Chairperson of the House of Chiefs calls for the support of Bill Number 10

House of Chiefs Members Meeting in Lusaka

Chairperson of the House of Chiefs, Chief Kaputa is calling on Members of Parliament to support the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 when it is tabled for second reading in parliament.

Chief Kaputa says there has been a lot of effort to de-campaign Bill 10 further misleading some unsuspecting members of the public.

The Traditional Leader has demanded that all Members of Parliament both from the opposition and the ruling Party should stand resolute and perform their civic duties diligently on behalf of the people who voted for them.

He said this is the most civilised way of dealing with governance matters and giving an opportunity to the citizenly to be enlightened about the intended contents of Bill 10 to the governance of the nation.

Chief Kaputa emphasised that the Members of Parliament should ensure that they debate the contents of the Bill in the House in and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the Bill.

He said at a media briefing in Lusaka that some Members of Parliament have deliberately not explained the contents of Bill 10 to the citizenry in their constituencies, hence leaving room for misinformation and speculations.


  1. Hunger stricken chief Kaputa how much were you given ny these crooks who want to hold on power through Bill 10?

    I said Bill 10 is evil and must be thrown out of parliament.

    PF must go!

  2. Illiterate and hungry chief!
    The house should impeach him as his biased utterences will render the entire house irrelevant!

  3. What HRH Chief Puta must understand is that he has only 1 vote, just like me. We have lost confidence in the PF, we’re just waiting for an opportunity to kick them out. The PF can’t give us a good Constitution, they just failed less than 5yrs ago. It’s the number of people supporting a Law that determines whether it’s good or not. If the PF mean well, let them suspend this process until after elections. If the Parley committee has rejected most of their proposals, then what were they thinking when they came up with such provisions? The original Bill 10 is the best PF can give, not Nakachinda’s committee as we’re being misled. If somebody can’t think properly then how do you allow them to continue with the process they’ve shown they lack competence?

  4. Imwe mwe mfumu, chikkala cenu, just respect yourself. Just go back to Luapula and try out your new acquired witchcraft from Lusaka.

  5. I know this Chief Kaputa (Mr. Chansa) as I used collaborate with his team at Ministry of Mines where he was Principal Mining Engineer years ago. Remember another chief from that group, Dr. M Mpande, was also part of that team at Mines. I don’t understand why these colleagues want easy money by prostituting with Bill 10 …


  7. Listern to the audio before insultin the educated engineer chief, he asked for the bill to be debated and he did not take sides. Like him or not he will remain chief till he dies he is not voted.

  8. QUOTE: Chief Kaputa says there has been a lot of effort to de-campaign Bill 10 further misleading some unsuspecting members of the public.


  9. Those who are insulting the chief and say the chief is illiterate are themselves illiterate because this Chief is highly learned and knows what he is talking about. Please Zambians let us be civil in our deliberations rather than resorting into insults. How can you start insulting His Royal Highness who has a lot of subjects who follow his ideals. Not only is he a chief but he has a big responsibility as Chairperson of the house of chiefs. For ones let’s have respect for our people in authority.

  10. “Chairperson of the House of Chiefs calls for the support of Bill Number 10” LT

    If bill 10 passes your asking IMF to look the other way. GRZ, is not because of something you have done, but because of who you are associated with.

    “Under the new executive order, any individuals who “have directly engaged in any effort by the ICC to investigate, arrest, detain, or prosecute any United States personnel without the consent of the United States” or have attempted the same against a US ally without that country’s consent may be subject to sanctions.”-LT

    PF time-out!

  11. The chief is clearly towing a partisan line. He might be learned but clearly he is behaving like a hired guy of bill 10 and he’s not different from Nakachinda the nominated mp and for that he has invited the abuse of himself by his conduct. By the way what is the purpose of all this lobying when the bill has already been presented to parliament.

  12. Well spoken Chief . You are very wise . We applaud you. DO not be dissuaded by those peddling lies. If they have confidence why not let the MPs debate ?

  13. Any person, be it a chief, thief or Kaboke supporting this evil bill is a fool. Chief Kapunyo is a Kanyo, f.uck him, he is Congolese after all where they’ve never had democracy since Mwata Yamvo.

  14. Who listens to chiefs anyway? Maybe to the Litunga and Mwine Lubemba. We all know from experience that the ruling party may convince these small chiefs all they want, but the subjects vote opposite to the wishes of the chiefs, ever since they started accepting “gifts” from ruling parties including Chiluba’s MMD.

  15. With all due respect, Chief, the main issue is that ZAMBIANS CAN’T TRUST PF CROOKS ANYMORE!!!! We want them out next year, that’s it. We know Bill 10 is their Trojan horse to help them stay in power indefinitely. If they’re sincere about the whole issue, why don’t they wait till after the elections next year? Why the desperation? There are many critical issues facing Zambia right now, such as youth unemployment, load shedding, lousy economy, an ever depreciating Kwacha, etc. Add to that Zambians being sold and bought as slaves by PF to foreigners in their own country, to work for slave wages, and even being locked up in factories. Why don’t crooked PF expend their energy on all these issues, instead of pushing this evil Bill on the Zambian people? Our primary goal as Zambians right…

  16. Pf party is busy arresting people who are innocent,the house of chiefs is quite, but because today pf has given them money they want to sound wise .Beggar chief think of farming don’t depends on your comments to get foods.

  17. Fortunately, Zambians including villagers know who their chiefs are and why some politicians court them with all manner of donations.
    You can judge that chiefs have lost respect and dignity when leaders pretend to respect them by mockingly kneeling before them.
    Can such a chief influence the vote? Wabepa! Wabeja! Not in 2021!

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