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ECZ Unveils Plans for the 2021 General Elections, People in Diaspora will not be allowed to Vote


Electoral Commission of Zambia Chief Electoral Officer, Patrick Nshindano has announced that the voter registration exercise will commence on 18th October 2020 ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Mr Nshindano said the exercise will be undertaken for 30 days nationwide.

Addressing Journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka, Mr Nshindano said the Commission has also reviewed stakeholder concerns and recommendations about its intensions to embark of a new register of voters targeting 9 million voters.

He revealed that the budget for the voter registration has been reduced from about K800 million to K600 million and continues to be in touch with the treasury.

Mr Nshindano said the Commission has further maintained Al Ghurair of Dubai to Print 2021 Ballot Papers after two companies requested that Commission review the awarding of the contract to the company.

He added that people in the Diaspora will not be allowed to vote in 2021 but will be considered in future elections.

Mr Nshindano said in order to meet the deadlines ahead of the 2021 General elections in view of the COVID-19, the Commission has had to revise the election time table taking into consideration that the election date is enshrined in the republican constitution.

He said the Commission carried out a critical analysis of the activities and the time ahead of the 12th August 2021 when Zambia is scheduled to hold the general elections.

Mr Nshindano says reports of plans to reschedule the elections are untrue because such is a constitutional matter.

And Mr Nshindano has indicated that Prisoners will also vote in the forthcoming General Elections and that the commission has made steady progress in this regard.


  1. “…And Mr Nshindano has indicated that Prisoners will also vote in the forthcoming General Elections and that the commission has made steady progress in this regard…”

    This is where lungu will be stealing from.
    He needs every scrap of vote , where in the world do prisoners vote ?

  2. In a corrupt country like Zambia with a corrupt zero morals head of state like lungu

    , expect prisons to be half empty , expect society to be flooded with criminals who have exchanged their vote for freedom

  3. Yes prisoners have the same rights as any other citizen, being in prison can not deprive them from voting. Prisoners are allowed to vote in any democratic country where democratic values are uphold.

  4. Forget voting from outside Zambia, however,
    does this mean that those of us who hold valid voters cards but are in the diaspora will not vote if we came to Zambia during election time? Sounds like voters cards are being changed, can someone please confirm if voters cards are changing, Thanks.

  5. I’m registering whether ECZ likes it or not and i will vote whether Edgar Lungu likes or not. Only God can stop me from exercising my voting rights.

    I need to remove this corrupt government

  6. Prisoners are allowed to vote; BUT free citizens living abroad are not allowed to vote.
    What a despicable policy!

  7. So not even our friends at embassies won’t be allowed to vote for HH too?
    If we in diaspora voted in 2021, then HH will get 89%. B-Flow will receive 5% even if he won’t be on ballot.

  8. When you are in prison , you lose certain rights, Voting is ne of the them. For example when someone has been sentenced to death , he will isolated from the general prisoners serving lesser sentence. He shall be in confined section. I think ECZ never thought it through. Section 120 and 121 of The Prison Act chapter 97 is instructive in the custody of condemned prisoners.

  9. Dont worry, we will come home to vote. Am coming to register as soon as the registration excercise starts.

  10. Ba opposition must wake up!
    Too many opposition candidates.
    Come up with one common candidate. PF is determined to rig using the prison system. Prisoners don’t have full rights and therefore easy to manipulate. Similarly, what would stop PF from stuffing ballot boxes with pre-marked ballots using the prison system? There are certainly subtle attempts to manipulate everything in PF favor, including Bill 10!

  11. The pf caders on this blog have told their masters that the diaspora is against them! News flash, even the people you sent into foreign service have turned against you.

  12. PF only likes villagers they don’t like people on social media they don’t like people in diaspora

  13. I think the new voter registration is meant to capture new voters i.e those who’ve never voted before… so please hold on to that voter’s card tightly because it is still valid, but would obviously need to be verified at some point. Thanks

  14. The people in diaspora are filled with hate and I personally believe they are not yet mature to have a say in this country. After all many of them are no longer zambian and have not reinstated their citizenship following dual legislation. If they care so much about this country they can find way to come and register here and vote. So until then, the likes of tarino and his fellow hyena can continue voting on Facebook and lusaaka times. Good news. Even criminals in jail are not allowed to vote so why should we allow criminals in diaspora. Kz

    • ‘when you go to jail with one ball president, u f@cken wont vote, that’s for sure, by the way what will u give prisoners to vote for you? Tasila

  15. 30 days only….so that as less people as possible vote…What happened to continuous voter registration… And please this time around ………….

  16. @KZ, google the meaning of dual citizenship and then make a comment. You have just proved how much knowledge you have…..”Multiple citizenship, dual citizenship, multiple nationality or dual nationality, is a person’s citizenship status, in which a person is concurrently regarded as a citizen of more than one country under the laws of those countries.” There! Done it for you…nzelu much?!?

  17. Thank you, it’s the most negative criminal group of unpatriotic citizens. We should also stop dual nationality temporarily.

  18. @ Kyle, thanks for the clarification. I hold a valid voters card and always travel to cast my vote that’s why I asked. Thanx a million!!

  19. We in diaspora will come and vote in Zambia. We are already making every preparation conceivable to ensure we are being heard on radio talks and on ZNBC our presence is noticeable. For so long as many of us Zambians do suffer in one way or another, Zambians must mobilise themselves and never give consent to subject ourselves to the Chinese defacto-rule and dominion. For it is not glory, it is not riches, neither is it honour that we fight and contend for, but freedom alone fought by our founding fathers, which no honest man can lose or trade with his life.
    So, we appeal to all Zambians in diaspora to register and vote en masse, to emancipate ourselves from the PF regime that has sold our birth rights to a foreign nation – a second colonisation of Zambia.

  20. Diaspora lady you are more than welcome to come and exercise your right to vote on zambian soil my dear. Just make sure you have all valid documents. Kz

    The rest of the angry diasporans fusekeni Haha. The law is the law. Some one says ati I should Google dual nationality. You cannot automatically have dual nationality when you renounced it based on taking on another citizenship under the old rules. So you have to register again to be considered zambian since the new rules came in force. Don’t hate the messenger kz

  21. we will come and vote you think we don’t have money to buy air tickets we will come register and we will come and vote Zambia is our country.

  22. How can a prisoner have more rights than a diasporan? Does Zambiahhave civil rights activists? At the least same rights would seem fair

  23. Zambian people in the diaspora are more powerful and intelligent than you KZ and your bunch of criminals.

  24. you gona boshi yourselves as we go towards 2021 we are going to expose you with your corruption and rigging plans no one is going to vote for you because you are evil even if we don’t come to vote but we will make sure we do our part to expose you.

  25. Spaka, Madilu, Tarino etc will vote for bally on the upnd page on Facebook. And where will the ka inauguration take place, on the WhatsApp group?? Yaba, tashaka vote imbushi shipipa abasungu???… Kwekwekwekwekwe…

    • @Zambian Citizen

      We coming to flash you and fellow PF thieves into the toilets.

      You have destroyed our nations.

  26. This EZC guy also seems to be a PF carder. This time be warned, any monkey tricks will lead you into serious trouble. We know you want to rig the election through that printing company, through prisons, etc. It will fail this time. You risk a lot by engaging in such criminality. Don’t be cheated by KZ. You will regret.

  27. Yaaba voting parten elyo yawama wina azalila nafuti nafuti.People in diaspora muli mubwafya,mama kapema its time for you to come and vote for your mother Zambia.

  28. The end of PF is now in clear sight. Lungu will have to bring himself to terms with that fact. It’s over. His ways of dodging the truth, stealing public resources through corruption and embezzlement will catch up with him. You cannot cheat your way through life and think you will get away with it. Lungu and his sponsor Rupiah Banda will have to account for their misdeeds. An example has to be set for future leaders. A Lawyer who is a thief caught stealing money from a poor woman – Edgar Lungu

  29. Lazy Lungu Knows that the people in diaspora except KZ bu colour bwakwe can see beyond their nose and cannot believe that there can be 48 houses without owners that is why the useless ECZ cannot allow us to vote .It is common knowledge that most mansions being built around state house area and in Swaziland are being done using stolen tax payers cash . The PF has depleted the nation’s wallet and now they have gone to the IMF with a begging basket .This government is worse than covid 19 .


  31. “Mr Nshindano said the Commission has further maintained Al Ghurair of Dubai to Print 2021 Ballot Papers after two companies requested that Commission review the awarding of the contract to the company.”

    Five years on still no progress, all that talk Mutati was spewing out when he was at works and supply ministry about updating and retooling Govt Printers was all lies….surely what type of country is this that loves giving foreigners money.

  32. Is it true that even those with voter’s cards have to re-register?
    ECZ expects to have Nine Million (9,000,000) voters on their registers. That means in 30 days (Assuming this includes weekends) translates into 300,000 registrations per day in all the 10 provinces or 30,000 per province per day. Now, that target is too ambitious and insensitive to the sensitivity expected for the 2021 Elections! If you exclude weekends, the time to register voters translates to 22 days, in fact 20 days(Excluding 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays), which translates to 450,000 registrations per day country-wide because we are talking about 5 working days per week and 4 weeks = 20days. It’s actually a very bad idea to ask citizens to do things on weekends. Why is ECZ complaining about the budget for voter…

  33. Why is ECZ complaining about the budget for voter registration exercise and never have Budget complaints whenever there are Bye-elections?
    Elections are not “Free and Fair” on voting day or days! It starts with the Registration process! ECZ should find the money to do proper registrations in 90 days! In fact, Bill 10 should be withdrawn so that we include a new clause for continuous voter registration! Each time an NRC is issued, it should be issued together with a voters card! This means the function to register voters should be moved from ECZ for lack of capacity to the National Registry!

  34. I have an idea why they’re trying to be nice to the prisoners. These PF criminals know that come 2021, they’re all going to prison, including Edgar Al Capone Lungu, Kaizar Joseph Goebbels Zulu. And they know that if they don’t start acting nice towards the prisoners now, they’ll have a tough time in there when we incarcerate them. Fellow diasporans, we need a strategy. We need to organize and see how we can pool our resources together to help flush this corrupt, criminal gang called PF from office next year. PF needs to be flushed down the sewer where they belong. We have to start organizing NOW! This election is even more crucial than the 1991 MMD vs UNIP election. We need to save our country from being totally colonized by the Chinese, which is the ultimate plan if PF wins the…

  35. … election next year. Make sure these PF crooks don’t rig the election like they did in 2016. They need to lose in a landslide. Close the borders as soon as it’s announced that they’ve lost. And then begin arresting them, before they start escaping from the country. Don’t let even one of them get away. They have to account for all the corruption they’ve inflicted on the innocent Zambian people. We need to take back all that they’ve stolen and then throw their behinds in prison for a 150 years each. Come quickly 2021. PF must GO!!

  36. My words “People in the diaspora will not be allowed to vote this time around but will possibly be considered in future elections” that is post 2021. The arithmetic ECZ is employing in trying to abet PF’s possible route to victory is to cross out the Zambian population that is in the diaspora whose numbers are greater than those in prisons who they want to allow to vote! So whatever would be garnered from the prisons vote would essentially end up wiped out by the diaspora tally believed to be mostly anti – PF! Anyway why wouldn’t they be unhappy with PF unless Zambia isn’t their home and what affects relatives in the land of their birth or ancestry Zambia affects them too? Too much mismanagement of what colonialists left a bit of for self determination only to be reaching a crescendo…

  37. contd…… in corruption and looting! Where has servitude to country and its people gone to? With an uncaring attitude filled with impunity and tailored for the master law enforcement at alert to subdue dissenting voices! Anyhow come 2021 all that the people yearn for will be quickly rushed for delivery! Please don’t keep your eyes closed!

  38. Citizens in the diaspora not able to vote but convicted criminals can… Makes perfect sense.
    The country truly has gone to the hounds.

  39. This ka Nshindano is a let down……….Another Priscilla iasacs in the making….At least Isaac had somewhere to run to not this ka guy….

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