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College Students To Stay Away From Planned Protest


An Association of College Students, ZACOSU says it will not take part in any planned protests because they believe in dialogue before any action is taken.

ZACOSU President Peter Bwalya has advised all students not to be used in any protests or illegal activities.
Mr. Bwalya also says under the prevailing conditions of the Covid-19, Zambia cannot afford to have gatherings and demonstrations which have the potential to contribute to the spread of the virus.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Bwalya also distanced his association from remarks by Zambia National Students Union President Misheck Kakonde, who is calling for the removal of Brian Mushimba as Higher Education Minister.

However, many students from the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University took to blogs calling for Mr. Mushimba to be removed for the Ministry. Union leaders from both UNZA and CBU today attended training workshop for ZANASU and students leaders at Cosmic Lodge.

UNZA students who took turns to post on UNZA Watchdog platform and other social media wondered how, if the Minister was proactive, would have failed to know that some of the student leaders who have been meeting are secretly engaged behind his back to mobilise students in countrywide protests against Government.

And Mr. Bwalya however said the Union is disappointed with sentiments from members of society especially politicians who are misleading students and the public that there is NO COVID-19 and that there is no need to adhere to guidelines to prevent the pandemic.

He has thanked President Edgar Lungu for reopening institutions of higher learning and other sectors of the economy.

Meanwhile, ZACOSU Vice President Charles Mbobela has called on all members of parliament to give the people of Zambia full representation when the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 is taken back to parliament rather than walking away.

Mr. Mbobela said the youth will not allow politicians to rob them of very progressive bills like it was in 2016 when the amendment to the bill of rights through the referendum was denounced for political reasons.

He said Bill 10 has progressive clauses such as the mixed member representation system and the revision of the provision of presidential election petitions.

Mr Mbobela said the unprogressive clauses that stakeholders were concerned about have been removed by the Select committee that was tasked to scrutinize the bill.


  1. PF stooges. Almost gave them the benefit of the doubt until they brought in Bill 10. Stup!d m0r0ns.

  2. College students meeting at a lodge. That was just sex party gathering, PF allowances. There so many colleges they could meet at.

  3. University Students nowadays speak before reasoning. ..just cadre mentality. Be proactive, intelligent, logical, analytical, brave and researchful

  4. Well done students. U guys speaking the same language on need to burn the country down through senseless demonstrations! It was University students through ZANASU and not college students. Well done!!!!

  5. These college student leaders speak with their tummies. Thy don’t represent us at all. Can even trust zanasu which is fearless to call out anyone than these chaps

  6. Ati Peter Bwalya has advised students not to be used in any protest. Those are adults we are talking here who have 100% right to do what they want in there own country and in preparation of their future lives. They are not your children you foolish man.

  7. Wise choice from educated folk. Do not be misled by evil opposition leaders and diasporans who want you to risk your life for them while they and their ugly kids sit comfortably at home.

  8. Nevers Mumba was right about these youths of today. Zambia wouldn’t have gained gained independence early 1964 with such attitude.

    Who is going to fight their rights if they can’t participate in the revolution?

    Three years after you will be back begging and complaining of non availability of job opportunities.

    The time is now, PF must go!

  9. QUOTE:Mr Mbobela said the unprogressive clauses that stakeholders were concerned about have been removed by the Select committee that was tasked to scrutinize the bill.


  10. Students in the pocket and mouth of Mushimba, all for their tummies. Ati association of college students kkkkkkkkk

  11. Students are afraid to protest because Government will close schools indefinitely meaning losing one academic year.They acting in no oncr’s interest but there on.Unions should fight for students without money because of covid-19 to write exams and then settle next semester.
    When I was at NIPA,Peter Bwalya was union President.Bwalya was caught red-handed copying in a final exam.For lesser mortals,it could have earned him instant expalsion but somehow,he survived.The man is compromised.And now,he is even ZACOSU President.

  12. “Mr. Bwalya also says under the prevailing conditions of the Covid-19, Zambia cannot afford to have gatherings and demonstrations which have the potential to contribute to the spread of the virus.” The picture contradicts him. They are so close to each other, without masks and if one of them is carrying the virus..ninsi awe mwandi. And these are our students?!? No wonder we have wow bow as leaders selected by god.

  13. Students, here is the logic. You all get college fees and pocket money from your parents. But your parents are struggling now because the environment is not conducive enough for one to earn a meaningful income. So instead of behaving moronic, stand by your parents in providing checks and balances

  14. Ati Zacosu president…Mr bwalya…the space between your head is composed of material meant to be used wisely…seems the only thing u use wisely is your stomach….I used to wonder how such clowns ended up being voted to such positions…but when Akabushi constituency voted for a clown with well documented violence against elders; i rested my case

  15. Voted by who? Don’t bring college students into this madness. He founded zacous, registered it himself with help frm govt at the Ministry, appointed him President and appointed all others who sing same song with him.

  16. Nostra

    For sure…..who paid for that meeting at the said lodges, including lunches and drinks ????

    Was it PF ??

  17. Universities are no longer what they were. In those days students thought and articulated on broad policy and international matters. They were ‘conscious’. For those of you unaware, these are institutions that are meant to engage in all manner of universal issues that affect humanity – to challenge and protest where needed. Hence the name ‘University’. Today we have low quality Universities that do not understand their purpose, fail to stimulate revolutionary thinking and we end up with these type of ‘students’, compromised by the environment of a failed regime. We could protest against Kaunda’s One-Party govt. and score policy victories in those days. In our day, we would have chewed up this ramshackle of a regime and spat it out.

  18. You keep saying illegal protest, please explain what is illegal about the protest? From my perspective illegal is the police denying people to have a peaceful protest against what they feel is not right. Don’t tell us that Covid 19 is what makes the protest illegal who has called the protests going on around the world about the black American killed illegal? No one but it is in covid time. If people have peacefully come to seek a peaceful protest why are U judging them instead of giving them the opportunity? Some Zambians are foolish and stupid, too much cowardice, do you always want people to die inside or to tell the truth. Stop refusing people to join in instead advise them to conduct the protest in a peaceful manner, tell the police to ensure it is peaceful that’s your job not…

  19. Stop saying illegal protest start saying let’s go in masses people and let’s conduct it peacefully we are a Christian nation. Our leaders need to lead by example. Not by force. Mr. President you have studied law tell the police to give the people their rights and tell the police to just make sure the protest is carried out in a peaceful manner. Not denying people their rights

  20. Kaizar you are something else. kikikiki your comment left me in stitches. I don’t even like your views on this one Bo Kaizar. You have issues.

  21. Protest is part of expression. When will people learn this? In Zambia it is defined as ‘lawlessness’ even before you begin. Such antiquated stances – but mostly meant to suit the regime in power. How can normal minded ‘adults’ censor themselves or conclude that protests equate to ‘mayhem’? This is not just about COVID – 19. The response would have been the same even without it. They refer to COVID – 19, yet are happy to re-open the institutions, with all the close proximities that it will entail. How many people are actually wearing masks in that picture?

  22. Well done, these bloggers will not send their children there.Let Kambwili attend he will be easy meat for Coronavirus

  23. These are surrogate associations, they are not different from those parties we all know, these are the real sponsored idi – ots. Never mind them, they have filled tummies, but for how long?

  24. This is self employment creation mode of former students. They are no longer college students but created institutions to speak for students. You cant be student forever. So creating association just because u have found no employment in society and begin singing Bill 10, anti demo and do road runs so as to earn a living. Shame!

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