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BFlow Details his Visit to State House

Videos and Audios BFlow Details his Visit to State House


  1. When and impala gouge a Lion and becomes a heroe to the rest of the herd, it should never entertain an invitation to the lion’s den.

  2. Congratulations B flow welcome spoken.let every one have freedom of expression not been intimidated with the people we vote for to lead us.

  3. B-Flow for President!!!
    Even KK used to go to UK for independence negotiations… And at 40 years old, he became president.
    B-Flow 2021 for President…

  4. He is a sellout and never trust this boy and after bamupasa gwagu!

    Hunger can throw one into a pit latrine.

    PF must go!

  5. only people who know that democracy and rights have no responsibilities can comment like this..SOME OF YOU WILL DIE FROM HATRED!!!!

  6. B-Flow mwaiche wandi, as your adviser: for now be focused, speak less, play more gittar. I hope you asked me before reading that letter, I should have told you to SING the letter.
    It’s not too late, balase ngoma mwaiche…. I am listening to your songs this week, to understand your intelligence.
    Unfortunately, I deleted all Kings Malembe Malembe songs, all of them. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

    B-Flow for President.

  7. This is a naive gullible kid I thought he was smarter than this…he does a review when everything is done no diary yet he is always on social media and he went there alone. The other boy Chellah already confirmed that he too was invited but refused. How do you go to see Political Advisers alone?

  8. I heard Chellah Tukuta’ version, it paints a different picture. Anyway, the young man BFlow was dribbled by Zumani and Chipampe then had lunch with Bowman.
    You live and learn, pole pole, go slow next time.

  9. Bflow yiu are a sellout. Y did you not FISRT state these plans. You are now posting a video because you have been bought. You should have posted a video explaining these plans first. And by the way, why are you the only one in the video when you keep saying “we”?

  10. @Tarino Orange mufana uyu has never heard of the story of jamal khashoggi, its just important keep engagements of political nature public.

  11. Look above you will notice that the opposition supporting diasporans are the only one angry. How can you be angry about someone having audience with government? The youth have been requesting to be heard. We did just that in a peaceful and mature manner and yet that annoys you. A clear sign that the opposition are looking for anarchy. Let me warn you we will deal with you. The diasporan are safe in their adopted countries with white masters and yet want to hoodwink you into protest. When you arrested they wont save you. Don’t listen to these evil asylum seeker

  12. My understanding is different from other rats condeming B-Flow . in B-Flow there is maturity these are the youths we want to lead the Nation He has explained clearly the all issue . Those calling him names they have ill intentions they want to take advantage of that so that they go in the street stealing and maybe they can find way of being voted into power. B-Flow you are smart careful my boy don’t be used the way Dirty PILATO has been used .When dealing with sensitive issues don’t go into it without thinking or strategy . The revolution you are talking about can not be attained without strategy . Don’t compare those days when our fathers fought for independence withe current situation.

    • Did you mean to write “rants” or you really have used “rats” because you chose to call both those praising our young man and those not praising him “rats”? I hope it’s just a typo.

  13. Elo u even allowed them to take a pic of you eating? That office u were in belonged to KZ and u should have known better how they finish people. Imwe busy eating bad people are taking pictures. Natusampato twa blue

  14. This trend of having musicians as ambassadors of the people should come to an end. We have knowledgeable young men and women who can do this task well with the support from the people. Let’s support Social and civil organizations that have a clear path and agenda. Donors have not helped, because it’s them who sponsor this trend and decide how we should consume the message. We reduce and drown messages with beats and drums and dance routines add on top silly choruses. By the time the song is finished, I don’t even know what I’m standing for or the message I’m supposed to get. Why don’t B Flow and the rest back the already established revolt that Pilato and Laura Miti have started? Block Bill 10?

  15. Wait a minute, did you say you were outside trying to go inside, then “You were invited inside”? Thats a lie tata, if that was the case then you say “State House has permitted me inside to deliver the letter” while I stood outside. Tata, being invited and being permitted are too different scenarios in the context of your being found at State House, period.

  16. If this guy represents the youths, why did he go alone to statehouse, suspect. I can read through his seemingly innocent activism, he is compromised. Why does he respect Lusambo so much, he was not saying that before. I would think twice before trusting him.

  17. Let’s stop crucifying this guy. He says he was invited to state house. In case you forget this is not Lungu’s house. That is why it is called ‘State’. Give the guy a break. More prominent people than he visit the people’s house to air their views, listen and discuss. If I had a grievance and was called there I would go. From time immemorial UNZA students used to go to state house to air their views and lobby for BC and we know of some gallant presidents who would literally serve food to the students…such humility. Politically HH, Kambwili even Nevers if am not mistaken have been to this house for discussions with the incumbents. Are you going to react in the same manner if the incumbents change and somebody visits the “house”? Give the guy a break!

  18. The boy is a pathetic liar, disgusting how this boy thinks we are kids who can believe that cooked up story. What happened to my good friend Mushota, did the old white crack head dump her. Just asking.

  19. Mr b flow is he a one man team?
    Try to recruit a few members from
    Your fellow artists.lets not conclude that he Was bought.
    How do you go to statehouse to
    Deliver a letter alone? May be he
    Was dribbled as he does not have

  20. @UPND CADRE don’t talk of Laura and Pilato those they are hired guns by one Political party . Pilato is no an Activist he is just a finished musician he songs are no where in the community . Pilato and Laura are fighting for a certain Political Party to be voted into power .They are not fighting for people of Zambia

  21. @Kunta Kinte. The PF have managed to label anyone opposing what they are doing in power as bitter or partisan and the masses have bought into the lies. B Flow can be a PF member and be “disgruntled “ that’s fine. That should not make me hate or not listen to what his views are. Hunger knows everyone. Bill 10 if it goes through will affect everyone.
    Might as well rally with the issues that are hot right now. Next will be Lungu’ eligibility next year. We talk of coming together then it ends there. Support the movements that are already in motion.
    Jerabos have taken over a Mine in CB.

  22. @ Nostradus : ” Even KK used to go to London to negotiate”? Was KK going to London alone? Such that the rest of the country, out of the blue only sees pictures of him with the Queen?

  23. In u didnt know , Judas Iscariot left the masses,secretly made corners in the middle of the night to collect the silver. By the time people woke up, it was game over. How different is that story different from this one? 1. Alone. 2. Secretly. 3.Dark corners- game over.

  24. Bull.shi.t flow ………

    You think all youth are full PF caders looking for hand outs. ?

    This video must have been directed from statehouse ….

    The first issue is freedom of expression, which seems to have disappeared in bull.shi.t flows video.

    He only mentions freedom of expression at the beginning then deceitfully avoids it the issue.

  25. Did these people expect a B’flow to speak for them?. You busy talking nonsense here, why can’t you go media to criticize them yourselves? Mwandini baiche bandi bafikala B’flow na Kings eat and enjoy after all it’s our money. Even these same bafikalaz condemning you here if we’re invited by a simple JK ati lunch they can hastily go.


  27. A country of thieves and criminals. Now they have initiated B-Flow and gradually the entire youth will be bewitched in this witchcraft of thieving, corruption and criminality. World Kingdoms have come and gone, including the mighty Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. What is PF? A kingdom? No , no , no. Awe, kuti waseka!!!!!Its just a political party in one of the countries in the whole world and on its way out.

  28. Kikikikikiki. Bfllow joined politics (in) day 1 (in) day 2, he was finished. Ask Sylvia Masebo, Maureen Mwanawaya. atleast sylvia tried

  29. These mozishaniz are so used to little ngwees they used to get after every weekend gig before covid pandemic , but with the closure of night clubs most now have realized and started feeling the economic pangs, there is nothing revolutionary about the mozishaniz once night clubs open all this noise they are making will stop, my advise to the youth dont be voiceless and let someone else be your voice, these people you waiting to speak for you have their own wants they are speaking for.

  30. Even if they buy the B flows , there still is not enough money to bribe all the youth , and those who don’t bribed will sing

    that is lungus exposed soft under belly……instead of jobs he does bribes only to find there is not to bribe everyone and dancing on stage won’t work……….

  31. The point is, in his first video he presented what a lot of people had in mind. He went further to state that people should be ready to fight for their freedom. But it is curious that after this, he undertook his own sojourn to State House and explaining AFTERWARDS, why he went there (presumably after being exposed with those pictures) I would have thought he should have presented the suggestion of his ‘next step’, BEFORE going to State House. Shouldn’t the people he was purporting to represent have had a say? It is the not so straight forward tone after the ‘wining and dining with the wolves’, that is suspicious. Usually, the people who have taken away your freedoms, do not merely hand them back to you after a ‘talk’ or letter.

  32. Being a PF Cadre plus youth must be hard. Imagine you’re always defending your party on blogs and social media platforms only to have major contracts go to foreigners. They just get the scraps and tuma thank you money. Worse for the foot soldiers that go for campaigns. Walking all over Zambia, suffering Sesheke formula only to have your leaders call you disgruntled. They even encourage you “muli bamu chipani. ECL 2021”. You cry for opportunities but wala. A moozishani makes some noise and fast fast he has an audience. Your leaders are sharing land, contracts and millions of illicit money and you just know how to share propaganda and voice notes. Mwa pangwa shani? How made are you?

  33. B-fool, just shut up and apologize for being a big fool. We are not dull like U. We are not cheap like you. Don’t even try to defend yourself, just accept that U are wrong. U were not invited, you received a call and got scared. An invitation is not a forcing matter, it’s something one can choose to refuse. U cld hv asked questions why do U need me. U cld hv told them U are not all you youths so if they need U & U represent the majority youth U can’t go alone, U hv consult from the people U claim to represent. Or now U think U can just act however U want in the name of representing youths? U were scared, U got dribbled and now U are Big fool not b-flo

  34. Coming on social media to try and explain your move after learning that you are a fool. Why didn’t you come on social media to tell us that you HV been invited and seek our opinions from which you could hv chosen the right action to take? Now U want to defend your foolishness. U don’t jump from the sky, U start from the ground. You go and eat fill your belly when U are full start taking photos with the people U do not agree with. Mmm have never seen God taking photos with Satan MH MH

  35. How can U eat with your enemy, take photos with your enemy? If the enemy believes in your story why hasn’t he come forth to apologize to the youths and say he agrees with the majority of youths? Why has he called one youth? Why did he not tell the public that he is inviting youths to have discussions over these matters. Did U think or did you appoint yourself to represent the youths without consulting? U represented yourself the moment U decided to go there alone. Just accept that U are fool and apologize for your foolishness

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