting any specific opposition party but their strong message has rattled the ruling elite.
    Yes, some of the youth may get insulted, harassed, arrested or even killed for fighting corruption but how long can this victimisation last if the large number of youth, like their fore fathers, show courage ??!! Its either they speak out for their country now or as Nevers is pointing out they will have no country left to inherit.

  19. I hate to come to this guy’s defence but I want to differ with [email protected] ABROAD. Let us not put Nevers in a box of “preacherman.” This is shortsighted on our part. When you look back through out most history i.e civil rights movement in USA, and Gandhi in India, it was men of strong spiritual and moral conviction like Nevers that brought an awakening to the masses. I was just thinking the other day that much as we as Zambians have dissenting views about Nevers and his political ambitions, it is good to have public figures who consistently demonstrate moral uprightness. How about we focus on the good side of the man rather than drawing half baked conclusions motivated by simplistic logic? The message is solid, don’t shoot the messanger. Dr. Mumba to your message, I would add that…

    • Well I think your “messenger” has no master except political greed! He was once a VP. What did he leave for the youth let alone the country? A better country will not always be borne by going to jail. It is borne by educating the voter to use his vote wisely. It is about teaching people to vote on issues and not throwing stones. Beavers message is ill conceived. It suggests anarchy to change the course of our country. Violence begets violence! Our leaders maybe inept but we voted for them and that must not be forgotten. We can still vote them out in 2021 but we need not insult or disrespect them. It is not our culture…Take your so called advice to DRC or Somalia!

  20. ….I would add that youths seem to be docile because the leadership succession system in Zambia is highly flawed. If we take experience as a prerequisite for attaining key political positions then youths will keep waiting it out on the fence till the mbuyas pass on. Our elders, we ask you also to judge us by the quality of our political visions and arguments not merely age. David was just a Shepherd boy when he delivered the nation of Israel from philistine domination. Shall we have to wait until we are old, gray, and beat down before we are considered credible? We keep waiting it out on the fence because Zambian culture says that a young lad should never challenge abakalamba pantu temuchinshi. So in the final analysis we are not only intimidated by our supposed lack of political career…

  21. ….political career capital but at the same time, we are prisoners of our hierachical culture.

  22. You opposition leaders are the SPINELESS COWARDS. Others just the fear of being locked up , the feign diabetes.
    Ulya umbi apo afumina ku Mukobelo alandifye mu nganda. Elyo we ati ifwe tuye mu street? Kabiye weka mudala.

  23. Where is Mapenzi the die hard and vibrant UPND youth?
    Where is Lawrence Banda another vibrant UPND Youth Leader?
    The two young people died in the frontline. Has any leader of the UPND died in the front line? NO, they are still in parliament enjoying their coffees and duty free whiskies and brandies at Parliamentary motel. They are still driving posh cars and wearing expensive suits. They are still in their homes with their sons and daughters. Some of their daughters are abroad in Universities and Colleges.
    The two are just two examples of Youth patriots sent to die at the battle front. We have MMD youths and even UNIP youths who died while the so called leadership and their own children continued enjoying with their families. When freedom came their nephews and nieces…

  24. Ba Nervous…whatever you call yourself…. Don’t involve our youthful son’s & daughters in your useless politics. Whose children do do you want sacrificed & killed? Why can’t you incite your own children to demonstrate? You want other people’s children to fight your political battles while your children are in Canada eating T-bone and Polon…..We refuse to have our children fight your enemies. Twakana. By the way, I’m a non-partisan person.

  25. I think I agree with Nervers Mumba that the youth should be concerned with the affairs of the country because you are tomorrow’s least. Youth must ask important questions bcoz Zambia will be left in your hands tomorrow.
    What I don’t agree with is him and MMD coming back to power again. When we were following him religiously, he moved Victory Bible Church head quarters to Namibia and joined politics. We followEd him to his party (Christian Coalition) only to wake up one day and hear, he has joined MMD. Awe he is so unpredictable

  26. I feel this message should not only be directed to the youths but to all Zambians, especially those who have been in the position to mentor the youths. It’s unfair to single out the youths and blame them for not breaking free from a trap left by their elders.
    Apart from the achievements of the freedom fighters, there is very little that has been handed over to the youths to enable them to rule their destiny. What the youths need is guidance and not harsh criticism. Mr. Mumba, a clergyman, better offer words of wisdom and encouragement to the youth.

    In his book “Climate of Fear”, Wole Soyinka wrote: “The constituency of fear has become much broader, far less selective”

  27. ba ma youths its true you are cawards. fight for your rights to get your jobs, your employments and good education dont expect manna to fallow from heaven. even the coming of manna people had to complain to moses to talk to GOD to bring that kind of food.

  28. A coward is a father who has failed to maintain the freedom that was achieved in 1964, who failed to fight for it, for his children. Waited all this long to come and put the blame on his children. U should be ashamed of yourself. U failed to structure the system in a manner that would have created employment for your children instead you use them to gain power and forget them now U want to blame them.

  29. Well well well…look who is talking. Wasnt he the same chap who dissolved his party upon being appointed Vice President? So for him it was not about being in opposition but seeking one office, and that office to himself! Dont cheat us Nevers! You come from the same cloth. You are not looking to help your country but seeking a political office. Why didn’t you pack your bags the day you were recalled from Canada if you so loved Zambia. You tried to stick there for all sorts of useless reasons. Dont tell us about this BS you are vomiting!

  30. Bakalamba ba Nevers you seem to be suggesting something which is not helpful.
    Don’t hide behind the youths as you suggest. You don’t seam to have anything to offer
    to the Zambians. What message do you have for the Zambians. Your party is well known for nothing else
    other than wrangles. Please don’t provoke the innocent youths who are faced with a lot
    of challenges. Remember you once served as Vice President. Why were you dropped? Indescipline!!!!!

  31. Ba Nevers…You were once a VP. You were fired for undermining Zambia’s best President ever, Mwanawasa! List for us what you did for the youth the time you held office. And while at it tell us ” when and how Zambia Shall be saved” when you failed to save it as its VP.. Zambians youths are not docile…ask Kaunda! There is a time for everything.

  32. Mumba knows very well about being a coward. During Sata’s time when sata was arresting & stoping these opposition from campaigning, his own party members complained yhT Mumba resorted to travelling at night. He was never seen during the day. He never met party leadership in the branches on his way because he passed at night

  33. Nevers Mumba is right. You will remember his words long after when all your wealth: the gold, copper, cobalt and other minerals have been taken by foreigners. What he rightly saying is that stand up and defend what is yours before it’s too late. ECL is enriching his own in Malawi. That lady in video said it all. If didn’t understand, it’s sad. Mumba’s message is apt and timely. The one with ears let him heed.

  34. I only like Mumba’s lingua, but on this one he is on point!! the Zambian youth are too docile.. Kaiza Zulu you need to be reschooled.. the definition under the UN Convention defines age group for the youth as that between 15 and 35!! I wonder what you were advising your president then!! Thanks Dr. Mumba for your provocative words..

  35. The comments by sponsored PF cadres are revolting to read. Nevers Mumba is 100% right. The warriors that liberated Europe from the NAZI were young people at front. Continue to watch TV while your wealth is being stolen. You will remain with a shell for a country.

  36. Greedy politicians have ruined the future of our children. How in this world do you expect the poor and jobless youth to liberate themselves? Besides who should be more patriotic: the current crop of leaders or the youth? Put your house in order as leaders and stop borrowing, which is the cause for enslavement, and stealing money that you expect poor and jobless Zambians to pay back.

  37. You can talk Nevers, you sat in Canada lived the high life at our cost ( Zambian tax payers) cut deals with mining companies took brides were caught by the Canadian police,but not charged as you were a diplomat , then refused residence by the Canadian govt after you were recalled back to Zambia (fired)Why tell the youth today to fight, today people don’t use violence except in the US where white police attack blacks (but the Zambian police are just as bad and its, black on black), Take Canada or Australia where youth protest in peace to get things done. you live in the past. also you talk of foreigners why can’t you just say CHINESE they are our new colonial masters.

  38. Prisoner KAIZER ZULU IN SEPTEMBER 2021, the definition of a youth is any one between the ages of 15 and 35, so you are the dull one.

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